Photography by Liana Carbone

Photography by Liana Carbone


Personalized Flower Essence Blend


Personalized Flower Essence Blends are prepared in a 30 ml format, which will last between 4-6 weeks if used on a daily basis.

The selection of the flowers in each personalized blend is done through a ritual process involving Flower Essence cards, the use of a pendulum, and draws on numerology and astrology for an intuitively selected, divinely guided personalized combination. Anywhere between 3 - 8 flowers are added to each blend, being mindful of the synastry between flowers and the overall feel of the card reading done in your name and how it combines with your numerology.

A Personalized Blend may also be formulated after my analysis of your natal chart, so that those who have had their natal charts read by me easily have a highly specialized Flower Essence Blend available to them for order at any time. If you know you’d like to purchase a blend alongside your reading, use this option.

“Oh my Lorde!! I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so “soft" as a person. I’ve been allowed to realize a lot of experiences I blocked myself from having for a long time now and it’s actually really challenging, which, to me, means that it is the stuff of substance. 

I think what the blend is doing for me this time is that it is allowing me to more easily withdraw my anger/projecting tendencies and find another channel for them to go towards.  

It is to the point where I see things that would have hella frustrated me in a day and not feel the ~need~ to do anything about them or choose to have any feelings about them. It’s been great so far!”

- David-Dillon

“My custom flower essence blend has been fantastic. I’m much more calm and I’ve been taking action around areas where I’ve previously felt reluctant and making decisions regardless of my fears. I’ve been in a better mood and feeling stronger in my sense of self. This stuff is incredible!” 

-Katie S.

"After doing my natal chart, Ines made me a custom Flower Essence blend. I have no idea how this works but I’ve reached a level of balance I have never imagined having. I feel a deep sense of awareness, patience, and grounding that I can’t describe. I’ve been trying everything to get off of my low level of anti depressants for years and I finally succeeded a few months ago- I swear it’s thanks to the Flower Essence blend! "


Please note that working with Flower Essence Therapy does NOT interact or interfere with any prescription medications you may be taking. The only physical ingredients in the blend are spring water and brandy; all the healing properties are stored in the energetic information supplied by the Flower Essences.

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