Horoscopes for the New Moon in Aries


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Aries and Aries Rising

With four planets stationed in your first house of personal becoming, this month has presented you with a charged period for self-discovery and self-initiated action. As the New Moon joins the party, focus your enthusiasm into projects you have started that promise the expression of your most unique way of being.  

Uranus conjunct Mercury in your first house promises some restless energy that naturally accompanies all that innovative creative vision. Balance the force of your opinions and your need for personal freedom with an effort at maintaining harmony with your loved ones. Jupiter in your seventh house suggests more joy and growth will come from finding the middle ground than always having things your way.

Your ruler, Mars, is now in Taurus, which means a slower-paced and more structured approach to getting things done is more favourable. This is a bit of a contrast to your naturally impulsive and excitable ways, but a change you should embrace for optimal flow with current universal energies.

You may receive insights into a power dynamic that is at work in your relationship to authority figures or to your career, which you can use to your advantage by examining your reactions to these aspects of your life and how they differ when you are feeling empowered vs. when your are feeling powerless. Your awareness of this management of power is essential if you are to transform the intensity to these feelings into an opportunity for a major release of old patterns that are no longer serving you.

As Mars and Venus reconnect by sextile after the full moon, you are presented with an opportunity to get your will to action and capacity for attraction into significant alignment. Think about what you desire to manifest, and allow yourself to embody the resonance of your intention so you may attract it into your life. This Venus-Mars aspect also brings a period of harmony with your lover. As Venus moves from fierce Aries into gentle Pisces, more compassion and understanding for your differences is brought into the dynamic.

Look to self-care regimens and focus on self-acceptance to mediate any difficulty that is being presented in other areas of your life. Self-love is the root from which all else can blossom.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

Be prepared to swim into the subconscious waters of spiritual Pisces, Taurus. There is a cascade of planets along with the New Moon in your twelfth house and a number of ways that this may affect your experiences. If you are self-aware and on the path of healing old and stubborn ways of being, this will be a psychedelic time of self-reflection that could invite the release of many long standing emotional blocks that stop you from feeling at peace and in spiritual unity with what surrounds you. Alternatively, you may experience intense fears and anxieties that are the uprising of what has been stirring in the subconscious mind as it enters the fore of consciousness. Do not allow yourself to be victimized by these intense experiences. Spend more time alone and reflecting on your behaviours and on the way you perceive things to be in order to decipher truth from fantasy and illusion.

Pay attention to the foods that you are eating and be sure to take care of your body as strengthening your mind-body connection can be very rewarding for you at this time. Use the grounding ritual of your daily routine to help you stay optimistic and open to new opportunities. 

Your ruler, Venus, enters Pisces and your house of community and friend groups via retrograde motion on April 3rd. Some of the relationship dynamics of early winter will come back into play at this time, and the brave and fierce warrior retreats into compassion and self-sacrifice. This is a time where you can relate to others through your soft Venusian nature, appreciating the selfless love of the Piscean way. Luckily, with Mars in your first house and Mercury in your sign by the first week of April, you should be good with setting the appropriate boundaries to allow you to get some self-discovery going and personal projects finished. Unleash your active and inquisitive mind into learning new things, especially ones that will help you to understand yourself better.

However, as the full moon approaches be aware of feelings of isolation that may begin to surface. Stay open to expressing your sensual nature and nourish your sexuality. You may not be feeling generous at this time and if situations become overly emotional, manipulation and power struggles are likely.

This period of Venus retrograde has affected you, a Venus ruled sign, more than others. Old relationships may have resurfaced and you are being made to redefine ways of relating. Reaching out to neighbourhood contacts and siblings to form new relationships and to nurture important family ties will be balancing for you at this time.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

Gemini, you may feel as though your conscious will to action and energy are hard to access while Mars is in Taurus and your twelfth house. Instead, use this placement to access spiritual experiences through physical activity. This is a good time to take a yoga class if you’ve never experienced one before. Spiritual growth is one of the main things that you have energy for right now and your longing to connect to the whole is a symptom of this. It may be tempting to express your spiritual restlessness through escapist activities but they will only bring you temporary feelings of relief.

