Personalized Flower Essence Blend

Personalized Flower Essence Blend


One 30 ml Personalized Flower Essence blend that is intuitively selected and charged with healing intentions.

The selection of the flowers in each personalized blend is done through a ritual process involving Flower Essence cards, the use of a pendulum, and draws on numerology and astrology for a divinely guided personalized combination.

I add between 5 - 8 flowers in each blend, being mindful of the synastry between flowers and the overall feel of the card reading done in your name and how it combines with your numerology.

If you would like to connect with me more closely, consider a Discovery Session that employs a 30 min reading of your chart for the flower selections. A blend can also be made for you following a Natal or Solar return chart reading, so if you’d like to order one alongside your reading, use this option.

You will use your new Flower Remedy by taking a single dose of 4 drops on the tongue or adding it to your water, tea or juice. Do this 4 times daily to achieve full results, and even more often if intuitively called to do so. One bottle provides a 4-6 week supply.

Each blend is handmade fresh by order, imbued with sacred sounds, cleansed with sustainably harvested Palo Santo and infused with Reiki energy before being shipped to its destination. It carries with it the intention of creating greater peace and connection to the Divine in your experience of Self and reality. It is sent alongside a small crystal or stone offering to enhance your healing journey.

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For the creation of Ines Heals blends, we use the Bach Original Flower Remedies, Organic Healing Herbs English Flower Remedies, Eska Spring Water and high quality Cognac. 

As this is a product for deep emotional healing, please be mindful of the nature of vibrational therapy. Within the first few days of taking the essence regularly, you may experience a brief aggravation of your emotional extremes, which is part of the healing process. This reaction will subside within a few days and will be followed by a significant alleviation of the initial emotional imbalance, creating more inner peace and a significantly more grounded approach to stressful situations.