Full Moon in Aries Horoscopes

John Lennon, Sun in Libra, Aries rising with Yoko Ono, Libra rising

John Lennon, Sun in Libra, Aries rising with Yoko Ono, Libra rising

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Aries is occurring on October 5th at 2:40 PM EST.


The union of opposites continues as a prominent theme with this Full Moon in Aries with a conjunction between Mars (the ruler of Aries) and Venus (the ruler of Libra) in the sign of Virgo.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon’s degree of the zodiac is:

A triangularly shaped flight of wild geese


Rudhyar suggests that the wild goose, as a mystical bird of Hindu tradition, flying in a geometrical V-shape through the sky, is a symbol of cosmic order. This is amplified by the fact that this flight is seasonal and thus tuned to planetary rhythms. This symbol is provided in contrast to man’s organization of social structure, which is imperfect because of its neglect of cosmic law. Thus, Rudhyar relates this image to “an idealistic reliance upon a mental image (birds in flight always call to elemental air and the mental faculties) of universal order.”

This dichotomy of law and order under the social/economical lens vs. the cosmic/universal lens is a fitting theme to ponder during Libra season and especially during the Full Moon in Aries, as both these sign energies are devoted to the realm of thought and ideal, and how it can be used to organize systems that provide movement and protection for the social unit, or society.

What the human system fails to realize is that politics and law are meant to be a reflection of the divine law and order that presides over human incarnation. Equality, prosperity and providence are thus meant to be natural components of a governing body that reflects the needs of the people. Unfortunately, our management of power is not founded on integrity, honesty and reverence for the Divine, and so these basic human needs are not looked after by political leaders.

The difficulty in provoking change through political movement is that a problem cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created it and within a system that is already broken and corrupt. This is meant to suggest that it is actually through spiritual growth on the part of each and every individual that the Libran ideals of equality, co-operation and harmony may one day be embraced as the true governing word. Without individual integrity and responsibility to the good, there is no such thing as true politics.

The energy of John Lennon is alive and present during this Moon and with these words, as he was a Sun in Libra, Aries Rising, with a Moon in Aquarius, who believed that what was ideal and utopian was what was truly real and possible.

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Aries and Aries Rising

This is your Moon, Aries, and falls in your first house of the self. The tension of this period is one you are already well familiar with and has to do with the balance between self-sufficiency and close personal relationships. With three planets in the seventh house, your close relationships and business partnerships are being illuminated at this time and you may find yourself growing more readily through the reflection that others can provide for you. Your ability to be independent and self-directed in your actions and the pursuit of your self-realization is something to be admired and is a reflection of your bold nature that imbues you with a kind of fearlessness. But sometimes you may find yourself isolated and lonely because of the difficulty in maintaining strong personal relationships while in the pursuit of your dreams and passions. During this period, be grateful for the people you have in your life that allow you to be your true authentic self and for those who are the no-fuss type that embrace your low-maintenance style of relating.

With your ruler, Mars, in a conjunction with Venus, you may be feeling naturally more likely to reach out and enjoy companionship, love, and friendship at this time. Use your amplified negotiation skills and attunement to balance to close a business deal or to reach out to an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. With Mercury in your seventh house, you are more open to others’ perspectives and to negotiating your way into something that perfectly suits your needs. Just be aware that with Saturn squaring Mars, you may experience some delays in getting what you want. Don’t allow anger or frustration to set in, and make sure you’re taking care of all the little details.

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Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Moon falls in your twelfth house, Taurus. This placement is likely to provoke emotional confusion and isolation, although the potential for spiritual growth is great. Luckily, you are probably so immersed in your work or routine right now that you have something to stabilize and ground you. The tension of this period relates to the management of your health and your ability to be efficient in your day-to-day, and how this affects your ability to grow spiritually and process your deeper emotions. When we work too much or rely on habitual practices to seek comfort from our emotional suffering, a lot ends up getting built up inside. This can manifest in physical ailments and cause you to have to face your fears in a more direct way through a confrontation with the physical body. With three planets in your sixth house, now is a good time to re-evaluate how well you are taking care of yourself and maintaining a proper work-life balance. If you find that this time is bringing up fears and anxieties in you, they are probably not related to what is currently going on in your life but are rather old feelings that have yet to be processed. It is important for us to extract meaning from all our experiences so that we can release them, and this is what you are being called to do.

With your ruler, Venus, in Virgo and in a conjunction with Mars, your will is especially easy to access at this time. As these planets are falling into your fifth house, you may find yourself ready for a new romantic adventure, or you will find it especially enjoyable to spend time with your partner. A square to Venus from Saturn in your eighth coupled with a trine from Pluto in your ninth suggests it’s important to not let your ideas about how things have to go romantically be too rigid or interrupt the natural flow of your self-expression. Stay light and extract power from your willingness to try new things and expand your horizons.

