75 min. Natal chart//Solar Return chart reading *in person*


75 min. Natal chart//Solar Return chart reading *in person*


75 min. Natal chart//Solar Return chart//Deep dive readings offered in person at my home in the Mile End, Montreal.

Our meeting begins with a Flower Essence card reading to add awareness to your current energetic/emotional circumstances and to help guide our reading in the direction that will be most beneficial for you.

All of my astrology readings focus on unveiling your deepest emotional/psychological/energetic patterns so that through the gift of self-knowledge you are given the eyes to see what keeps you in the loop of recurring karmic cycles in life. They are healing in nature and provide ample guidance for your unique path of spiritual growth, individuation and self-realization.

Your natal chart fleshes out your personal energetic blueprint and is a great option to start with.

Solar return charts can be drawn up to reflect themes in your current solar year (this begins on your birthday).

Deep dive 1 hr. readings are for further exploration of your natal chart and often also include transit readings. There is so much to explore in your natal chart, several hours are needed to understand all the nuances expressed.

Each reading is recorded and will be made available to you for download after the session.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of purchase to set up an appointment.

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