Your already curious and excitable mind has been especially active lately with inspiring and innovative thoughts as a result of Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus. These two planets will fall out of aspect over the next week, however, so use the last of this impulsive, inspiring energy to learn something new that will expand your horizons and assist your journey of self-realization. On the first of April, Mercury enters the sign of Taurus. Expect your energetic mind to naturally slow and take on a more grounded and constructive manner of thinking. This is a good time for building your resources, and for seeking answers to the more psychedelic questions of life.

The New Moon and a slew of planets in Aries puts the focus in your eleventh house of friendships and groups. Now is the time to connect with like-minded people, especially if the group values are humanitarian or forward thinking in nature and celebrate individuality and spiritual thought. You are likely to feel supported and encouraged by your peers.

The way you express yourself creatively or in relation to your family or children is being highlighted at this time, and you find yourself with more energy for self-expression. However, there is a deep transformation taking place in your emotional landscape and it, too, is demanding your attention. This is a period for releasing old and outworn behavioural patterns that render you powerless and bring out your need for control. Try to observe any compulsive reactions you may exhibit towards family, your creative process or your lover. As Mercury trines Pluto around the 6th of April, you receive a special invitation and insight into how you may change these defensive reactions.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

Expect changes in your career with this new moon, Cancer! There is a focus of energy in your tenth house of reputation and life purpose. Uranus here will likely shake things up and seek a breakdown of any old and outworn ways of relating to your career path that are boxing you in. Now is the time to make changes that bring more independence and freedom into this area of your life.

You are likely to make new friends and connections with Mars in your eleventh house and Mercury coming to join by April. Your actions will be in the name of your long term goals and your ideas around self-realization will occupy your thoughts. As Mars trines Pluto in your seventh house, a deep well of energy is available to you for the execution of these self-directed actions and highly personal goals.

Likely some situations haven’t been easy for you lately, especially around power struggles in relationships and towards figures of authority and the way these conflicts are affecting your sense of emotional stability and safety. Look to the strength of your unique way of doing things and nurture the self-discovery that supports your personal evolution to balance these areas of tension. Much personal growth can be reaped if you learn how to stay strong and secure in yourself throughout these challenging experiences.

Whatever the reason is for the health problems you have been experiencing with Saturn stationed in your sixth house, this planet’s trine with Mercury and Uranus on the New Moon brings fresh and new ways of looking at the mind-body connection into your thought palette. Implement new daily rituals that will contribute to an overall feeling of strength and well-being.

Long-distance travel and the study of spiritual texts and concepts may also provide a transcendent experience for you during this time as Neptune is in your ninth house. Pursuing higher education and embracing holistic concepts of thought will do much for your personal expansion and evolution in consciousness.

Leo and Leo Rising

Likely you’ve been seeking to expand your horizons lately, both through the medium of consciousness and perhaps also long distance travel. With the New Moon in your ninth house, look to a study of ancient texts or incorporate a new meditation practice to get the most out of the accumulating energy that’s been filling up this area of your life.

As Mars travels through your tenth house and Mercury comes to join in April, you’ll have much ambition and energy to put forth in the area of career and public recognition. Bright, creative ideas are available to you and are to be put into place in a steady and determined yet soft manner.

You may feel as though contacts are growing at a more local level and opportunities can come your way through diplomatic and engaging conversations with neighbourhood contacts or perhaps through your siblings. You will want to express your ideas and are vocal about your opinions. Any excess of socializing and outward focus will, however, have an impact on your health and likely you’ve already been making some changes in your diet and lifestyle regimen to support this growing need. Continue to nurture the mind-body connection as it can be profoundly empowering at this time.

