About: The PMS Soother

The PMS Soother comes in a 30 ml sterilized glass bottle and costs $25

Realized by Women.

From the initial concept to the blend's recipe, the label's graphic design, the product photography, and finally each and every blend that is hand-made fresh by order and Reiki-infused by me, this product comes to you through a succession of inspiring, talented, hard-working, strong and visionary women.

I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty amazing.

What's it all about?

The intense emotions that we experience during our cycles, often alongside the 7 days leading up to our period, all stem from the body’s biological experience of loss. The body communicates that there has been been the loss of conception- another cycle gone without the creation of a life form, which the body is so finely tuned to nurture and to expect.

Whatever emotions we as individual women experience- whether irritability, intolerance, depression, suppression of sorrow, fearfulness, exhaustion, loss of faith, discomfort in the home of one's body, or the development of an increased/resentful emotional dependency on others- are all the outgrowth from this seed feeling of loss, processed and expressed through the unique design of our individual psyches.

That’s why the PMS Soother Blend is made from a combination of 8 healing Flower Essences designed to soothe all the aforementioned emotional woes typically associated to the feminine moon cycle, making it a universally healing blend for all women who want to practice the ritual act of deeply tuning into their emotional landscape during this crucial part of our cycles.

 Photography by Liana Carbone

Photography by Liana Carbone

The Balancing Act

The PMS Soother can be taken symptomatically during the week before your moontime begins, or earlier/later, shorter/longer depending on your individual needs. 

The blend is made from healing Flower Essences that act on the emotional/mental energy bodies and work as supportive allies in balancing any emotional extremes that surface during this sensitive shift into the more introspective and withdrawn aspect of your cycle.

It's about working with the wisdom you naturally attune to during your moon time--

Because we are open systems, aligned to the cycles of our bodies and the cycles of nature, our energies and emotions will naturally fluctuate with the waxing and waning cycles of our menstrual month, often lining up to the waxing and waning cycles of the Moon.

Tuning into the energies of the womb and the way these affect our desires on a monthly basis allows us to achieve greater health and work within the movement of both introspection and outwards expression that are natural to these fluctuating cycles. During ovulation, we are vibrant and full of energy, while bleeding comes with the body’s loss of conception. This monthly process of shedding is a great time to release what is no longer serving us in our lives, and is the most healing and Yin aspect of our cycle.

Did you know that your period is supposed to be pain-free? The experience of intense cramping and emotional lows that affect the rest of our lives is not the way nature designed it, and for us women living in the modern world, comes from the collective rejection of feminine virtues and values, which have disconnected us from our own incredibly powerful attunement to nature and her supernatural forces. The PMS Soother provides one vehicle through which we can re-establish this essential connection and reclaim the power inherent in our female bodies.

Menstrual Magic

The healing, nutrient-rich blood contained within our menstrual monthly shedding was once used ritualistically in reviving and assisting the Earth, and was even ingested ceremoniously. Menstrual blood is filled with stem cells and nutrients that would have been required to create a life-supporting environment to a growing baby, and it deserves to be recognized as something sacred, powerful and aligned with our essential role as nurturers, healers, and givers of life.

Working with menstrual cups allows us to have access to our blood and work with it esoterically and spiritually if we so choose, giving it as an offering to plants that need some nourishment, or back to the Earth itself, helping Mother Nature to detoxify and connecting us to the Divine Feminine power contained within our cycles. 


"The PMS Soother has come in handy quite a bit, I love it!"

- Sabrina Cassis, Founder of ALICE KASS Lingerie