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Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eleventh house of friendships, community and long-term goals, Gemini. You are tuned to the strength of your self-expression and ways to communicate that strength to the greater human family. Enjoy this creative energy and focus it towards the pursuit of your vision. With Venus and Mars in a delicious conjunction in your fourth house, you should be feeling both motivated and comfortable; able to draw on your inner resources and create from a place of inner sanctuary. With a square coming from Saturn in your seventh, however, just be aware that you’re not isolating yourself from your peers or feeling somehow unwanted or left out. If you find yourself with these negative thoughts around your relationships, you can know it’s the voice of Saturn taunting you. Luckily, you can draw on some pretty deep resources at this time that allow you to stay empowered even in the face of negative self-talk.

Your ruler, Mercury, is in conjunction with the Sun and in opposition with the Moon during this time. It’s important for you to consider all points of view right now, and to integrate your unconscious emotions with you conscious thoughts. Use communication and language, your main tools, to dig deeper and find out what your emotions are trying to say. Do not silence your feelings with rational thought, but don’t divorce your thought process from the feeling landscape. Your emotional needs are the steer to your ship. Your life will grow from your alignment to what you truly desire. As Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 17th, you are especially called to examine what will bring you more empowerment, growth and positive transformation in your life.

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Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon falls in your tenth house of career, Cancer. An opportunity for career advancement may present itself provided you are balanced in the opposing extremes of your home life and your public life. With three planets in your fourth house, the house over which Cancer naturally presides in the horoscope, you are feeling the draw to get cozy at home and tend to the garden of your private life and family. This Moon amplifies the tension around the fulfilment of your self-care needs and your shelter from the storm against your drive to succeed and come into your life’s purpose. While a Mars-Venus conjunction in your third house is growing your network and bringing you new friendships and connections through your immediate surroundings, the urge to take more time in friendly retreat from the world in the comfort of your own home will likely be the star of Libra season for you. With a square aspecting this conjunction from Saturn in your sixth house, you will especially feel that your workload may involve more delay and drudgery than usual. Luckily, this will be eased when Jupiter enters Scorpio and your fifth house on October 10th, and you’ll find yourself with the impulse to more creative self-expression and the embrace of romance. From the nurtured space of inner comfort and elation, which is your foundation for all other life activities, you are able to radiate your truth and passion more freely in the world.

As this Moon is squaring Pluto in your seventh house, you may find a situation surfacing with a close friend, intimate or business partner that calls you towards the proper management of your power. Use your diplomacy and strength of will to stand your ground and yet make friendly resolve in any challenging situation.

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Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your ninth house of belief systems, teaching/learning, and long-distance travel, Leo. The main axis of tension during this period involves your ability to take the information that you collect on a daily basis and apply it to a world-view or working philosophy that can inform your daily decision making process. Do you collect information just for the sake of it or are you combing through what you’ve learned in order to synthesize it and make meaning and use out of your urge to learn? It is possible you will feel the desire to expand your horizons during this time through travel and exposure to a landscape much different from your own. Alternatively, you may just be feeling more social and be craving to make new connections with your peers. Use this energy to discuss concepts that are intriguing to you and to see where your curiosity takes you. New horizons of thought are likely and your desire to write, communicate and make sense of new knowledge is enhanced.

With a Mars-Venus conjunction in your second house, expect some financial rewards to come your way. Of course, this is provided that you’ve been responsible around the work you do related to your creative abilities and talents. If you’ve kept track of everything the way you should’ve and have been disciplined around deadlines, you may find some easy money coming your way. Your power in staying efficient and organized will pay off, and the day-to-day work you’ve been doing towards your creative goals is likely to be recognized with financial reward. Use this opportunity around financial manifestation to align your will with your desires and let the universe do the rest of the work.

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Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eighth house of transformation, release and endings, Virgo. This Moon will likely bring on the awareness that something you are doing is no longer working and needs to be re-examined and revived through decisions that honour your personal empowerment. With three planets in your second house, likely this change is being precipitated by your financial situation or your current relationship to your self-worth and resourcefulness. Now is a good time to build a solid foundation for yourself (if only conceptually) around your financial future and your ability to turn your gifts into profits. Watch out for tension around your ideas of self-worth. Are you self-sabotaging because of some belief that you’re not good enough or you can’t do it? Know that the transformation that needs to take place is at the inner level first, and this will begin to reflect in your outer world. To be empowered financially is to know your abilities and never stop striving for greatness in your field. While drive towards more gain is important, it is also important for you to remain grateful and satisfied about where you are at now. This communicates a message to the universe that keeps you more open to receiving. Your practicality and planning can only take you so far in the story of manifestation. At some point, communicating a message of satisfaction to the universe will more easily allow your desires to come into your life. “I am grateful and satisfied and allow more wealth/opportunity/balance to come into my life,” should be your affirmation right now.

