Horoscopes for the New Moon in Capricorn


The New Moon at 26 degrees Capricorn is occurring on January 16th at 9:18 PM EST.


With six planets in Capricorn at the time of this moon, there is a strong message of this sign coming through. Capricorn is by far the most ambitious and relentless sign of the zodiac. Although this Saturn-ruled energy can sometimes be crippled by fear and pessimism, once Capricorn has its sights on a goal and has developed the confidence to go for it, it will stop at nothing to achieve mastery over its aim. This is in large part because this sign energy contains the necessary discipline, organizational skills and ability to withstand discomfort that it takes to make it to the top of their proverbial mountain.

As Venus comes into a conjunction with the Moon and Sun at this time, there is something to be said about the restructuring of our relationships. The relationships in our lives that have existed within loose or ill-defined boundaries will be tested to see if they are worth the level of commitment and purpose worthy of Venus in Capricorn. If they don’t pass the test, they will fall away, leaving us freer to pursue our life direction and vision with greater clarity and determination.

The Sabian symbol for 26 degrees Capricorn is:

A nature spirit dancing in the iridescent mist of a waterfall

Here, the allusion to nature spirits reminds us to not fall into the highly materialistic tendency of this sign energy. Our life goals must be animated by a force that is in compliance with and not defiance of the Divine. Capricorn often forgets to honour the primordial structures that give social hierarchies and societal organization their gusto. It is important we recognize the strength of what cannot be seen with the eyes.

The mention of a waterfall allows for the contemplation of the malleability of this great life substance, and calls to mind the strength of Capricorn’s opposing sign of Cancer. Move with the tides and contain your experience inside the constant presence and motion of elemental water and you will unlock the secret of at-one-ment with ever-changing reality.


If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.

Aries and Aries Rising

This New Moon falls in your tenth house of career and life purpose, Aries. Likely lots of activity has occurred around this area of your life and new pressures and responsibilities have presented themselves since Saturn’s entrance into Capricorn. Set your intentions for how you would like to dedicate yourself to your passion and purpose, recognizing that new structures will replace the old, and that often what requires great effort and focus is what ends up being most cherished in life. Although your need for personal freedom and self-assertion is high, there is a way to distribute your authenticity in all areas of your life that eases the pressure on any of your non-conformist attitudes that may be acting to your detriment. Consider the value of what has presented itself before assuming it will threaten your independence.

Your ruler, Mars, is transiting your eighth house of endings and emotional purging, and is strong in his sign of Scorpio. As this planet reaches the end of his journey through this house, use this opportunity to consolidate the lessons you have learnt regarding the management of power and acknowledge your ability to release the destructive emotional patterns that are no longer serving you.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

This New Moon falls in your ninth house of belief systems, long-distance travel and holistic thought, Taurus. Likely you have felt compelled to bring in new knowledge and have been craving an expansion of your usual ways of thinking. Allow your desire to learn to inspire you and to bring your closer to your notion of the Divine and the ways in which the world is animated by spirit and magic. Although you are a very sensual being who values the experience of reality through the tangible and the mundane, it is important to explore the senses as a pathway to the soul. What animates the joy of these sensual experiences is truly divine. For you, connecting to your pleasure and desire through this divine lens can bring the magic of the higher forces at work down to your everyday experience. Set your intentions for what you’d like to discover on an intellectual level that would further this movement towards a greater understanding of the complexity of our reality.

Your ruler, Venus, is a big player in this moon, coming into conjunction with both luminaries (Sun/Moon) in the sign of Capricorn. In this constellation, Venus takes on a more purposeful and present approach to relationships, pleasure and money. You may have found your ideas related to these subjects shifting as Venus travelled through Capricorn, and you can integrate this more focused approach to these areas of your life to achieve greater abundance and joy.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

This New Moon falls in your eighth house of endings, transformation and personal empowerment, Gemini. This has likely been an intense time of self-reflection, possibly but not necessarily provoked by stronger feelings of fear and powerlessness. If this has been your experience, it is important to remember that what tests and troubles you is likely the source of your greatest potential. Instead of avoiding this area, there is much potential and possibility for you if you are able to honestly look at the self-sabotaging aspects of your being in order to begin the process of release and healing. If you’ve been on the road to liberation from limiting beliefs and destructive emotional patterns, this moon presents a great opportunity to finally shed so much of what has been holding you back. Set your intentions for what emotional reactions you want to release and allow your pain to guide you to what needs to be transformed and transmuted.

