New Moon Scoop: Moon in Scorpio

Gentian flowers send a message of courage through adversity and the importance of faith and trust in the unknown. Faith will uphold us through any struggle, and allow us to stay stable and connected to divine messages that are our guiding lights for conflict resolution.

Gentian flowers send a message of courage through adversity and the importance of faith and trust in the unknown. Faith will uphold us through any struggle, and allow us to stay stable and connected to divine messages that are our guiding lights for conflict resolution.

The New Moon at 15 degrees Scorpio is exact November 7th at 11:01 AM EST

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The Sabian symbol for 15 degrees Scorpio is:


Children playing around five mounds of sand


This symbol is incredibly rich in the insights it offers us. The number five is an allusion to the five-fold nature of the universe, and in Vedic numerology corresponds to the planet Mercury. It is the number of mind, unison of spirit and matter through knowledge, and the fifth dimension of thought and imagination that humanity, as a five-pointed star, is destined to master in order to realize its essentially divine nature.

The symbolic representation of children shows that we are at a point of still developing our attunement to the five-fold nature of reality. There is growing potential in the process of understanding its true nature beyond the limitations of time-space.

The sign of Scorpio contains the purifying phase of our astrological journey around the wheel. This is the greatest alchemical station of our development, asking that we overcome selfish/isolative ego with the bright light of the spiritual, interconnected soul ego. Ego in the spiritual sense means our particular point in time-space that we have incarnated to express to the fullest, towards individuation and self-realization. However, this process of self-realization involves the awareness of unity and wholeness with all other things, rather than engaging with life as though we exist as isolated beings without responsibility to the rest and without receiving divine protection/guidance. In the Great Work of moving deeper into our true identity as spiritual beings with a defined purpose through which we serve the rest of humanity, we face the transformation of painful emotions that come through our contact with personal karma and the karma of the outside world, working with the infinite capacity of unconditional love to shine a light on all that is in darkness and transmute it into something higher- from not-love into love.

Just as in the alchemical texts that veil the true process of alchemy by communicating it through symbols, Mercury is a great factor in the completion of this effort towards realization of the Divine within. Mercury is the messenger between the inner Sun and Moon, or soul and mind/personality, respectively. Through contemplation, meditation, study, presence, awareness and insight, Mercury forms the union between the internal masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, Sun and Moon, and by this effort determines the level of connection to the infinite reality of the divine (5-D) that co-exists and intersects our 3-D experience. In fact, it is in the mind of the 5-D Divine that the 3-D world finds itself, as without the projection from the mind of the Creator, the universe would not exist. Rather than being viewed as a singular event of creation, the formation of the universe is actually a constant process, continually working from moment to moment through the grace of our Creator, at the speed of light (thus appearing invisible/seamless to our eyes/experience on the material plane).

And so, the symbolism of the potential/development (the children) playing i.e. exploring, learning, discovering and open to uncovering the unknown, around 5 mounds of sand (the five-pointed star of man/the cosmic structure/the intersecting psychedelic realm that animates material reality) may just be the ultimate visual representation of a collective awakening to the true possibilities of this realm through the development/force of the mind, the Great Work, our commitment to abiding by reality as-it-truly-is, rather than as it appears to be.

Relationally, it is time to let go of our ideals. The ideals that stand in the way of us loving one another and ourselves are only in service to the selfish, isolative ego. We are not on this journey alone and believing so in dark moments is only the work of the selfish ego which attempts to maintain a hold on the human mind because it is afraid of its own death. Only the ego is afraid of its death because it is attached to the illusion of the material world as existing independently from spirit. The soul within knows that death is not to be feared, and provides an endlessly fascinating and comforting reality for us to engage with because of its courage, trust, and innate knowledge.

Recognize that our struggle on this planet is to live within both spirit and matter simultaneously and to honour their union in all that we do. Mercury (the number 5) teaches us that the ultimate realization of Self (represented by the caduceus of intersecting lines, masculine and feminine/spirit and matter) comes from our continued efforts to unite the paradox of reality. We do so not through fighting it, rejecting it, or believing that something which doesn’t make rational sense can’t be true. The longer we deny the essentially nonsensical (i.e. not appearing sensical to the rational mind but rather transcending our understanding into the union of rational and spiritual/masculine and feminine), the longer we deny the surrender that must take place in order for us to heal, love, self-realize, experience joyfulness, limitlessness and the essential nature of reality.


May we have the courage to face what is real and true within us all, Ashe.

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Ines Radjenovic