Your ruler, Mercury, will be moving into Scorpio and your third house on October 17th. Use this energy of passion around learning and mastering skills to assist you and support your affirmation of allowance and acceptance. New conversations and connections may come into your life at that time that shine a light on your progress, bringing with them financial opportunities.

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Libra and Libra Rising

This Full Moon falls in your seventh house of marriage and partnership, Libra. This is your natural house of the horoscope and an area with which you are very familiar. The main axis of tension during this period is around the proper management of relationships. As you are naturally oriented towards seeking harmonious union with others and require close relationships in order to grow and to better understand yourself, it is second nature to you to have many friendships and to be social. You have to be aware that this need in you may take away from developing a strong identity of your own and maintaining strength in the face of disharmony instead of always folding into a compromise to please others. As the Sun transits your first house, this is a time to focus on you and the development of your unique way of being. Practice assertiveness and the initiation of projects. Now is a good time to be grateful for the people you have in your life who encourage you to take time for yourself and in pursuit of your passions. You may feel the desire to change your appearance at this time and to try new things that exhilarate you and make you appreciate the endless novelty of life.

The fusion of your Libran nature with your inner Aries (your sign's opposing polarity) is likewise being blessed by your ruler, Venus, who finds herself in a conjunction with Mars in Virgo at this time. Here, the lover and the warrior are head to head and bless us with proper judgement and awareness into the fine balance between compromise and assertiveness. Although their position in your twelfth house may keep their influence in a less accessible part of the psyche, you will definitely be feeling the romantic vibes of this time period, and may access them more directly through spiritual practice, worship and exploring tantric teachings. Take time to reconnect with what makes you strong and kind at once.

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Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon falls in your sixth house of work, health and daily rituals, Scorpio. The main line of tension here is in observing how well your lifestyle practices contribute to the active processing of your emotions and whether or not you are able to organize yourself in order to have a more fulfilling and spiritual experience of life. The Moon in this house draws attention to your eating habits and your organization around work. Are you executing your skills in an efficient manner that allows you to move forward? This issue of conscious organization is even more so important while the Sun transits your twelfth house. This can either be a time of heightened psychedelia where your creative urge enters a world of pure abstraction and assists you in rapid spiritual growth; or it will be a time where old and unprocessed emotions are coming to the surface in order to be met with consciously, which will likely provoke some insecurities, panic and a lot of fear-based reactions. If the latter is your experience, now is a good time to withdraw from the business of life in order to sort through some of what is surfacing. Release is the only way to deal with what has come to pass so crying in order to achieve resolution or visiting an energy healer to deal with stuck emotions are both complementary activities to this time period.

Your ruler, Mars, is in union with his natural half, Venus, by way of conjunction at this time. You may be feeling a lot more willing to compromise and keep relations harmonious through the influence of this aspect, so enjoy what this can do for your relationship. Romance is definitely in the air this Libra season and while you’re not one to necessarily get carried away, you’d do well to loosen up a little and revel a bit in the magic of whatever relationships you hold most dear.

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Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fifth house of romance, creativity and self-expression, Sagittarius. The principle axis of tension during this period is between your ability to freely and shamelessly self-express and how well you can integrate this expression in service to your community or friend group. Now should be a creative time and one where a focus on self-improvement can yield a lot of benefits from work already done. The Sun is currently transiting your eleventh house of community, friends and gains, so now should be a fairly pleasant time that denotes self-expression and social mingling. Connect to you inner Leo-Aquarius energy by reflecting on what separates you from the rest in a non-egoic way. What can you radiate out into the world that no one else can quite like you do? This is not in an effort to get attention or to create an audience for yourself, but rather pulls in the question of self-realization and long-term goals. Connect to your long-term vision and think about what you can do today to start working towards that. Maintain the fiery passion that comes to you so naturally by staying focused on your daily check list instead of dreaming up greener pastures. Tune into your ability for self-control and applied effort and you will make the most of this Libra season.

