Reiki Treatment


Reiki Treatment


One hands-on energy healing session with Ines Radjenovic. Sessions are 90 minutes long. 

Please dress comfortably and wear natural fabrics.

You will be contacted within 12 hours of purchase to set up an appointment.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions or to book a session. 

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During a session, we open with a discussion of any physical or emotional concerns you may have and ways that we can target your unique needs. Following that, we move to the table, where you will slip into a deep relaxation while I work with your energy body. You may experience memories, enlightening thoughts, or feel tangible physical releases that correspond to the release of unnecessary stored energy.

Following the Reiki session you may experience a brief aggravation of your original symptoms, physically or emotionally. This is part of the healing process and should not be interfered with in any way. Luckily, you are energetically rebalanced following the session and should feel added strength and support for working through some of the buried feelings that have surfaced.

While I offer Reiki treatments alone, I prefer combining them with other forms of healing to maximize their effect.

We may discuss a Custom Flower Essence BlendAstrology Reading, or Ayurvedic lifestyle practice that will further benefit your healing journey.

While most people experience considerable relief after only one Reiki session, multiple sessions are required for a deeper healing to take place. Especially in the case of longstanding chronic illness, the disease pattern has become hardwired into our energetic tapestry and is intermingled with our deepest thoughts and emotions. In order for considerable healing to take place, several sessions are required to release the tangled web of suppressed emotions that are creating the illness.