You may have been feeling more blocked creatively as Saturn travels through the fifth house, but some favourable aspects in early April may ease this and bring ideas as to new and more structured ways of engaging in your self-expression. Don’t be hard on your family, children or lovers at this time for Saturn’s critical influence can blind you to the reality of situation. Try to see your frustration as a reflection of certain ways that you engage in the family or relationship dynamic and try to be more flexible.

With Neptune stationed in your 8th house there can be much confusion or a sense of unknowing surrounding shared resources and joint assets you hold through a marriage or partnership. Lately it has not felt like the best time to make important decisions regarding these areas of life, but a trine aspect from Mars (exact on the New Moon) offers an opportunity to take action in resolving some of these feelings. On an inner level, you may be exploring new sexual practices that are more spiritual in nature. Continue to express your spiritual values through your choice of partner in this intense area of your experience and you will be rewarded with greater intimacy and knowledge of your divine nature.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Things have not been easy with Saturn in your fourth house of emotional security and home life. Likely you have been dealing with feelings of isolation from a sense of not having your emotional needs met, and this may be directly related to childhood experiences learning about the nature of love. Spend time grounding yourself and engaging in self-care rituals; the confidence you exhibit towards your creative world and self-expression comes directly from how emotionally secure you feel within.

This New Moon is in your eight house, Virgo, along with a slew of planets that have been hanging out in Aries for a while. The last little while has probably brought out some moments of crisis and breakdown in you and that’s okay. It is all in the name of releasing old and outworn ways of being and relating in order to make room for a new you. Try to engage in the upmost awareness when your emotional reactions feel compulsive and resentful. These ways of expressing the intensity of your feelings are only damaging to the closeness and love you desire from your relationships. Recognize that much unconscious pain has been coming to the surface and understand the purpose of this process is ultimately to change and empower you.

Look to a community of like-minded people to ease some of the tumultuous inner emotions that you’ve been dealing with. Now is the time to make connections with others who share your values of self-realization through innovative action.This will also help in your ability to attract financial abundance and yield bounty from personal resources.

Another activity that you will find satisfying is study, especially when it expands your knowledge regarding cycles of consciousness (like astrology, alchemy, or any other form of occult teaching). Now may also be a good time to invest some of your energy into meditation and yoga if it is not already a part of your daily routine.

Relationships may feel confusing and lacking the appropriate boundaries at this time, Virgo, but if you can find a partner who is as committed to spiritual growth as you are, this can be a psychedelic and transcendent time to come together.

Libra and Libra Rising

Oh Libra, the dance of balancing your needs vs. the needs of others wages on with this lunar cycle on the axis of Aries/Libra. Finding the middle ground between stubbornness and compromise will again enter a more nebulous territory as Venus retrograde enters Pisces on April 3rd. Your ruling planet has been retrograde since the first week of march but will again station direct by mid-April. Honouring the last weeks of this period you may ask yourself, what old relationships have come back into my life? How has my manner of relating changed? Likely, the experience of the new moon in your seventh house and later the full moon in your sign on April 11th will be the perfect opportunity to solidify some of the answers to these questions.

Look to your career to balance out some of the pools of energy that are consuming your first, seventh and fourth houses. Likely you’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately and home has become a metaphor for your deep inner world. Nurture your inner child so that your adult self can go out to play comfortably in the outer world.

You may be experiencing some health concerns that are difficult to treat and to diagnose. Developing a daily ritual can assist in strengthening the mind-body connection, and paying more attention to your diet and exercise regimens is helpful at this time. Some constructive action taken in releasing old and pent up anger and emotions will have a direct affect on your health. Alternatively, giving in to some of the rage that may be surfacing while Mars transits your 8th house will only make things worse. Understand the purpose of your emotions rather than investing energy in their unwarranted expression. Luckily, your partner should be a grounding influence during this time, or they may be the source of your frustration. It’s your choice whether you use the issues that come up as a means of self-reflection and personal fine-tuning, or as a reason to flood the relationship with resentment and anger.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Scorpio, now is the time to really put your focus into developing healthier patterns in your dietary and lifestyle regimens. Are you eating foods that are too acidic? Have you been drinking too much, sleeping too much and feeling low energy? This new moon calls attention to your lifestyle regimen. Likely things have been a little erratic lately, making it hard to stick to your ideal schedule and routine. Make the necessary changes and you will find life to be a lot more enjoyable.

