1 hr. Relationship Synastry Reading via Skype

1 hr. Relationship Synastry Reading via Skype


Up to 3 charts can be worked with at one time. The composite and progressed composite charts can also be examined.

Understanding the way your astrological energies combine with that of another individuals is an extremely effective way to target conflict resolution, encourage healthy growth in your relationship, and develop more compassion for those who are important to you.

Synastry Readings that compare your chart with the chart of a (or multiple) family member(s) are useful for uncovering karmic connections and ties that are both the primary sources of conflict and spiritual growth in your relationship.

When comparing your chart with your partner’s chart, much can be unveiled around repeating/recurring conflicts, helping to bring clarity and purpose to your relationship in order to create positive growth and emotional fulfilment.

These readings can also be done for potential business partners and current business associates in order to clarify the energetic exchanges of your relationship so that you can master productivity and harmonious exchanges at the workplace.

I look forward to enlightening your relationships with the power of Astrology.

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