Lunar eclipse in Leo- Accepting Love and Nurturing Individuation

This Friday, February 10th,  the full moon in Leo comes to conjunct the North node, creating what we call a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses always bring what is internal (the moon, the emotional landscape) to the fore to be expressed and resolved outwardly. During this time, our awareness will naturally be guided towards issues that are craving our active attention and that are seeking resolution. While this may provide a clear opportunity to grow and flourish in newly established patterns, it also presents the possibility of facing dramatic resistance when areas of suppressed emotional tensions and damaging belief systems come into light. The level of growth we achieve during this period will depend on what our response is in honouring the needs that have been highlighted. 

Making the necessary changes beneath the spotlight of the eclipse allows us to keep our lives in balance and move along the path of our destiny. Alternatively, resistance to taking responsibility for our feelings is reflected by the projection of our issues into certain areas of mundane life i.e. partner, job, family, etc. Eclipses are so potent because although the tensions they provoke may only last for a week or so, the changes we make as a result of their effects can determine important transitions and periods of growth that are themselves weaving the personal trajectory of our self-realization. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun and is the point of individuation in the wheel. That means we have left behind our identification with the greater family or nation out of which we were born (Cancer, the sign preceding Leo) and have moved into a self-directed and self-empowered position of personal identity and self-expression. The meaning of the astrological Sun is two fold- it is both the spiritual soul incarnate in the body of man and the ego, i.e. the individuated point of light/reference (a hue-man being) and his sphere of influence (the glyph for the Sun is a dot within a circle). The ego can be a cruel, isolative, function of man that leaves him feeling separated from the rest; or, it can be a Divine point of self-expression that embraces love and loving as a primary means of connection with ourselves and with our fellow man. 

Leo rules the heart in medical astrology and is a sign of generosity, affection and praise. The lunar eclipse in Leo is asking us to embrace romantic love, the healthy ego, and a solid dose of self-worth and personal pride. When we take these qualities on in a positive way, they help us to connect more fully to our unique role in the human family, bringing us towards Aquarian qualities and thus completing the balance of the two polarities of which Leo is one part. Here we learn that true oneness with the whole equates to each individual shining his personal brightest without dampening the light of his neighbour.

During this time, we are being challenged to love the self more fiercely and to feel proud of our nature. Through this venture, we learn that we can be of greatest service to our fellow human beings (Aquarius, the server) if we develop self-worth and confidence (Leo, the lion). Loving others is a sign of strength, not weakness; something that individuals who strongly exhibit the sign energies of Leo and Aquarius must be reminded of from time to time.

This eclipse may bring up fears of having to relinquish personal freedoms within a loving relationship. Fear-based beliefs that sharing deep intimacy with another person makes us responsible for their feelings and somehow removes us from our personal autonomy are based on illusions that promote loneliness and division. Exchanging love and closeness is both our divine right and an essential aspect of our humanness! We are free to connect deeply with others and yet maintain our personal independence. A strong, healthy relationship is created when two individuals exchange affection, comfort, and intimacy while still allowing one another the freedom to grow. 

How do we invite this radiant Leo energy into our lives?

Love the self and allow others to love you. Rather than being selfish or self-indulgent, this is necessary and empowering. Trust your creative power and regenerate the self through well-deserved praise and affection! Recognizing your self-worth allows you to recognize the self-worth and unique flame of others, which is what makes people feel loved and want to in turn give you love. Passionate self-love is the natural accompaniment to this love and support coming from the outside world and passionate creative output is the result. Whether it is our family, our lover, our artistic output, our business, or our ability to connect with nature, we must nurture the child of our inner creative pulse with the awareness that we all need and deserve boundless love from within and without.

Allow love to flow into your life without having achieved perfection in your being. Recognize that you deserve love and commitment whilst on the road to perfection and realize that perfection is a lifelong journey. Benefit from the love and support of others instead of creating unrealistic barriers that isolate you and keep your inner flame small. Nurture the divine spark that rests in your individuality by seeking connection with other sparks!

Manifest your true individuality with love and the result is freedom, not ego. Focus on living your present circumstances with more integrity (Aquarius) and watch your sense of fulfillment radiate out like the sun (Leo!!!) to touch all those around you.

Tap into the playful creativity of the Leo energy and seek love as would a child: fearlessly and with the expectation of fulfillment.

That is the true secret of the lion's playful heart!


Ines Radjenovic