Photography by Liana Carbone

Photography by Liana Carbone

About: Zodiac Blends

The Ines Heals Zodiac Blends are made of spring water infused with healing Flower Essences and preserved with high quality Cognac. Flower Essences themselves are also simply water infused with the vibratory presence of flowers through an alchemical process and later preserved with alcohol. This means the only two physical ingredients in the blends are water and alcohol. However, their healing comes from the energetic (rather than physical) value of the flowers used, and also works with the energetic (rather than the physical) bodies of human beings. 

Flower Essence Blends heal via the homeopathic principle of like cures like. If one is well-versed in plant signatures, one can observe the behaviour, colour, shape, and habitat of flowering plants and through this deduce what emotional extremes they will provide balance for in the microcosm of the human being. For example, Vine is healing for individuals who are too tightly wound, leading them to be bossy with others and controlling of their environment. We can observe the way Vines tightly coil around fences and other objects in their growth patterns, for example, to understand what their plant signature is trying to tell us and what their essence may be healing for.  You will find the Vine Flower Essence in the blends for Leo and Capricorn.

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Adjusting to this way of understanding healing means accepting man as the microcosm of the universe, containing within him the seed information belonging to all the planets, minerals, plants, and animals in nature. 

Each blend contains between 3-5 flowers carefully selected for healing the emotional imbalances associated to the sign energy for which it is intended. It has been my experience as both an astrologer and Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner that there is no better way to deduce the energetic qualities of my clients than through working with their astrological natal charts. Curiously, astrology and holistic psychology have always married well, and Carl Jung was famous for using the natal chart when treating patients.  

Through sustained introduction of the vibrations contained within the specially designed blends into the individual's energy system, the emotional landscape acclimates to a more balanced expression. This sometimes begins via the mental body, wherein we become more consciously aware of the way our thoughts create destructive or unpleasant emotional reactions. Pay attention to the way your thoughts shift and to newly introduced thought patterns while you are working with the Flower Essence Blends. 

Sometimes one can experience a brief aggravation of one's initial symptoms (increased anxiety, irritability, hostility, intolerance, etc.) for a few days after starting the blend, which is known as a healing crisis and is a part of the healing process. One should continue taking the blend throughout this aggravation and after a few days will arrive at a state of noticeably increased emotional stability and capacity to calmly handle stressful situations.

For extra info on the origins of Flower Essence Therapy click here.

"When I took my Sagittarius blend for the first time all of my chakras lit up and had a surge of energy pulsating in them.

 I'm in a very neutral, grounded space; feeling very zen, less stressed and more reflective."


A brief outline:

Here's what each Zodiac Blend addresses in the sign energy for which it was made.


Irritability, impatience, intolerance, and overly adhering to one's beliefs; as well as assisting one in connecting more deeply to their life purpose.


Lack of faith, fear of change, nostalgia, and emotional dependency on others.


Uncertainty, mistrust in one's self, indecision, scattered focus and aloofness. 


Cloudiness of mind, fearfulness, forgetfulness, lack of confidence and failure to learn from one's mistakes.


Intolerance, overly adhering to one's beliefs, the desire to control others and excessive attention-seeking.


Guilty feelings, overwork, over-servicing the needs of others and having a poor relationship with one's physical body (experiencing disgust, picking, etc.).


Indecision, impressionability, avoidance of conflict and repression of difficult emotions. 


Jealousy, bitterness, resentment, emotional neediness, manipulation, power struggles in relationships and fear of intimacy. 


Scattered focus, confusion of life's purpose, indecision, uncertainty and disconnection to one's feelings. 


Fearfulness, intolerance, rigidity, the desire to control others and an overly harsh internal critic.


Depression, intolerance, disconnection from one's feelings, overly adhering to one's beliefs and isolation due to feeling misunderstood.


Impressionability, overwhelm through the feeling nature, indecisiveness, low self-confidence and self-sacrifice for the needs of others.