Come to me for Heart Opening

Ines Heals serves as an AstroCounsellor, Spiritual Relationship Coach, Vibe Shifter, and Conduit for High Frequency Spiritual Energies.

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It is my mission to engage and illuminate the Sacred Heart Space of collective humanity.

It is through our connection to the heart that we will achieve the level of consciousness necessary to experience a MASSIVE shift on this planet. This shift has been prophesied. It is taking place RIGHT NOW.


Are you READY to experience life as the sacred + miraculous journey that it truly is?

Are you OPEN to manifesting the perfect partnership you’ve always KNOWN is a part of your destiny?

Photography by Liana Carbone

Photography by Liana Carbone

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Let me ask you this…

Do you KNOW that there’s more to reality than what meets the eye but are confused about how to guide your life by spiritual truths and principles?

Do you find yourself struggling in your current partnership?

Are you frustrated that the experiences of pleasure, joy, and unconditional love aren’t yours on the daily?

Do you find yourself having the SAME conflicts in relationships over and over again?

I’m here to tell you that your life can be another way.

I’m here to tell you that your life can be a self-created paradise.

My purpose on this planet is to assist you in opening your Heart Chakra and reprogramming your karmic scripts so that you can RELEASE what is holding you back and begin to CONSCIOUSLY SELF-REALIZE your Soul nature + inner bliss state.

I SPECIALIZE in identifying ancestral karma, generational trauma, and the inherited emotional/mental/behavioural patterns that make up your primary karmic struggles.

I am here to ILLUMINATE your path of self-realization by unveiling that which is hidden in your life script.

Are you READY to get started?

discover my vibe

The Universe WANTS you to grow, expand, take risks, and shake things up this year.

FOLLOW YOUR JOY to where it is taking you.

Act on your inspiration NOW.

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“Ines is an Earth Mother. She's a natural healer with great talent and sensibility who not only cares immensely about her clients but who is also constantly pushing herself to broaden her own already vast knowledge and improve on her already effective techniques.

Every time I'm with Ines I somehow end up feeling healthier. I don't really know how, I just know that Ines heals.” 


“In my distance Reiki session with Ines, not only did she liberate me on such a soul level, but she facilitated a space for me to be open, vulnerable and to talk about what I was experiencing, as well as where I felt I couldn't move forward in my life. As I was in meditation and she began the Reiki, I had so many revelations and could feel where she was working the energy over my body.

Her presence was so healing and nurturing; she is a natural born healer with a gift she is so kind to share with the world. I could feel the differences days after the session and even now for the first time in a long time I can see so clearly and feel like so much has been released that I've carried with me for so many years. I feel this tranquility and peace that I didn't know could be possible.

Thank you so much Ines, from the bottom of my heart.”

- Andrea D