Your ruler, Mercury, has just entered Capricorn. In this sign, Mercury is a strong communicator because of the highly organized and structured nature of this energy. Use this to your advantage to clearly express to your friends and loved ones what your emotional needs are during this time so they can be a support network for you. If you are afraid of being seen in a vulnerable state, recognize that the greatest bonds between friends and lovers are supported by a knowing of the other person’s weaknesses, and are celebrated by the acceptance and unconditional love offered despite them.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

This New Moon falls in your seventh house of close friendships, partnerships and marriage, Cancer. Likely you have been investing more time in nurturing your primary relationships as several planets have been transiting this house, and have come to recognize and appreciate the value of the other as a mirror for your own state and the road you have left to travel towards growth and in honour of a more authentic way of self-expression. Because Saturn has just entered this house, there is much activity and restructuring that is going to take place in the area of your personal relationships over the next two and a half years. While it may feel unfamiliar territory to navigate now, you will get the hang of it in the next six months to a year, and through embracing the lessons that Saturn is revealing to you about the nature of your interpersonal relationships, will gain mastery over this area of your life.

You may find that relationships that lack commitment and do not exist within a structure that supports your long-term goals and vision will naturally fall away to make room for those who are more serious about life to enter in. Any relationships that have failed to allow the expression of your true self, creating a difficulty in finding true harmony and exchange, will likely not survive as Saturn moves through this house. Although it is a period of shift and transition, it is ultimately teaching you the value of having highly structured and mature relationships in your life.


Leo and Leo Rising

This New Moon falls in your sixth house of health, work and daily rituals, Leo. Likely your body has been pretty vocal in the last little while in reaction to any poor dietary choices or less than desirable lifestyle practices. As the Sun moves towards the end of its transit through this house, it is important for you to consolidate what you have learnt regarding the work/life balance and how it relates to the maintenance of your health, as well as honouring any messages of ill-health that have come through in the last month by making the appropriate changes to your diet and exercise regimen. Set your intentions for how you would like to look and feel in your body in 2018, assured that you will be able to apply more structure to this area of your life since Saturn (having just entered this house) will be a presence in this area of your life during the next two and a half years.  If you are not already feeling the pressure to maintain a healthy body and mind, you may be feeling a general urge to organize your workplace, work station or workflow to achieve more efficiency and an optimal pace in your work life. Recognize that if the required changes are not honoured, you may find an increased delay in getting things done that frustrates you and makes your work environment difficult to handle. Heed the call now, and you will become the master in these matters by the time Saturn leaves this house in 2020.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

This New Moon falls in your fifth house of romance, creative self-expression and children, Virgo. Likely the last month has brought more opportunities for creative work that have resonated with your true self and made you feel more at home in the world. You’ve been in touch with your inner Leo, who is much less fond of boundaries than you are, and who simply desires to radiate his influence far and wide. Set your intentions for how you would like to move further down the path of your own self-realization by tuning into what creative ways of self-expressing you’d like to explore. With Saturn having just moved into this house (where it will be stationed until 2020), you will want to explore a healthy and open form of self-expression, lest you get too bogged down by Saturn’s pressures in this area of your life. Take responsibility for the colourful ways in which you want to take up more space this year, and allow yourself the freedom to move within that creative energy.

Your ruler, Mercury, has just entered Capricorn, and will be passing by Pluto stationed in this sign, making an exact conjunction to the Lord of the Underworld on January 24th. Leading up to this point, you may feel the inner shadow growing stronger and asking to be acknowledged and healed. Alternatively, something may be revealed to you that assists your process of empowerment, however it may feel like it opens some old wounds first. Allow the intensity of this time to be as it is without trying to repress or control what is attempting to come to the surface.


Libra and Libra Rising

This New Moon falls in your fourth house of home life, family and your deepest emotional needs, Libra. Set your intentions for how you would like to honour your emotional desires in 2018, in recognition that your feelings are the guides to your self-realization, and provide a reflection of your inner truth that is required for you to move forward in the best way possible. Likely you have felt that your home is truly your sanctuary at this time, and if there are aspects of your surroundings at home that require tweaking, you will have the motivation to fix things up so they reflect the inner harmony you would like to be reminded of whenever you enter your space. As Saturn has just entered your fourth house and will be stationed there until 2020, it is important that you honour any call to restructure or reorganize your home. You will likely require more rituals and practices in order to achieve an optimal level of inner stability and a feeling of nurturance, as Saturn pushes you to become the master of your emotional landscape during this time. If you are feeling lonely or isolated, understand that this is the effect of this planet’s presence in this house, and work from the inner landscape, rather than seeking outside company, in order to truly come to a point of inner emotional strength.

Your ruler, Venus, will be entering Aquarius and your fifth house on January 17th, so you can expect new friendships or romantic connections to come into your life during this planet’s transit of this house. In heady Aquarius, Venus may push you to take in new information or apply the knowledge you already have to better understand your life and surroundings.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This New Moon falls in your third house of communication, neighbourhood connections, and learning, Scorpio. Set your intentions for what kind of new skills and knowledge you’d like to bring in during 2018, recognizing that Saturn will be stationed in this house for the next two and half years and will apply a pressure that makes you crave taking in new information and asks that you master a skill set that will empower the way you communicate with the outside world. Communication doesn’t always have to be through spoken or written language- it can be through more abstract art forms that feel right to you in channelling and expressing your personal truth. Likely a few new connections have entered your life in the last month, and now it is time to refine which of those connections truly elevates you through honouring your deepest emotional needs.