You’ll find yourself with lots of energy to put into your partnership and relationships while Mars passes through your seventh house. Make sure you use this constructively, perhaps to build something with another or engage in a creative project. A nice sextile aspect is forming between Mars and Neptune in your seventh and fifth houses, so from now and through to the first week of April, this may be an incredibly satisfying time for romance and deep intimacy. As Mars comes to sextile Venus around the Full Moon, your relationship dynamic should be feeling pretty good and your partner may seem more compassionate and forgiving than before.

You may feel that your self-expression is shifting to embrace the more spiritual aspects of your being. Any resistance to this urge, however, may cause you to feel you are losing your sense of self. If you are comfortable with more loose and abstract forms of creativity, this period can yield wonderfully inspired work that helps you feel spiritually connected and free.

If you’re feeling financially tight, some new ideas are coming that can help loosen the strain on this area of your life. Pay closer attention to any thoughts that feel like they open you up to new ways of earning and feelings of freedom, as they are the ones that will lift you out of your financial rut.

Look to spiritual truths and adopt a more holistic perspective if you are feeling shy to express your opinions and engage with neighbourhood contacts. If you are a writer, now is a good time to get some deep feelings out on paper and watch this process of self-expression transform you bit by bit.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

You have a lot of energy for creative self-expression with this New Moon, Sagittarius. Although inspired and innovative, your creative output has probably felt slightly erratic and unpredictable in nature with Uranus stationed in your fifth house. You are being asked to find a manner of expression that allows you to maintain all the freedom you desire and honours your unique way of doing things. The energy you don’t put into self-expression during this time can easily be focused into a new romance, an ongoing relationship or perhaps into enjoying more time spent with your family and children.

You’ve probably been seeking out a community of like-minded people who share your zeal for expansions in consciousness or long-distance travel. Your community will be a source of personal growth and provide opportunities for you to draw from your personal resources and creative talents.

Things may have been a bit rough with Saturn transiting through your first house but by now you have probably assimilated at least a few of the lessons of responsibility, hard work, and maturity that Father Time/Mother Form have been feeding you. Use these lessons constructively to assist your personal becoming and the management of your ego.

With Neptune stationed in your fourth house, you may be feeling some confusion about where home is. If you are thinking about moving, a favourable aspect to Mars in your sixth house of work, exact during this New Moon, may help to align a pathway to action to make this possible. You certainly have a great deal of motivation surrounding your work and may be feeling competitive with co-workers. Use some of that energy to work in a grounding daily ritual that can help keep you happy and healthy, as infections and inflammations may be more likely at this time.

Your values and feelings of self-worth are transforming and this requires a shedding of any old and outworn ways of being and behaving that don’t serve your personal empowerment. Take some time to examine the spiritual laws of money as this may help you to understand what is required of you to make abundance your way of life.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Transiting Saturn through the twelfth house has brought your awareness to some of the less pleasant aspects of your personality. Likely you have been confronting some fears or negative thoughts during this time and as Saturn comes to the end of its passing through Sagittarius and into your first house, many of these issues are now finding a way into release and resolution. You’ve been facing the aspects of the shadow that have been with you for quite some time and now is a good moment to focus on some self-care and self-love rituals that can provide a feeling of greater emotional security and safety to your experience. Spirituality and acting with integrity are likely to be areas you have explored during this time and can provide you with a sense of personal empowerment.

The New Moon and four planets in Aries bring focus to your fourth house. These energies are asking you to put some love and energy into your home and reflect on ways you can make it more of a personal haven for you to emotionally recharge each day. Although your career has most likely been presenting you with many opportunities, it is important to find the balance between your public and private life.

