The wonders of flower essences

The Bach Flower Remedies are perhaps the most well-known collection of flower essences available and were created by doctor and gifted intuitive, Dr. Edward Bach. These remedies employ the basic homeopathic principle of like cures like, and are balancing therapies for different categories of emotional extremities, working directly on the emotional body. 

Dr. Bach, after working as a medical doctor and researching vaccines, developed an acute sensitivity to the etheric emanations of the plant kingdom. Born from this sensitivity are his collection of 38 flower remedies, which he selected based on how approaching the flower would make him feel thereby knowing it was capable of curing the same feeling it produced. In my practice I work with these 38 remedies as well as flower essences outside the Bach family.

The essences themselves are made up of flower petals soaked in water, where they are charged by sunlight (one of the pillars of the alchemical practice) and finally preserved in alcohol. They are ingested along with water, or can be taken directly on the tongue. With low dosages and concentrations, they employ another homeopathic principle: less is more. 

Flower essence therapies are remarkable allies for breaking destructive emotional patterns that cause mental anguish and behavioural problems, ultimately manifesting as physical disease. In his writings, Dr. Bach went so far as to say that the physical manifestations of disease should be given little attention, while the emotional and mental patterns of the individual should be examined in depth, for they are the causative factors of the disturbance felt at the physical level.