Your ruler, Mars, is moving out of your sign and into your second house on January 26th, where he will put the pressure on earning money and managing your resources. Use this energy towards these endeavours to create a more secure financial future for yourself; just be careful of impulse purchases while Mars transits this house.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This New Moon falls in your second house of finances and personal resources, Sagittarius. Set your intentions for the abundance you would like to have come in throughout 2018, and how you are going to manage your personal resources in order to achieve your longer-term goals for success. Although you are a live-in-the-moment kind of archer, financial security is something you will be thinking about more for the next two and a half years while Saturn transits your second house. Informed decisions regarding money management are crucial to making the most of Saturn’s presence in this house at this time, for as the planet of karma, Saturn can bring on a lot of painful lessons if we are not heeding its pressures to learn and ground whatever area of life it is affecting. Much prosperity can come your way if you learn how to make concrete plans and stick to them, even when it becomes tedious and painstaking.

With your ruler, Jupiter, in Scorpio, the sign presiding over other people’s resources, this may be an interesting year that brings opportunities for personal growth through other people’s means or financial well-being. In order to be a trustworthy candidate for an investment of other people’s time and energy, you need to learn to bring your plans to fruition through slow and steady growth. Take the time to figure out all the details before you ask others to jump on board. 


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This New Moon falls in your first house of the self and self-motivated action, Capricorn. With Saturn having just entered your sign and first house, where it will stay for the next two and a half years, you are being asked to explore and rediscover who you truly are and how you would like to exist in the world as your ideal self. Set your intentions in honour of what you are going to do in 2018 to step into a truer and more authentic expression of yourself.

During the time that Saturn was in Sagittarius and transiting your twelfth house, you likely experienced a lot of confusion as old ways of being were dissolved to make way for a more spiritually centered and compassionate version of yourself. Although this time felt like it was challenging your ability to be emotionally sound, it was really paving the way for all of your old and outworn conditioned beliefs and emotional responses to be released, making way for the new you who is now emerging. If you’ve felt the tendency to be isolated or withdrawn, feel free to push the boundaries a little, as it is safe to re-enter the world. You are beginning a new 28-year cycle of your life, and much of what you establish and set in motion over the next two years will determine how the rest of that cycle goes. Fully explore who you are and what you want to create in your life so that you can make the right decisions moving forward.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This New Moon falls in your twelfth house of isolation, spiritual sickness and dissolution, Aquarius. What the hay is going on, amirite!? The last month has brought a lot to the surface, much of which will continue to be revealed over the next two and a half years, as Saturn has moved into this house to stay for some time. I know you’re not going to like this very much, but the next little while is likely going to breakdown your “everything in my life is going perfect” façade, and expose some emotional vulnerability that you’re going to have to get down with if you want to survive. Sounds intense? It is! The next couple of years are going to challenge any ways that you self-express that are phony or that keep you from compassionate connection with others. You may find old aspects of your identity falling away, as they no longer serve your spiritual growth or your evolved self-expression in the world. You will need to take some time away from it all in order to heal and to understand better what is going on within.

Anxiety, depression and periods of illness that force you to be inside and alone can all be ways that the body is trying to communicate this need for greater self-reflection and me time; all in the effort to move you into a more spiritual way of connecting to yourself and others. If you do not already have a practice or ritual in your life that you feel connects you to a higher power, now would be the time to develop a connection to the divine that can support this profound shift in your life. Without the sense of divine guidance, you will have a much harder time trusting in the process, so work on strengthening your faith at this time. Set your intentions for the spiritual growth you would like to achieve in 2018.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

This New Moon falls in your eleventh house of community, self-improvement and long-term goals, Pisces. If there was ever a year for bringing some structure to your ideals for success and personal growth, it would be this one! Set your intentions for what kinds of independent actions you will take towards the achievement and materialization of your long-term goals in 2018. As Saturn has also entered this house, where it will remain stationed for the next two and a half years, you will certainly be feeling the pressure to take tangible steps towards making things happen through personal effort and bringing your gifts and talents outward to the community where they can be recognized and embraced.

During Saturn’s transit of the sign of Sagittarius and your tenth house over the past few years, you have made some serious strides in the contemplation and materialization of your career path. And now that your eleventh house is being put to the test, it’s time to broaden your horizons in a more entrepreneurial sense: how can you take your skills and apply them in a more independent way? How can you get like-minded people interested and engaged in your future plans so they can help to strengthen what you are doing? Now is not the time to underestimate your potential. Move forward towards your vision daily and watch as your community and surroundings respond to your efforts.


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