Esoteric Astrology Readings

Natal Chart/Solar Return/Deep Dive Chart Readings

Esoteric Astrology readings are incredibly useful for identifying your primary karmic struggles in life with the intention of bringing awareness to the mental/emotional/behavioural patterns that hold you back from expressing your true Self in the world. They are healing in nature and provide ample guidance for understanding your relationship to self, others, and to the Divine, and also contain practical advice for navigating the identified problem areas, whether related to finances, career, relationships, creative expression, etc.

Family karma and the inherited emotional struggles coming from generational trauma will also be explored.

There is no such thing as a personal struggle that cannot be alleviated by CLARITY + SELF-KNOWLEDGE. These gifts, alongside what you decide to do with them, will light your path in times of trial and bring the kind of FAITH + AWARENESS that is necessary for you to be successful in all areas of your life.

My work as an astrologer is to illuminate your path of self-realization through unveiling that which is hidden in your life script. I take my work very seriously and look forward to being a guide on your journey.

Natal Chart Reading

Your natal chart is the blueprint of your psyche and contains extremely valuable information regarding your emotional, behavioural, mental and spiritual patterns. Understanding your natal chart empowers your spiritual growth by offering a reason for why you experience life in the way that you do, allowing you to place your awareness and focus in developing your strengths and overcoming your fears and struggles. Astrology is an extremely powerful tool for dissolving illusions, and so awakens us to the true reality of our potential.

Solar Return Chart Reading

Solar return charts are used to finely tune your awareness to themes for your current year, so that you can direct your energies in a more focussed and triumphant manner.

Your solar return is your birthday, so this reading is ideally done within the first 3 months before your birthday (these are when the shifts of your new solar return year start to take place) or within 3 months after your birthday, while the changes are still fresh. Really, you can do this type of reading at any point in your current solar return year to glean valuable insights on your personal journey, however they will be most beneficial when done closer to the start of your year.

Deep Dive Reading

These readings are for those who have already had their natal charts read, and are looking for a deeper exploration of certain natal planetary configurations to better understand their personal karmic patterns. There is so much to explore in a single natal chart, it truly takes several hours (and a lifetime) to fully dive into each nuance of our relationship to the astrological wheel.

Throughout these sessions we may also work with your personal transits and exploring the charts of family members and partners is encouraged to get a well-rounded scope of your current life experience.

Synastry Chart Reading

Up to 3 charts can be worked with at one time.

Understanding the way your astrological energies combine with that of another individuals is an extremely effective way to target conflict resolution, encourage healthy growth in your relationship, and develop more compassion for those who are important to you.

Synastry Readings that compare your chart with the chart of a family member are useful for uncovering karmic connections and ties that are both the sources of conflict and the sources of spiritual growth in your relationship.

When comparing your chart with your partner’s chart, much can be unveiled around repeating/recurring conflicts, helping to bring clarity and purpose to your relationship in order to create positive growth and emotional fulfilment.

These readings can also be done for potential business partners and current business associates in order to clarify the energetic exchanges of your relationship so that you can master productivity and harmonious exchanges at the workplace.

Photography by Liana Carbone

Photography by Liana Carbone

What is Esoteric Astrology?

While contemporary Western astrology tends to focus on the personality expressions of each sign and the outward manifestation of the natal chart, esoteric astrology looks at the individual as of essentially divine origin and takes a more alchemical or spiritual approach to the expressions of a particular soul's essence (contained within the astrology of that individual). One's life purpose is to express his truest self and the gift of self-knowledge is to identify what aspects of one's being are impeding that expression. Esoteric astrology is thereby a means of mapping out one's soul evolution and journey to self-realization. Rather than focusing on external manifestations around one's astrological energies, it looks to the inner alchemy of one's incarnation. It allows us to step into the true power of our being by unveiling what is hidden within our psychological framework. 


“I am very happy that I have met you, Ines, because your readings for my solar return and natal chart have helped me massively at this point in my life and I have discovered so much about myself. Everything you told me would happen this year is happening right now!! I have listened to the recording of our reading several times and every time there are new messages that resonate with me, it's amazing!”