Hi! I’m Ines Heals

And you’ve found me for a reason.

I’m here to open you up to a whole new level of consciousness.

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In my definition of reality…

We are ALL here to evolve spiritually and to self-realize in our lifetimes.

This process can be straightforward, practical, and doesn’t need to take enormous effort.

What it does need is guidance, the proper knowledge and tools to step fully into our power.



1:1 Spiritual Coaching and Karmic Clearing

Is there an area of your life that you’re continually struggling with?

That’s because there are unconscious blockages in you that are waiting to be cleared, and spiritual laws that are waiting to be understood.

The only reason we struggle is because of a lack of knowledge about our Selves, about reality, and about how to proceed in our relationships.

To heal, we have to dive more deeply into all three elements: Self, spiritual reality, and relationships. Once we secure our approach to this spiritual trinity, we unlock a flow state in our lives.

That’s where I come in. By providing you with the right knowledge, tools, support and guidance, your inner landscape transforms into one of power, trust, joy and spiritual connection.

Are you ready to let it all in?

Join my spiritual community.

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I am creating a community of high vibin’ spiritual souls that you probably have a lot in common with.

I’ll be teaching you tips on how to empower your relationship to Self, spiritual reality and to your partnership with high frequency cosmic knowledge.

See you there!


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