1 hr. phonecall: Archetypal Counselling

1 hr. phonecall: Archetypal Counselling


Please note that a natal chart reading with me is a prerequisite to receiving this service.

Sessions are done over Skype.

During a counselling session, we work with your astrological archetypes to discuss what you are experiencing in your life and why you may find yourself having certain emotional reactions and behavioural tendencies based on your inherent energies.

The application of a spiritual narrative or archetypal purpose to your experiences allows you to trust more fully in their intensity and nurtures your sense of personal power through providing a more complete/holistic understanding of their nature. Working in this way allows you to develop a stronger connection to your intuitive knowing and builds your spiritual mindset.

Counselling sessions can exceed the period of 1 hour if desired, with a maximum time in one sitting of 2 hours. To extend the duration of your session you may purchase two 1 hr sessions at once.

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