Photography by Liana Carbone

Photography by Liana Carbone

Ayurvedic Consultation

Consultations are one hour long and cost $70.

During the consultation we will determine your Doshic type (click here for more info about Ayurvedic healing) and discuss the physical and emotional concerns that made you seek treatment.

You will be given a three page dietary regimen to follow for your principle body type. Any adjustments that must be made when taking into account your current Doshic imbalance will also be given. 

A supportive herbal regimen will be designed for your healing. If desired, you can purchase your unique herbal mixtures from me, which I will prepare fresh for you using organic dried herbs after the consultation. Depending on the nature of the herb, I will either suggest a tea blend (weighed in appropriate dosage in teabag form) or capsule format.

The price of 60 pre-weighed for proper dosage teabags is $35.

The price of 100 capsules in 500 mg format is $45.

We may also discuss a Reiki treatment or Flower Essence Blend to be used in conjunction with your Ayurvedic treatment, depending on your specific needs. 

"The energy Ines exudes as a healer anchors a space that can assist us in remembering who we really are and her generosity of spirit immediately lends itself to a sense of safety in her presence."

- Julia