When I took my Sagittarius blend for the first time all of my chakras lit up and had a surge of energy pulsating in them. I've noticed I've become more quiet and inward focused...asking myself deep inner questions that only "I" have the answers to. I've also had a few aha moments or perhaps downloads of information that feel like truth for me, and feel calm and relaxed like I generally do after meditating or yoga except for that it lasts much longer. I'm in a very neutral, grounded space, feeling very zen, less stressed and more reflective. I'm starting to feel more connected with my energy bodies as well. All in all, I'm really happy you offer the services that you do because you're helping a lot of people. We need this.


I was hesitant about trying astrology, Reiki and Flower Essence Therapy, however I'm so glad I did! My sessions with Ines have had a profound impact on my health and my life. She's the real deal- a true healer. She has a balanced energy and is so insightful and intuitive. If you've tried out conventional treatments and still find yourself searching, definitely give Ines a try.


I am very happy that I have met you, Ines, because your readings for my solar return and natal chart have helped me massively at this point in my life and I have discovered so much about myself. Everything you told me would happen this year is happening right now!! I have been forced to see myself in ways I never did before and to accept myself which has been the hardest part of this whole process. I have listened to the recording of our reading several times and every time there are new messages that resonate with me, it's amazing! I want to thank you so much for your support, guidance and advice. 


I've had weekly sessions with Ines for the last two months and in that time there has been a profound shift in ways I believed were hopeless about myself. I am 33 years old and have lived with debilitating anxiety since I was a small child. With the combination of the flower essence blends and gaining a deeper understanding of how we all connect to ourselves and our environment, I've finally found the tools I've been looking for to address the roots of the neuroses that have manifested trauma in my life for as long as I can remember. My relationships and professional life are improving exponentially and I am more balanced, happy and connected to the people around me than I thought would ever be possible. Ines is as intelligent as she is compassionate and can help you find the agency to express your highest vibes and (just as importantly) understand your lowest vibes so you can live skillfully with them and learn to truly forgive yourself in the process. Reach out, she can help you.


Ines' flower essence blend provided me with one of the most powerful healing experiences of my life. My body needed to learn how to relax and slow down, and after just a few drops of the flower essence in a glass of water, I felt my body letting go. I had a deep release that has enabled me to continue in a mindful way on my healing journey.

- Rebecca

Ines' Reiki sessions always leave me feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and attuned to my body and Spirit. She is intuitive and focused during her sessions and has shared deep insights and observations with me about conditions I was not yet aware of. These observations continue to resonate, unfold and heal as time goes on and I look forward to our next visit! Her space feels sacred and safe within the city and her vibe is very open and intentional. As a Healer myself, self-care and the maintenance of my health are paramount to my practice, so that I can be grounded enough to show up for my own clients. I'm so happy to have found someone I trust to aid me on my journey of wellness.


Ines is an Earth Mother. She's a natural healer with great talent and sensibility who not only cares immensely about her clients but who is also constantly pushing herself to broaden her own already vast knowledge and improve on her already effective techniques. She takes her work very seriously, yet radiates lighthearted humour, love, and enchanting enthusiasm. Every time I'm with Ines I somehow end up feeling healthier. I don't really know how, I just know that Ines heals. 

- Johnny

Ines is a rare and wise soul, and you can't help but immediately notice the love and passion she has for what she does. I had a recent natal chart reading with her that both inspired and surprised me. She gave me the ability to look at all sides of myself from a different angle, acknowledging the things I struggle with as well as the things that I want to support and grow. Her naturally perceptive nature marries well with her passion for astrology, and this gives her a deeper understanding of how the intricacies of astrology affect each of us. I wholeheartedly recommend the fulfilling experience of talking to Ines and having her read your natal chart — you won't regret it.


I've seen Ines several times now for Reiki treatments, natal chart readings, and flower essence recommendations. I've found her incredibly helpful. Her approach to addressing anxiety, healing ailments in the body and gaining insight on mother-child relations is backed by a breadth of knowledge indicative of her intellectual and emotional intelligence and a dedication and passion for healing. Ines is gifted. She's smart, patient, funny, direct and gentle. All this adds up to her being really effective in what she offers to her clients.


