Why Astrology?

Astrology is man's oldest tool for increasing self-knowledge. It is an invaluable tool for better understanding the energies that make up the universe and work through us as human beings. 

It is said we are under the influence of the planets and that they control our behaviours until we become conscious of their effect and in so doing begin to control them. The zodiac wheel is a key unlocking this mysterious cycle of consciousness, able to guide and direct us through our unique journeys through life.

The ancients understood that the very nature of the universe rests in interconnectedness, and saw the constellations and planets as reflecting different aspects of man's consciousness. The Sun, Moon and planets exist inside of us, and motivate different aspects of our personal expression. Astrology gives tremendous insight into these fundamental energies or archetypes and the way each individual works within them throughout his life. 

By understanding these essential phases of the human experience (represented by the twelve signs and their respective planetary rulers and ruling houses), we gain clarity into the purpose of our unique struggles and illuminate what would otherwise rest in confusion, so we can step into the light.

How do I work with Astrology?

My approach combines aspects of Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Esoteric Astrology, and Spiritual Counselling. I reveal the whys so that you can participate in life with more awareness of your emotional patterns, empowering you to overcome the challenges inherent in the various karmas of your current incarnation, so that you can proceed more gracefully into periods of growth and personal expansion.

A hexagon shape can be seen atop the planet Saturn

A hexagon shape can be seen atop the planet Saturn