How do we reconnect?

How do we reconnect?

How healing happens

The most important thing I have learned from my experiences with health and healing is that in order for deep, lasting changes to occur on the physical level, every facet of one's being must be treated. This means that the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of an individual's life are just as important to the healing process as the physical.

It is my personal belief that the energetic aspects of healing outweigh the physical. In Ayurvedic thought, the psychological aspects of one's being have more impact on creating physical disease than one's constitution or lifestyle practices. It is evident that a life full of fear, stress and unhappiness will considerably outweigh one's attempt at eating healthy or getting in regular exercise. 

A brief allegory

A plant grows into its full form from a seed. That seed contains within it all the information the plant needs in order to prosper and fulfil its purpose, which is to be that particular plant and to aid humanity whether it be by providing food or medicine. The seed contains the plant in unmanifest form, although given the right conditions it will sprout and begin its life cycle, participating in the vast tapestry of life on our planet Earth. 

The essence of the plant is the seed, and the essence of the seed is information. Information is subtle and energetic in nature. It is at the heart of what science considers the most important coding in our human bodies, our DNA. Information creates form. Energy impresses itself upon the physical and by its message creates health or disease. 

The very word emotion veils the concept of energy-in-motion. Our emotions are powerful driving forces and need to be honoured and given their rightful place in the consideration of our physical well-being. Often traumas and painful emotions are difficult for us to process, and instead of being felt and released as emotions, they get stuck, densifying from their original energetic state and entering our bodies, where they create dis-ease. For this reason, it is in the emotional, mental and spiritual life of the individual that true healing happens.

What makes energy so crucial to the healing process?

Our physical bodies are made up of much more than flesh and bones. We are living, vibrant networks of energy and light, connected to every manifest form (even the mineral kingdom) and also to the unmanifest: the Source of all life or God, the infinite One residing outside all space and time. What we see in physically manifest form are the many colourful extensions of this ultimate Source, and originate from a dimension more refined than our own. This means the sickness of the physical form is inextricably linked to a sickness in the energetic fabric of that form, as this is the finer material from which the physical has come forth.

To treat only the physical body without healing the energetic framework of that body is denying the fact that what appears to be solid is actually vibration; and what appears to be empty space is a living, fluid web of information. Energy healing honours this invisible aspect of life and in doing so enables profound, lasting change at the most essential level of being. 

The subtle energy bodies

Surrounding the physical body are the energy bodies. 

The etheric body allows for communication between the physical form and the surrounding bodies. It houses the chakra system inside the human body.

The emotional/astral body houses the emotions and sensations.

The mental body houses thought forms and allows for memory and higher thought.

The spiritual body is most refined of all and houses our connection to the Divine and to our spiritual integrity. It is also known as the causal body or soul body, the essence of who we are.