Full Moon Scoop: Moon in Gemini

White Chestnut reminds us that the mind can be the greatest purveyor of illusion. As much as possible, we must make the effort to live from the space of the heart, which understands beyond language and rational thought the true nature of all that is.

White Chestnut reminds us that the mind can be the greatest purveyor of illusion. As much as possible, we must make the effort to live from the space of the heart, which understands beyond language and rational thought the true nature of all that is.

The Full Moon at 0 degrees Gemini is exact November 23rd at 11:01 AM EST


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The Sabian symbol for 0 degrees Gemini is:


A peacock parading on the terrace of an old castle


Rudhyar states this symbol contains a “personal display of inherited gifts,” suggesting it is the resulting flowering of developed virtues through past efforts and victories. He also points out that the peacock is the bird that is consecrated to Venus, and reminds us that in certain occult traditions, it is said that the spirits that gave humanity the gift of self-consciousness had come from the planet Venus (not necessarily referring to the physical planet in our solar system, as Venus is on higher levels an embodiment of primordial energies that inform and create archetypes of love, beauty and harmonious design in our reality).

We have arrived at a point of critical integration of what has come to pass. The retrograde Venus cycle, which ended November 16th, brought up much reflection around our relationships and asked for a reassessment of our values in a way that allows us to create a reality that is more in line with our true desires in future moments to come; the pure expression of our journeys in self-discovery that were stimulated by Scorpio season.

The transformation that is inherent in the sign of Scorpio cannot be achieved without the recognition of what has come to pass, using the prima materia of the significant events in our lives to provide for a framework of upheaval and unloading, allowing us to detoxify from what no longer serves us and to use the lessons, experiences, shameless expressions of self, and naturally occurring inclinations within to illuminate the light of our individual process of development.

We’ve stepped more fully into the processes of individuation at this point in time. Although Scorpio is a sign that can get attached to the past, it also recognizes the need to honour all of what has come to pass, working with it to build a structure of self that is both free to explore the future and unafraid of the darkness faced in prior moments.

In this way, the peacock reveals to us, from its perch in the old castle, the majestic and abundant fruits we have to pick from the wealth of our personal experiences. Being sacred to Venus, the primordial energy of beauty through harmony and unity, the peacock is a vision of what is pure and true and tuned to the beauty in our own hearts. It reminds us that unconditional love is the ability to see beauty in all people and experiences, and most importantly the ability to see the beauty within ourselves despite having met with situations in the past that did not reflect our truest soul expression.

The Sabian symbol for 0 degrees Sagittarius, where the Sun sits during the Full Moon is:


Children in Halloween costumes indulge in various pranks

Rudhyar suggests this symbol is the permission given by the collective to the expression of still-immature or unrefined energies. It is a way of allowing members of the collective to rebel without it being harmful or disruptive to the rest.

This license to explore what is frightening and typically unseen in our daily lives is a beautiful oppositional image to our peacock, affirming that what was unknown and misunderstood about past circumstances, what potentially made us feel afraid, anxious and disconnected was integral in building our current relationship to reality and allowing us to live in a more peaceful dialogue with the outer world. In a sense, our rebellion is done and we have at this point discovered the pocket of reality in the outside realm that allows us to self-express and move steadily forward towards self-realization.

As Mercury moves into the early stages of another retrograde cycle, we can look to the process of integrating past experiences through the narrative of their contribution to the discovery of our personal peacock within. The patterns of our feathers are filled with the endless variety of nature herself. Some turned out beautiful, although through the advent of the many twists and turns that created their image, we admittedly weren’t sure exactly how we were going to make it out intact. Perhaps we underestimated the power of our connections with others, only to realize they turned out to be great internalized insights of love, acceptance and sweetness.

What is important for us to remember is that human nature is fine-tuned from birth to seek safety, love and kindness and to give out compassion, acceptance and unconditional love. As long as our efforts in life go to refining our ability to give and receive love, we will find the other elements of our journeys falling into place. Our lives are orchestrated by and for one another. There is no other reality than that of how we project love and receive it from the outside world, there are only the many experiences and expressions that relate to our ability to stay open to this divine exchange at all times.

All that has come to pass is a divine expression of your being and has brought you closer to the truth. There is no good or bad in the eyes of the Divine, for all of life is sacred. If we could see the true purity of the human soul we would have no reason to doubt one another ever again.


Bless your journeys towards this great universal end of unconditional love.  

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