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The Zen boost for an anxious mind

The CALM BOMB comes in a 30 ml sterilized glass bottle and costs $25. 

This healing blend of flower essences provides you with relief on the go. Anytime you're feeling anxious or need extra grounding you can take a single dose and feel better!

Small enough to throw in your bag and take anywhere with you, the CALM Bomb is your security blanket whenever you need extra support. 

You can take a dose by placing 4 drops on your tongue or dissolving them in your glass of tea, water or juice. It's that simple and effective! The CALM Bomb can also been taken daily for long-term results and relief of chronic fear and anxiety.

Plus, because it is a vibrational remedy and works to balance your energetic body rather than stimulating a chemical reaction in your physical body, it will not interact with any prescription medications you are currently taking. So there's no need to worry! The only physical ingredients in the blend are water and brandy so it is allergen free-- all the healing properties come from the six flower essences used to create the blend's unique calming mixture. 



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