Distance Reiki: 75 min session + 30 min follow up

Distance Reiki: 75 min session + 30 min follow up


This session is ideal for those who are new to distance Reiki, and who would like to maximize their healing with a 30 min follow up phonecall. Our follow up will be scheduled 3-4 days after the initial treatment, and will focus on assisting you in integrating your experience through a discussion of the emotions, images, thoughts, dreams, etc. that have accompanied your Reiki healing.

Details on the session:

We will begin the session with a dialogue about your current emotional climate and what made you seek treatment. Throughout our discussion I will offer my spiritual counsel and guidance based on your astrological energies, if you have chosen to share them with me.

The distance healing is up to 40 mins in duration. I will direct you to lay down in an area where you can be uninterrupted and focused on the intention you have set for your session as I work with your energy body. You may experience intense emotions, visions, revelations, memories, or just a deep and inviting inner stillness and relaxation.

When the treatment is completed, I will say your name and invite you to slowly rejoin me in this realm of time-space. We will then discuss our experiences during the session, and I will share all the information I received about your physical body, energy body, emotional state and mental perceptions during the healing.

I look forward to sharing this powerful form of healing with you.

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Following the Reiki session you may experience a brief aggravation of your original symptoms, physically or emotionally. This is part of the healing process and should not be interfered with in any way. Luckily, you are energetically rebalanced following the session and should feel added strength and support for working through some of the buried feelings that have surfaced.

While I offer Reiki treatments alone, I prefer combining them with other forms of healing to maximize their effect.

We may discuss a Custom Flower Essence BlendAstrology Reading, or Ayurvedic lifestyle practice that will further benefit your healing journey.

While most people experience considerable relief after only one Reiki session, multiple sessions are required for a deeper healing to take place. Especially in the case of longstanding chronic illness, the disease pattern has become hardwired into our energetic tapestry and is intermingled with our deepest thoughts and emotions. In order for considerable healing to take place, several sessions are required to release the tangled web of suppressed emotions that are creating the illness.