Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

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The Full Moon at 8 degrees Sagittarius will be exact on May 29th at 10:19 A.M. ET


The Sabian symbol for 8 degrees Sagittarius is:

Within the depths of the Earth new elements are being formed


Dane Rudhyar ties this symbol to the alchemical fire within man that at once purifies and transforms his inner world through burning away old responses to life. This process generally goes on motivated by strong emotions, especially those that revolve around sex and love exchange and expression, and occur largely unconsciously in response to outer stimuli until eventually it becomes obvious that a profound inner transmutation has occurred that is defined by a new level of awareness and a fresh behavioural response to outer situations. 

The Sabian symbol for 8 degrees Gemini, where the Sun sits at the time of the Full Moon is the following:

Aroused strikers surround a factory


Rudhyar attributes this symbol to the essentially disruptive nature of the strength of intellect acting outside the balanced yin function of recognizing wholeness/integration as one of the organizing principles of reality. The progressive intellect has created a situation in which Earth is being milked for all she has in order to create a highly prosperous arrangement for a select group in society. This symbol indicates a revolt against privilege and addresses the rebalancing required of us in our relationship to the Earth’s resources. On an internal level it asks us to honour more fully the wisdom of the feeling nature rather than be driven by transient emotional impulses that ask for our division from and competition with the rest of the human family.  

There is certainly a high degree of emotional energy circulating with this Moon alongside palpable potential for deep personal growth that rests in our embrace of the intensity that is surfacing, both individually and collectively. Curiously, the elements of the Earth are in question in both symbols, suggesting an added layer of metaphorical alignment of our relationship to self alongside our relationship to Earth. We avoid the consequences of our actions in our management of natural resources just like we take for granted the way our bodies manage the toxins we intake, both physically and emotionally, leading to a generalized aversion of the added efforts required for physical and emotional health, preferring to rest in momentary comfort and satisfaction at the expense of longevity and balance. 

The way these two symbols interrelate is clearly obvious in that the embrace of the process of transmutation and healing, which moves the individual out of the isolative ego and into awareness of the collective whole as a part of the self, requires assuming a greater degree of responsibility for all actions and responses that then funnel into our relationship to Earth and its resources. The Earth’s resources as essentially belonging to the human family also hold into the light our relationship to money, as it is likewise a transformed system of resource exchange (recognize that money was historically exchangeable for gold, although it no longer holds that value). Naturally, the evolution of our relationship to money means that we evolve in our emotional relationship one to the other through revolt of privilege and reintroduction of balance and equality as governing principles of the way we relate and organize society. This is a fitting reminder immediately after Uranus’ ingress into Taurus, which heralds an evolution of these themes to come.

Harness the powerful potential for transformation during this Moon by recognizing that alignment with virtuosity, emotional health and willing transformation is of benefit not only to yourself but also to your fellow human beings and to the Earth as the gracious, giving and for-giving entity she is.


If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.


Aries and Aries Rising

This Full Moon highlights the relationship between your ability to fuse rational thought with higher spiritual knowledge. Work with spiritual truths to animate your day to day decision making process and use the information you collect on a daily basis as philosophical juice to feed and elevate your mindset. The focus here is on recognizing as indivisible the experiences of the mundane with higher spiritual truths.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Full Moon highlights the relationship between your personal finances and your sense of personal power and self-worth. Acquiring wealth rests largely in your ability to direct your energies into an area of focus that is backed by a strong sense of self-worth and living in alignment with your values. Recognize how the dissipation of your energy through the pursuit of what is immediately gratifying relates to your ability to generate and manage your money.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Full Moon highlights the relationship between your authentic self-expression and involvement in personal relationships. Generally, our relationships require us to compromise and mirror others’ needs and emotions in order to grow and evolve together. Be mindful of what relationships in your life allow for growth inside of authentic expression and which ones do not support your essential nature. Recognize also where your need for freedom gets in the way of establishing secure and harmonious relations with others.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon highlights the relationship between your spiritual awareness and your physical health and daily ritual. Allow your spiritual knowledge to inform your work-life balance, and recognize how the organization of your day to day tasks allows for more mental space and emotional processing as the day goes on. Gemini season is one of increased spiritual insights for you and offers the potential for great healing if you are able to withdraw and take time to integrate the lessons you are learning.

Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon highlights your relationship to community and personal creativity. As the Sun in Gemini passes through the natural house of Leo in your chart, you should be feeling a general openness towards expressing yourself with full radiance and showmanship. Take that energy and work it into the way you network and relate to your community. There is much to be harnessed in the way of understanding how your unique skills serve a community of like-minded individuals.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon highlights your relationship to life purpose and career in contrast to your emotional habits and home life. Where there is an imbalance of rest and nourishment you will begin to feel it coming out on a professional level. Understanding that rest is a crucial part of success and is imperative to the fusion of these two opposing aspects of your life. Nurture your emotional needs in order to create opportunities for others to recognize your ability to take care of all things at once. This will assist your forward progress in your career.


Libra and Libra Rising

This Full Moon highlights your relationship to higher knowledge and learning and asks you to fuse rational mind and mundane thought to the spiritual truths that you know are at work behind the scenes of material reality. Expand your awareness and belief system to include new potentials and possibilities and work within faith and optimism to reap a greater balance between these two aspects of self: thought vs. feeling, rational vs. extraordinary (which we all know is magic only visible to the eye that believes in its elevated inner vision of reality).


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon highlights your relationship to personal power and transformation and how this reflects in your self-worth and management of personal finances. It’s time to harness the immense amount of energy you have surging through you and learn the value of focusing and directing your intentions towards virtuous self-control and personal growth. Remember that the darkness is only meant as a place to visit and to be at peace with in order to find your way into the light. Putting the necessary effort into balancing your emotional process creates a deep level of healing that opens the way into self-realization.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon highlights your relationship dynamics and the way they nurture your journey of self-discovery and personal authenticity.  Tension may arise where personal relationships constrict your need for freedom, or where your unwillingness to make genuine compromise for others stagnates the growth and closeness of your relationships. Be mindful of what is required to restore balance express gratitude for the people in your life who keep you aligned to yourself first.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon highlights your relationship to your body and how it feeds your spiritual knowing and your understanding of health on multiple levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). At this time any imbalance between your work vs. self-care rituals will likely express as bodily stress and physical symptoms. Organize your workflow so that you can take the time you need for self-care, and withdraw from your obligations during this moon if possible to access higher spiritual insights.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon highlights your relationship to community and how it rests upon your self-confidence in feeling able to bring a valuable offering to the whole. As the Sun in Gemini passes through your fifth house, the natural house of Leo, you are likely to access creative expression in a more natural and fluid way. Focus this energy into developing the creative projects you are working on and on giving yourself more freedom to express without any shame or self-doubt. Work with your creative process to understand more deeply who you are and to establish more fully your unique path of self-realization.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon highlights your relationship to nourishing your deepest emotional needs and home life in contrast to the pursuit of your life’s purpose and career. Take more time to rest and recognize the intimate relationship between self-care and success. Without taking the time to emotionally process and nurture yourself, you cannot radiate the sense of personal security that is so necessary for attracting opportunities for career growth into your life. Tune in in order to find out if you’re truly taking care of you first and retreat for a moment from your outer obligations so that you can heal and ground yourself if needed.

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