Archetypal Counselling

*Please note: a natal chart reading with me is a prerequisite to receiving this service

Counselling sessions are $75 per hour, with a maximum of 2 hrs total per session. Skype sessions available.

During a counselling session, we work with your astrological archetypes to discuss what you are experiencing in your life and why you may find yourself having certain emotional reactions and behavioural tendencies based on your inherent energies.

It is a way of working with the narratives of the chart outside of the application of astrology per se but rather using it as the informing agent of our lives and in defining what our experiences mean on a deeper level. The goal is to extract the essential purpose of difficult circumstances and situations in order to see how they are shaping our journeys of self-realization and assisting our spiritual evolution. The application of a spiritual narrative or archetypal purpose to our lives allows us to trust more fully the intensity of our emotional experiences and nurtures our sense of personal power. 

This session is intended for developing a stronger spiritual mindset and is ideally for those who would like to empower their journeys through the application of a more holistic worldview and a more profound understanding of their life experiences. 


"Ines has assisted me through her astrological interpretations and insights into my chart, helping me become more aware of certain predispositions in the aim of working toward personal evolution and fulfillment."

- Laurance