Ines definitely heals. My rescue dog was suffering from anxiety so I tried one of Ines' flower blends on her, and my dog became noticeably calmer and more well-adjusted within days. I have also worked with my own flower essence blend and found that it made a very noticeable difference for me. Paired with a Reiki session, it made a powerful healing impact on my life. The Reiki Ines practices is like Reiki plus! She is generous and light-hearted, keeping sessions full of fun, but is also a great listener and creates an incredibly calm atmosphere. I was a little skeptical of Reiki and wasn't sure if it would work on me, but it felt like a thousand pounds of emotional weight had been vacuumed off me. In the days to come I felt more stable, grounded, and emotionally intact than I had in a long time. Ines is very generous with her communication and I have suggested her to anyone who has had any sort of struggle in their life. She is the real deal!


Ines' talents as an astrologer and healer have guided me towards a better understanding of myself while I navigate the often choppy waters of this transformative stage in my life. I not only felt less alone in this world after our sessions, but also inspired to let myself shine via the practice of self-acceptance. The energy Ines exudes as a healer anchors a space that can assist us in remembering who we really are and her generosity of spirit immediately lends itself to a sense of safety in her presence.


Every session with Ines leaves me feeling re-centered; I am back into my heart, into my power. Ines' love and devotion for her work are not only refreshing but are a beautiful mnemonic reminding me to lean into my own truth and trust the wisdom of my soul.


My first healing experience with Ines was a brief 10 minute session. I had an acro yoga show and had sprained my neck the morning of. I went to go see her before the show and although the session was short, my pain had abruptly vanished and I had almost full range of motion for my neck. I was honestly in shock and emotionally overwhelmed. My second session was an hour long in which so much of my past pains were acknowledged and freed from my physical and emotional body. During the session I had come to a state of complete surrender and oneness. Ines is a natural healer. Her energy is warm and she is a wonderful channel for helping people with the energy that flows through her. Her approach to her work is honest and holistic. She's a wildflower full of talent and knowledge! So blessed to have her presence in my life as a friend and as a healer and so excited to see her heal this world, one person at a time.


I am happy to say that after only two sessions with Ines, my worries about my physical issues are gone because I now strongly believe that once I'm re-aligned energetically my health struggles will disappear. That's something for me as I've been worried quite a bit for many years now. I also feel more solid, stronger, more faithful and generally more like myself, even though I am facing potentially major challenges. Nothing seems as heavy as it used to and the walls around me appear smaller. My injured back has also straightened out noticeably after two Reiki sessions; something I did not expect as I have been treating it with weekly Chiro sessions without as dramatic a result. A big thank you and I'm very excited to see what will unfold as my healing continues.


My story is quite simple. When I met Ines, I was suffering from emotional pain that was manifesting as physical pain and vice versa. After three sessions, I was better able to cope with the emotional distress that was aggravating my physical health. I now have mental clarity and my physical strength has increased. I am extremely fortunate to have met Ines.

- Angelica (RN, CSCS, LMT)

An astrology reading with Ines is like finding a key to the lock of the operating principles behind your experiences. Laughter may ensue and the meaning of it all is most succinctly clarified.

- Hosay

The natal chart reading was astoundingly accurate, not only with regard to broad strokes but even in accounting for more subtle aspects of my personality and how I've developed over the course of the past twenty years. Ines is truly wonderful to talk to. I'm no expert in things astrological but she seems to have a true talent for archetypal thinking- a capacity to bring together complex patterns in a way that blends both the creative and intuitive with the rational and analytical. 


Ines' natal chart analyses are thorough, clear and illuminating. The natal chart reading helped me most of all identify the karmic factors at work in my life so I could tackle those areas with more awareness. Thank you Ines!


Praise for the book

As for your book - what planet are you from? You certainly possess a brilliant mind and an impressive way with words! 

Me while reading the first few pages, "wow".

- Julia

Haven't been able to put it down! It's a thought provoking read and is dense with spiritual content. For me, it has contextualized various topics that are relevant to both my personal growth and the evolution of our global consciousness.

- Ilichna