You may be attracted to events or people in your neighbourhood that possess more spiritual qualities. You are eager to learn about new, more spiritual ways of seeing the world and want to communicate in a way that honours your new interest. If you are a writer, now is a good time to open up about what makes you feel connected and at peace, as this can be very satisfying towards your spiritual longings.

If you have been feeling more shy about expressing yourself, this New Moon is a good time to get into any creative projects that reflect and reinforce your personal strength and influence. Look to your intimate friendships and relationships as balancing agents at this time. They will help to reflect all the growth you’ve been doing and the changes you’ve been making.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

You are eager to learn during this New Moon, Aquarius. With a full third house, your mind is stimulated and is eager to discover new things. Now is a good time to make fresh neighbourhood contacts, to read, write and express your opinions. Make sure to be grounding yourself properly during this time, as a conjunction between Mercury and Uranus is likely to intensify your nervous energy. Tending to houseplants and eating a lot of root vegetables will help you to feel more stable.

Jupiter’s journey through your ninth house has provided opportunities for you to share your knowledge, perhaps even through being published or teaching, and signals that personal growth can come through the study of ancient texts and spiritual knowledge. It is important to balance your rational and intuitive mind to remain free from dogma and nourishing a holistic perspective on life. 

If your finances are a source of anxiety at this time, recognize that a stable sense of emotional security will contribute greatly to any fears around your income. If you are able to radiate a feeling of safety and confidence, you put yourself into resonance with a receptive energy that will allow more abundance to come into your life. Practice self-love and self-care to help this process along. As Venus moves by retrograde motion back into Pisces and your second house, you may find your values are being reassessed and that the abundance you have already manifested for yourself (an abundance of time, freedom, etc) is in fact in line with your true essence. 

Your ruler, Uranus, has been in a tug of war with Jupiter and Pluto for some time now. There is a lot of potential for a deep transformation to take place with these energies if you can harness their intensity. Look to your daily ritual in order to find more balance. Take care of your sensitive body and nourish your mind-body connection. Look to the purity of your diet, your thoughts and deeds to serve the purpose of strengthening your spiritual core. 

A favourable trine forming between Uranus and Saturn suggests your unique contribution to an organization or community is being recognized and provides you with an opportunity to express your eccentricity within an established structure. Use this to pour forth the waters of wisdom which you nourish in the pitchers of your innovative thought.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Money is on your mind, Pisces. Things may have been a bit up and down recently when it comes to your finances, but they’ve also shown you how your unique and innovative way of doing things can be profitable. Set some intentions regarding abundance during the New Moon and work with them while the moon waxes to full. An optimistic perspective will do much for your ability to attract the wealth you desire, and seeing difficulties or fears as opportunities to change your way of thinking is the kind of behaviour that will bring you joy and personal growth, especially now.

With your sign’s ruler, Neptune, in your first house of self-discovery, you have been pulled to explore the more spiritual sides of your being and they have taken you into feelings of connectedness and transcendence. Finding ways to be of service to others supports your sense of purpose, as long as you are able to draw the appropriate boundaries you require to protect your need for regenerative periods of solitude. Avoiding any escapist tendencies will support this process of inner discovery.

With Mars in the third house, you are eager to learn about new things and to vocalize your opinions. Engage in stimulating and motivating conversations with siblings or neighbours. This is a good time to excite others into action, and your ability to bring enthusiasm into other people’s lives encourages your own growth. 

While your community has certainly been a source of personal empowerment and transformation, spend some time focusing on your own creative projects. Time spent with your family or children will also help you to find more balance in your life. As Venus moves back into your sign and first house by retrograde motion April 3rd, now is an interesting and engaging time to examine the health of your relationships. Look to the self-sacrificing sides of the Piscean way to determine whether you have been playing the saviour or victim in any of your relationships. Separate fantasy from illusion in order to manifest a partner who can provide that ideal spiritual connection you long for.

Ines Radjenovic