Photography by Liana Carbone

Photography by Liana Carbone

Hands on Reiki: 90 min session + 30 min follow up

This in-person session is ideal for those who have not experienced a Reiki treatment before. The first treatment can be the most intense, with many emotions, memories and communications from your subconscious flooding your conscious experience.

To assist with the integration of the changes + information brought about by your treatment, this session includes a scheduled 30 minute phonecall 3-4 days after the initial session. Together we will discuss your experience at length and I will offer my counsel in helping to clarify the meaning of any emotional or mental imagery or experiences had since the treatment took place.

Details regarding the 90 min Reiki session:

The session opens with a Flower Essence card reading that draws attention + brings clarity to your current emotional climate. We also discuss any physical or emotional concerns you may have and ways that we can target your unique needs. I will then ask you to set an intention for the healing if you have one in mind. It is helpful to have an intention for your session so that you can work with the power of sending these energetic messages to your guides and the supportive allies that will be with us during your healing.

We will then move to the table, where you will slip into a deep relaxation while I work with your energy body. The Reiki treatment generally lasts between 50 minutes and 1 hour. You may experience memories, enlightening thoughts, or feel tangible physical sensations that correspond to the release of unnecessary stored energy.

Following the treatment, I share with you all the information I received about your physical body and emotional/mental/spiritual state throughout the healing.

β€œThe Reiki Ines practices is like Reiki plus! She is generous and light-hearted, keeping sessions full of fun, but is also a great listener and creates an incredibly calm atmosphere. I was a little skeptical of Reiki and wasn't sure if it would work on me, but it felt like a thousand pounds of emotional weight had been vacuumed off me. In the days to come I felt more stable, grounded, and emotionally intact than I had in a long time.”