My modalities 

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AstroCounselling Sessions are done via Skype, 75 mins in duration.

I specialize in re-centering your energies and bringing your thoughts into the space of the Sacred Heart through a form of AstroCounselling that activates your soul potential and reprograms your inner dialogue in order to liberate you from the karmic scripts that are creating destructive cyclical experiences in your life.

My primary focus in working with Astrology is to identify ancestral karma, generational trauma, and the inherited emotional/mental/behavioural patterns expressed through your natal chart that make up your primary karmic struggles. I also specialize in identifying how your chart defines the experiences you are having in your relationships. I am here to illuminate your path of self-realization by unveiling that which is hidden in your life script.

Every session culminates in a transformative breakthrough that translates into tangible action on your part towards the creation of your very own self-realized paradise.


Reiki Sessions are done via Skype, 75 mins in duration.

We will stay connected throughout the entirety of the treatment.

Distance Reiki provides an incredibly psychedelic and powerful healing experience for the receiver. Because Reiki energy is hyper dimensional by nature, going beyond time and space through distance Reiki often creates stronger effects than in-person sessions for the person receiving. The willingness of the participant to receive the healing energy of Reiki, suspending disbelief and opening themselves up to positive cosmic interactions, invites many spiritual guides, angelic forces and other higher dimensional beings to participate and lend their energies towards the healing experience.

When we work together in this way, I employ the use of cartomancy to further deepen your understanding of your current situation. There is time allotted for AstroCounselling, as the treatment itself is about 40 mins in duration.


Personalized 30 ml Flower Essence Blends (a one-month supply) based on your astrological energies are provided with every healing package as supportive allies to assist our work together. Flower Essences are transformative agents of vibrational healing, and function through bringing awareness to your low vibrational thought patterns and by providing balance to your emotional body. To read more about the details of working with Flower Essence Therapy, click here.

Are you ready to start living life from the highest vibration possible?

Are you ready to manifest a spiritually centered partnership that nourishes you to your very core?

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β€œI've had weekly sessions with Ines for the last two months and in that time there has been a profound shift in ways I believed were hopeless about myself. I am 33 years old and have lived with debilitating anxiety since I was a small child. With the combination of the flower essence blends and gaining a deeper understanding of how we all connect to ourselves and our environment, I've finally found the tools I've been looking for to address the roots of the neuroses that have manifested trauma in my life for as long as I can remember. My relationships and professional life are improving exponentially and I am more balanced, happy and connected to the people around me than I thought would ever be possible. 

Ines is as intelligent as she is compassionate and can help you find the agency to express your highest vibes and (just as importantly) understand your lowest vibes so you can live skillfully with them and learn to truly forgive yourself in the process. Reach out, she can help you.”