Distance Reiki: 75 min Session

Distance Reiki: 75 min Session


Distance Reiki sessions are 75 min long and are done over Skype. We will stay connected throughout the entirety of the treatment.

We will begin the session with a dialogue about your current emotional climate and what made you seek treatment. Throughout our discussion I will offer my spiritual counsel and guidance based on your astrological energies, if you have chosen to share them with me.

The distance healing is up to 40 mins in duration. I will direct you to lay down in an area where you can be uninterrupted and focused on the intention you have set for your session as I work with your energy body. You may experience intense emotions, visions, revelations, memories, or just a deep and inviting inner stillness and relaxation.

When the treatment is completed, I will say your name and invite you to slowly rejoin me in this realm of time-space. We will then discuss our experiences during the session, and I will share all the information I received about your physical body, energy body, emotional state and mental perceptions during the healing.

I look forward to sharing this powerful form of healing with you.

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Following the treatment you may experience a brief aggravation of your initial symptoms, whether physical or emotional, which is known as a healing crisis. You will be energetically strengthened and realigned, so you have nothing to fear if this is the way your body processes the shifts. Simply allow what comes to pass, and look forward to the relief and enlightenment that this powerful form of healing provides.