Yearly Astroguide: Solar-Lunar Rhythms 

The Solar-Lunar Rhythms Astroguide includes a 12-month personalized calendar marking each New and Full Moon as well as the Sun's progression through your natal houses. This is accompanied by an 18 page document guiding you to the awareness of how each Solar transit as well as every New and Full Moon is impacting your life based on your unique natal chart (for more details, see below). 

It will be delivered to you within 10 days of your purchase and costs $170

What is a Solar-Lunar rhythm?

A Solar-Lunar rhythm is the relationship between the current position of the Sun in reference to your natal chart along with the corresponding lunar cycle that creates a maximal point of tension every month at the time of the Full Moon. 

There are twelve rhythms throughout your solar return year, corresponding to the Sun’s journey throughout the twelve natal chart houses. 

The Sun symbolically illuminates the areas of life indicated by the house in which it falls as it passes through the chart. At the point of the Full Moon, which is the opposition between the Sun and Moon, light is also extended to the opposing house in which the Moon falls. Understanding how to unite the house placements of each Solar-Lunar rhythm provides guidance around what thoughts/feelings we may experience as a result of these energies, and how we can integrate them (via the use of intention and affirmation, for example) into our conscious decision-making. 

solar-lunar astroguide.jpg

Tracking this progression is essentially like having your very own highly personalized yearly horoscope!

The purpose of this guide

is for you to achieve greater attunement to your life cycles and principally to your yearly cycle.

What comes with the Yearly Astroguide?

1) A calendar to guide your astrological journey through the year. It is determined by the current Sun/Moon positions and the way they interact with your natal chart and begins on the day the Sun enters the same house as your natal Sun, around the time of your solar return (your birthday). The calendar is marked on the days where the Sun enters a new sign, enters a new natal house, and for every New Moon and Full Moon, including their house positions relative to the natal chart, so you can stay on top of your personal development throughout the year.

2) An approx. 18-page document outlining all the details of the each Solar-Lunar rhythm. This includes:

- A detailed explanation of the meaning of the Sun in each house including how its predicted effects will impact your mental and emotional levels of being.  

- A detailed explanation of the meaning of every New Moon along with a suggestion for intention setting to guide your focus at that time.

- A detailed explanation of the meaning of every Full Moon and the axis of tension it will arouse in relation to your natal chart.

- Affirmations for every Solar-Lunar rhythm in order for you to better direct your energy with every new cycle. The affirmations are designed to address the areas of struggle that are likely to occur as a result of the predicted energies at work and are guides to achieving greater self-awareness and personal empowerment.