Your ruler, Jupiter, will be moving into Scorpio on October 10th. This means your pathway into growth will no longer be lined with the idealistic and balanced striving of Libra but will instead plunge deep into the depths of the inner shadow in order to achieve self-knowledge and ultimately, personal empowerment. You have quite a while, over a year in fact, to integrate this energy so don’t worry, you can do it. This should also help you focus your efforts, as Scorpio doesn’t usually do anything halfway. Intense, obsessive curiosity is the new norm so embrace it.

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Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fourth house of home life, family and self-love, Capricorn. This is the opposing house to your natural energy, which is more focused and comfortable in career advancement and outer world interests. The main axis of tension during this Moon, then, will be in the balance of these very different areas of your life. With the Sun transiting your tenth house you are certainly experiencing illumination around your career goals and perhaps some big opportunities for growth have already come your way if you are in alignment with receiving them. However, this Moon is reminding you to not forget the stable foundation that allows you to achieve such success in the outer world: your self-care practices and your home life. Radiating a sense of security in the world is one of the best ways to attract opportunities because people naturally trust the emotionally grounded nature of a person who is secure inside themselves. Developing this inner confidence means taking time out for yourself when you need it and making space for your emotional needs and inner desires to express and flourish. Sometimes you mistake the ability to control your emotions for a sense of inner balance but this is not the way into satisfied radiance. Honouring your human needs and taking time out to nurture everything that gives you a sense of stability are essential practices that compliment the busyness of life.

With a Mars-Venus conjunction in your ninth house, you should be enjoying some profound experiences through higher education, long-distance travel or simply the kind of learning that expands your awareness and creates a sense of limitlessness in your relation to the outside world. This is a good time to seek out a teacher or to do some teaching yourself if you are a master in your field of work. Writing will also be a fruitful activity right now and if you’ve been waiting to get something published, now may be the time the opportunity comes through.

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Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your third house of siblings, learning and communication, Aquarius. In the sign of Aries, this should be happily motivating you to seek out new and exciting things to learn and should give you plenty of initiative to discuss your ideas with your neighbours, siblings and friends. With the Sun transiting your ninth house, expect some of the knowledge you’re taking in to really blow your mind and to have an impact on your belief systems. Because your framework of reality so heavily relies on what you believe the world to be, it is important to stay open and fluid to accepting other points of view as well as value systems that are different from your own. Even though you’re incredibly open to far-out concepts and philosophies, you can sometimes develop rigidity around what you believe in as the be-all end-all. Fortunately for you, this is often not the case, because wouldn’t life be boring if you had it all figured out? The main line of tension here is in creating a daily application for your far-out philosophies. Do you practice what you preach and are you able to extract meaning and wisdom from your life experiences? Be aware that the way you process information is dependant on your belief system and be open to the way things would look if you saw them from a different point of view.

With a Venus-Mars conjunction in your eighth house, now may be a time where things in your personal life get pretty interesting! Exploring your sexuality and expressing your curiosity around trying new things with a partner may come more naturally, and no matter what the outcome is, it will bring you to a better understanding of yourself and your relationships to your personal power. There is both motivation and ease in looking at some of the darker aspects of yourself and releasing their negative influences, so use this energy to increase your self-knowledge and bring you into a greater sense of trust in yourself and in others. This influence may also bring in easy money or unexpected money from others so watch out for that!

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Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon falls in your second house of finances, possessions and personal resources, Pisces. The main line of tension is between how well you are able to attract prosperity in exchange for your skills and in what ways your management of personal resources affects your relationship to power. With the Sun transiting your eighth house, this is either a time that reveals to you the depths of your energy reserves, connecting you to your personal power; or else you are being shown what un-integrated aspects of your psyche are keeping you from taking ownership of your strength and resourcefulness. Remember that whatever surfaces at this time is a valuable lesson towards taking ownership of your limitless potential. Your inner Scorpio is calling you to go deep and look at what is getting in the way of an uninterrupted connection to your ability to conquer whatever you set your mind to. Often, this blockage is made up of old emotions and resentments that are yet to be processed and take up an enormous amount of psychic space and mental energy to maintain. Tune into what needs to be released and find a way to gently make it happen. Now is a good time to receive an energy healing or to do a ritual around what you desire to let go of. It is a time of transition and much potential for transformation awaits if you are able to harness it properly.

With a Mars-Venus conjunction in your seventh house, you should be feeling pretty great about your personal relationships at this time. Being able to harness both assertiveness and compromise within your close relations should be a refreshing change from your usual instinct of self-sacrifice. Take the time to enjoy the growth that this balance of energies can contribute to your relationships and remember the feeling when you are again in a situation that provokes your desire to be non-confrontational. Stating your needs is an important part of being heard by the other! Your desires are just as important as your partner’s.

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