Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Aries

Wild roses are the flower remedy for resignation. It is important during this time that we stay courageous and committed to our growth, especially through our relationships.

Wild roses are the flower remedy for resignation. It is important during this time that we stay courageous and committed to our growth, especially through our relationships.

The Full Moon at 2 degrees Aries is exact September 24th at 10:52 PM EST

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 The Sabian symbol for 2 degrees Aries is:

 A comedian reveals human nature


Rudhyar’s take on this symbol is an intriguing parallel to the relational lessons inherent in the Full Moon’s placement in Aries, which is in opposition to the Sun in Libra. He suggests it relates to the development of reflective consciousness, the objective ability to look at oneself reflected inside a mirror (here we see that duality/relationship is innate in the meaning of this symbol), and to be able to see with humor the inadequacies that are reflected back to us. This ability to laugh alongside life and with oneself represents the victory of the reflective/objective consciousness over subjective feelings and moods. In other words, the triumph of the essential soul nature, which is in tune with the absurdity, transiency and eternal nature of life all at once, over the lunar nature of the emotions, who’s constantly changing tides have the ability to keep us at the mercy of our moods, naturally slowing and sometimes making impossible the process of self-realization.


The symbol for 2 degrees Libra, where the Sun sits at the time of the Full Moon is:


The transmutation of the fruits of past experiences into the seed-realizations of the forever creative spirit


This symbol clearly implies the evolution of self through an integration of past lessons and experiences and a forward movement into a more centralized, spiritual aspect of self, i.e. developing the inner contact with the “forever creative spirit,” the Creator outside of all space and time. Together, the symbols for the degree of the Full Moon and the Sun beautifully suggest the fruition of personal development that occurs through a committed, light-hearted relationship with something outside of ourselves.

 As the primary relational axis in the zodiac wheel, the dynamic between Aries and Libra is one of self-interest vs. investment in the other. Between these energies we learn the appropriate degrees of self-assertion, compromise, courage, devotion, singularity, fusional transcendence, honesty and worship. We learn what it means to develop the self through investing in another, and how to work with our relationships to source our own authenticity. We also learn how to transcend our isolative ego through dedication to a union, something greater than our singular selves; and so we move much more quickly along the spiritual path in our awareness of the need to serve something outside of the self. This must be appropriately balanced with self-knowledge and self-discovery, of course, and when it is we find that a great tension has been resolved in life- how to approach relationship to strengthen the self, and how to approach the self in a way that strengthens the relationship. This beautiful mirroring function requires great levels of humor and levity, as it is often in the eyes of the beloved that we tend to take ourselves too seriously. Our relationships are then another great paradox that expresses the cosmic giggle of the universe. Relax expectation, faithfully commit in devotion, nurture the spiritual inner seed life, and watch the magic of love and all its psychedelic beauty.

The reason why our relationships are our greatest sources of spiritual growth is because they involve close contact and fusional dynamics with other human beings- those mysterious containers of life force who deeply challenge our ability to constantly relate to reality in honor of both its spiritual and physical aspects. What we are truly engaging with at a profound level with the other is the development of karma, the evolution of dharma, and the many stages of emotional cycles in between. To see the other person as an accumulation of both karma and dharma, to honour their path equally to our own, and to commit to the energetic dynamic that exists between us in order to liberate ourselves from the bondage of matter- that is true marriage in its alchemical, esoteric, and spiritual sense. With the fusion of Sun and Moon come all the secret chambers of life. Tread bravely, tread closely, and above all things- listen.

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If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.

Aries and Aries Rising

This Full Moon falls in your first house of self-discovery and self-directed action, Aries. It is important for you to deeply reflect on your relationships at this time, looking to see if they are harmoniously developing in alignment with your personal authenticity. This is a time to implement more structure to support what is working and to take more seriously the aspects of any relationship that are not working. Allow your truth to be your guide in moving forward.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house of spiritual growth, isolation and dreamwork, Taurus. Your archetypal guides are active at this time to guide you, in a very grounded way, to a deeper understanding of your spiritual self. If you have been experiencing bodily stress, this is a way for the physical body to communicate a greater need for purity, contemplation, and temporary retreat from the outside world.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eleventh house of community, friendship and long-term goals, Gemini. This Moon is about taking the time to reflect on the aspects of your creativity that are successfully being shared with the whole, and which aspects have yet to be clearly seen by others. Take the time to bring awareness to the way you would like to contribute to the whole, and what route you’ll need to take in developing your creative gifts in order to do so.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon falls in your tenth house of career and life purpose, Cancer. Contemplate the balance between your home life and your work life, understanding in what ways their boundaries may be less defined at this time, or celebrating the bounty that comes with achieving harmony in these opposing aspects of your life. This is a time to implement greater structure to support what is working, and to derive greater balance through facing what isn’t.

Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your ninth house of higher learning, teaching, and expansions of consciousness, Leo. How can you ground all the spiritual knowledge that is at your disposal in order to apply it more fully to your day-to-day decision making process? Communicate your ideas freely to those around you and take note of their perspective. You may have something to learn or some wisdom to impart on another.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eighth house of endings, transformation, and personal power, Virgo. There is a possible ending of a cycle taking place, especially one concerning your finances, shared resources, or personal ideas around how money defines your relationship to power. You may be brought into a circumstance that puts into question your self-worth, and you will need to work out a strong stance on this in order to come into the awareness that the power of your potential is not defined by any circumstantial aspect of your current experience.

Libra and Libra Rising

This Full Moon falls in your seventh house of relationships, Libra. It brings into question the balance you are able to achieve concerning your relationships and personal mandate of self-discovery and self-expression. This is a poignant moon for you, as it will surface any of the extremes that are present in your relationships, either creating a harmonious celebration of devotion, or making clear what the adjustments are that need to take place in order for you to continue with greater clarity and inner peace.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon falls in your sixth house of work, health and daily ritual, Scorpio. This moon is about implementing daily rituals that allow you to both maximize productivity and connect more deeply to your spirituality. Libra season can be a very creative time for you, and your subconscious mind is likely to be very active with archetypes and their narratives coming to the surface to assist your spiritual progress. Make sure you are balancing your to-do list with time to connect more deeply to your emotional landscape through meditation and exercise.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fifth house of creativity, self-expression and children, Sagittarius. You are likely to experience this time as fruitful, with much socializing and connecting with others who share a similar mindset or similar talents. Be mindful of how openly and unashamedly you self-express, and how you contribute creatively to your community in pursuit of your long-term goals and vision. If your long-term vision for success feels loose, now is the time to implement greater structure.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fourth house of home life, family and your deepest emotional needs, Capricorn. The balance between your work pursuits and time for tending to your inner emotional landscape is being challenged here. Remember that the radiance and confidence you emit in your workplace must be nourished by the way your nurture yourself at home. There is an uninterrupted connection here that asks you to pay closer attention to where there is an imbalance surfacing.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your third house of communication and learning, Aquarius. Your mind is likely to be very active during this time, and its important for you to channel your mental energies into learning something that makes you feel more connected to the Godhead on Earth. Essentially, there is the question of elevating the mundane into its true spiritual origin; how in tune are you with this process in your day-to-day? Developing this connection will yield the expansions of consciousness you are craving.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon falls in your second house of finances, self-worth and personal resources, Pisces. You are moving into a period of letting go of the emotional and behavioural patterns that aren’t working to enrich your life, and actively replacing them with more constructive approaches to nurturing yourself and identifying with your true worth. Contemplate your relationship to your finances during this time and see what new structures need to be put in place to exalt your experience of money and personal resources.

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