Full Moon Scoop: Moon in Taurus

Agrimony brings greater serenity to our internal world, allowing us to tune into soul nature and soul desire without distraction and without the pressure to mask our true identities in the outside world.

Agrimony brings greater serenity to our internal world, allowing us to tune into soul nature and soul desire without distraction and without the pressure to mask our true identities in the outside world.

The Full Moon at 1 degree Taurus is exact October 24th at 12:45 PM EST


The Sabian symbol for 1 degree Taurus is:


A clear mountain stream


This symbol is a vision of our pure and unadulterated nature flowing freely. The mountain stream is untouched by expectation, projection, culture, religion, pride, greed, envy, and illusion. It simply is, and simply moves through the natural surroundings in which it finds itself.

As we move forward in our evolution of consciousness, we are not trying to find something within ourselves that hasn’t always been there, we are simply trying to surrender more freely to the true nature of what is our soul expression and being. Our hearts are the forces of connection that move us outward, forward along our spiritual journey, and love calls us deeper and deeper into the unknown space outside of ourselves, asking us to surrender to the harmony available to us when we simply allow ourselves to be, rather than when we try to control our surroundings.

In this act we can observe ourselves, become aware of our weaknesses and where our selfish ego brings us into an inner state of isolation. We can notice that this feeling is at once painful, captive, but also that it is easily freed through humor, a willingness to not take ourselves so seriously, an intentional blindness towards the misinformation of our mind, which understands largely through its cultivated illusions and conditioned beliefs about human nature and the nature of reality.

When we close our physical eyes, we come into a space of inner being that is informed largely through feeling. We sense the world through the simple division of love and not-love. We no longer have the visual information of moods, other peoples’ expressions, the material world. We step into a purer state of being in relationship to the outside world.

I invite you to close your eyes and let the third eye of the psychedelic mind guide you through your pain, illusions, reactions and beliefs about life and others as being reflections of not-love. Underneath the material expression of everything that surrounds you is the energy of love, which holds everything together. The Sanskrit word for love means what binds, it is the energy of the Creator that holds reality together through the Creator’s desire to uphold the material world that emits from and through him like his other half.

As we seek the truths of our being through developing greater closeness to our desire for love, there is no effort in the act of expansion, there is only the mastery of surrender, which on its own is a great contradiction, just like the nature of the universe.



The Sabian symbol for 1 degree Scorpio, where the Sun sits at the time of the Full Moon is:


A crowded sightseeing bus on a city street


This symbol is clearly the opposite of our vision of the stream unhindered in its mountain terrain. In contrast to the pure, untouched potential of the stream in its simple state of being, the crowded bus tells of humankind’s natural inclination to manifest energetic potential creatively through the expansion of what is raw into a more organized, formed state. It is through this effort at collective experience and expression that we also understand more deeply our nature, as we are stepping into the awareness of what it is possible for us to manifest from the framework of an original impulse of passion and potential.

Both the singular, pure experience of the stream and the crowded bus which is full of individuals who are seeking discovery of a city, built by man and expanded upon by his creative nature, are expressions of source energy.

Within the human experience of a manifest, collective collaboration of creative energy, such as a city, we discover the divine in greater depths through its many infinite numbers of unique creations. The unification of these opposing symbols is through the expansion of our awareness to be the stream inside the city. In other words, to exist in and express our pure nature alongside our fellow human beings.

The universal love and focus on cooperative and harmonious function throughout Libra season prepares us for this deeper contact with soul life in Scorpio, wherein we source inspiration from a greater surrender to the experience of our soul nature and spiritual life. As we progress into the darker and more solitary experience of Winter, we learn to manage our life force energy in a way that honours our personal healing so that we can progressively peel back more layers of what is not-self to discover our true self.

It is not about becoming, but rather about unveiling what is already there and allowing ourselves to expand into the feeling of its true depth. The natural process of developing our gifts and abilities through our contact with the outer world is already orchestrated by divine eyes without great contemplation on our part. It is in fact learning how to work inside the world without applying great effort which is our challenge at this time.

There is a sacred key to accessing the energetic world of expansion held inside the heart, anahata. The virtues we are called to unveil within are compassion, clarity, and the desire to remain connected to our true nature at all times.


Your hearts are great spheres of strength in this world; cherish them, as they are the most valuable of all that you’ve been gifted in this life.

Ines Radjenovic