Esoteric Astrology Readings

Astrology readings are one hour long and cost $100.  Remote readings are done over Skype.  

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What is Esoteric Astrology?

While contemporary Western astrology tends to focus on the personality expressions of each sign and the outward manifestation of the natal chart, esoteric astrology looks at the individual as of essentially divine origin and takes a more alchemical or spiritual approach to the expressions of a particular soul's essence (contained within the astrology of that individual). One's life purpose is to express his truest self and the gift of self-knowledge is to identify what aspects of one's being are impeding that expression. Esoteric astrology is thereby a means of mapping out one's soul evolution and journey to self-realization. Rather than focusing on external manifestations around one's astrological energies, it looks to the inner alchemy of one's incarnation. It allows us to step into the true power of our being by unveiling what is hidden within our psychological framework. 


NATAL CHART readings

Discover your energetic essence through the language of archetypal astrology.

Natal chart reading: Explore your psychological blueprint with a natal chart reading, which identifies your basic energetic framework and gives insight into how you handle different life situations and where your greatest areas of growth and challenge lay. 



Get profound insights into the energetic themes of your coming or current solar return year (beginning on your birthday) in order to gain clarity and empower your decision-making process.

Solar return chart reading: Every year on your birthday, the Sun comes to conjunct your natal Sun. The chart that is conjured based on the exact moment this conjunction occurs is called the solar return chart, and reveals themes for the year to come. This gives tremendous insight as to the areas of your life that will take up most of your energy throughout the year, revealing tensions that may arise as well as developments that may take place.  

Major Transits and the Progressed chart can also be examined during either reading.

Readings for couples:


To deepen your understanding of a relationship and the way you and your partner's energies interact.

Charts in synastry: Synastry charts typically look at how the charts of two individuals interact. Glean invaluable clarity into the dynamics at work in any of your relationships so you can understand one another better and develop compassion for your areas of tension.

Synastry charts can also give clarity into your dynamic with any location, such as a city. 

Composite charts: One chart is created from the interplay of both partners to produce a whole new energetic being. Find out about the energies you give off as a couple!

Discover how your astrological energies can be used to supplement your healing:

DISCOVERY sessions

Discover your perfect blend of Flower Essences that will deliver deep emotional healing in this thirty minute session.

Discovery Sessions: This reading employs your astrological natal chart in order to create the perfect blend of flower essences to remedy your emotional imbalances. Learn more details about this method by clicking here

"The natal chart reading was astoundingly accurate...Ines seems to have a true talent for archetypal thinking."