Spirituality and Abundance: fusing spiritual practice and financial prosperity



In recent times I find myself often engaged in conversations about money with other entrepreneurs, artists, and freelance workers. We are trying to understand how to generate income, all the while honouring our commitment to soul, spirituality and doing what is right. In other words, we are trying to understand how to materialize what we feel to be our life's purpose in a way that brings us closer to a life of happiness and abundance.

Spirituality and money have historically been largely unrelated topics. The pursuit of one was materialistic, the supposed antithesis to spiritual evolution, while the pursuit of another was naturally ascetic, with an aversion to indulgence and self-glorification. 

Most recently I've found myself in awe at the realization that business, with its focus in profits and mass influence, can be played out in a way that honours the most spiritual ways of thinking. Consider this: the teaching of esoteric (veiled) truths primarily attempts to bring one to the understanding of how spirit (the Divine essence of life) and matter (the form which is animated by spirit) interact. 

Money is a concrete form embodying the law of supply as well as the law of attraction. The need for certain services or products is directly reflected through their value, and the ability to attract consumers is directly related to one's capacity to properly project himself (express his purpose) inside the consumer landscape (which is really just the human family or collective).

Money was historically valued as gold. The two were interchangeable. Gold is actually an extraordinary manifestation of the interchange between spirit and matter, itself being the Earth-settled dust originating from supernovas in space. Gold has always been the symbol of the soul nature of man; astrologically ruled by the Sun and alchemically embodying the human spirit. 

Attracting gold, or wealth in our lives, fuses the creative function of the spiritual life with the ability to physically manifest our inspiration. The alchemists who legendarily created gold from common metals were said to embody certain qualities that enabled them to manipulate matter through spirit: in other words they understood something about the spiritual nature of the material world that allowed them to generate a specific desired outcome. 

A friend recently pointed out to me: Andy Warhol was right. She was referring to Warhol's famous statement that

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.

Warhol's success lay largely in his ability to tap into what was stirring in the collective unconscious of the American people during his years of work and influence. He understood something about what was relevant to these people and thus what was in demand and was able to manifest a unique product that satisfied this need.

In the same way, our life of abundance begins with a product or service that we can offer well to our fellow man and that reflects a modern need, whether it be material or spiritual in nature. Our journey then extends to our ability to project our product or service while also remaining spiritually open to attracting opportunities and abundance.

While marketing and advertising provide us with very concrete ways of projecting our product or service, there is another way of attracting attention to the expression of our life's purpose. We live and breathe our unique contribution. We share our goals with others, set our intentions to the universe, visualize the fulfillment of our dreams, fearlessly embody the person we want to be, and approach our life with enthusiasm and optimism, allowing us to accomplish goals while constantly aiming higher and looking to how far we've come instead of how far we have left to go. This handles the appropriate projection of our contribution to the human family. 

The second part, staying grounded in the proper mindset that accepts and attracts our desires into the material reality of our lives, allowing us to remain cosmically resonant and open to any and all opportunities that come our way, is even more important. This is the alchemical part of our journey, the area in which the inspiration we radiated out into the universe is transformed into gold i.e. concrete results that allow us to further invest in our business and to feel successful. This in turns feeds our idea life (our spiritual inspiration to fulfill our life's purpose) and confidence, propelling us towards making a greater impact and pushing ourselves further in our work. 

How do we resonate with the cosmic fabric of the universe?

Cultivating an appropriate mindset that honours the right kinds of thoughts and feelings is a healing process. Often it is our conditioned beliefs about ourselves, about life and about money that get in the way of our success and ability to attract what we desire. Perspectives we may have inherited from our parents, friends or cultural background have shaped our understanding of the world and the space we take up in it. They have been with us for a long time, and have determined the way we think, behave, and create in our lives. In order to open ourselves to new channels of abundance and opportunity, we have to release the old beliefs that are no longer serving us and introduce new thoughts about our ability to attract success and money into our lives. 

This seems simple enough, but the actual process brings up many fears, doubts and paralyzing thoughts that can cripple our best efforts at creating new opportunities for ourselves. All of the resistance we have ever experienced towards manifesting our dream life will come up through this rewiring process and this is totally normal. We have to go through a kind of mini-death, saying goodbye to old ways of thinking and doing that have perhaps defined us throughout many years of our lives. There are many techniques that can help us in this process, including affirmationsmeditationyogic practice, and seeking outside guidance through healers, coaches and spiritual teachers

To me, there are three pillars of experience we need to master in order to successfully manifest our vision in the world: emotional stability, trust in the flow of our lives, and surrender to the universe. These are no easy feats and require confidence, faith, and a proper handling of our personal power. In the end, these attitudes are fundamental to the development of a connection with the universe that rests in unconditional love. The feeling of love is what keeps us tapped into the cosmic abundance of the universe and allows us to maintain a positive outlook even when we have yet to receive the fruits of our labour, as is common when we are just beginning our spiritual journey of abundance

In order to do this, most of us could use a little help from the various tools at our disposal that assist our process of releasing old beliefs, developing faith and self-confidence, and healing turbulent emotional reactions that get in the way of our ideal levels of productivity, compromise our ability to build positive relations with others, and block our pure self-expression.

Thankfully, Reiki, Astrology, Ayurveda, and Flower remedies present us with many solutions to these struggles! 

If you'd like to find out how, contact me for a session or a free 20-minute phone consultation to explore your options. 

Abundance awaits you! Be well. 


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