Photography by Liana Carbone

Photography by Liana Carbone

What brings me here?

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. Iā€™m looking forward to getting to know you also!

My journey into healing was set at birth. I was born with eczema, which I have suffered from on and off throughout my entire life. At one point in my early twenties I went through a year-long period in which eczema covered my entire body. I was at the lowest point of my life financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I could not recognize myself in the mirror, and was in a deep depression. After a strong message from the depths of my soul, I began making a lot of changes in my life and exploring alternative means of healing. 

While I tried modifying my diet and taking a wide variety of herbal supplements, it wasn't until I started paying closer attention to my emotional and mental patterns as well as my spiritual life that any observable changes occurred in my physical condition. Now, after over five years of study, exploration, growth, and transformation, I am happy to share that my eczema has almost completely disappeared. 

My own healing journey has been central to coming into my power as a healer. My suffering has fuelled my research into the healing modalities with which I now work in my practice. I employ these methods because they have healed me and given me strength in my weaker moments. Flower Essences, Reiki, and Astrology/Occult knowledge have become integral parts of my life and I am meant to share their power and magic with you. 

What are my credentials?

My introduction to Reiki was with my first energy healer, a Reiki practitioner and phytotherapist named Julien Hardy. I consider the time I spent with him an apprenticeship through which I came into the practice of several healing techniques that I still use today. My further training to become a Reiki Master was done with Lune Innate, who has become a friend and mentor to me. I am also Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant by the American Institute of Vedic Studies.

In 2016, I self-published a book on Astrology called Man & Cosmos after many years study in esoteric, spiritual, Vedic, and traditional forms of Astrology. My work with Flower Essences began as a result of the research I did for the writing of this text; introducing me to a constantly expanding field of therapy that offers much promise for the treatment of emotional imbalances in adults, children and pets. I expanded my work with Flower Essence Therapy to include a line of 12 blends created for each zodiac sign, as well as two general blends- one for soothing PMS symptoms, and the other for soothing anxiety and fear. You can discover more about these blends through my shop.

Aside from all this, I feel that my own experiences with health and healing are my greatest asset in working with clients, because I understand exactly how it feels to not be well and to suffer in the confusion of ill health. I also know the intensity that comes with facing your illness and embracing your healing, and for this reason can guide you through your fears and doubts.

I am committed to your healing journey and if you are able to meet me halfway, a whole new world awaits you!