Horoscopes for the New Moon in Gemini

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The New Moon at 22 degrees Gemini is exact June 13th at 3:43 PM E.T.

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The Sabian symbol for 22 degrees Gemini is:


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Dane Rudhyar relates this symbol to village life, where takes place a “wholesome enjoyment of organic processes and emotional drives.” By living outside of the mind-built city, men and women enjoy a greater contact with seasonal and natural cycles and so are more connected to the acceptance and expression of their emotional desires.

On the 12th, just one day before the New Moon, Mercury enters Cancer. On the 13th, Venus in the last degree of Cancer comes into a close but not exact square with Uranus in Taurus. A new energetic alignment is taking place concerning the way we manage our relationships (Venus) and the primary energy that occupies our way of mentally processing situations (Mercury).

Mercury in Cancer, a sign ruled by the Moon, places the focus on our emotional/intuitive ways of interpreting the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and asks us to consider our deepest emotional needs and desires for nurturance as we make decisions moving forward. A society that is in tune with and honours its emotional needs embraces the feminine and honours the feeling nature as a guide to personal growth and spiritual evolution. In short, it’s time for us to embrace emotional honesty with ourselves first so that we can engage in the new relationship dynamics asked of us through Venus’ square with Uranus. Personal evolution and our commitment to growing as individuals first is the only way we can work within complete devotion to another in a balanced way. Liberation from the illusion of harmony that is created from a failure to confront interpersonal conflicts is the mandate of this planetary contact. We need to be honest about what we are most craving on a deep emotional level with the awareness that although this may cause temporary chaos, it will liberate us in the end. Our relationships are shifting to accommodate the authentic expression of our souls, as the divine would have it no other way. 

As both Sun and Moon are in Gemini at this time, the influence of Mercury (ruler of Gemini) dominates this New Moon. This planet relates to the tantric goddess Tripura Sundari, meaning she who is beautiful/divine in three worlds. To understand this association we have to return to Gemini’s role as the third aspect of creation, reflected in its placement as the third sign of the zodiac wheel. If Aries, the first Fire sign, relates to the divine will to incarnate, or spirit, and Taurus, the following sign of fixed Earth wherein the desire nature is born, provides the primordial body in which that spirit can express i.e. matter, than Gemini, as the first Air sign, represents consciousness, the uniting force which provides for the interaction of spirit and matter in an ever evolving and unfolding way. In doing so, Gemini, ruled by Mercury, completes the primordial holy trinity of divine outpouring that comes into physical manifestation through Cancer, the first Water sign of the zodiac, which provides the nurturing physical presence of water, most yin + mysterious of all elements, to complete the process of spirit descending into matter with the objective of creating human life.

This role as the completer of the divine Trinity already exalts Mercury, but the principle meaning of its being holy in three worlds relates to the role consciousness plays in the threefold nature of reality (spirit + matter + consciousness), as without consciousness, there would be no spiritual + evolutionary growth and no contact with our Source. Mercury is the communicator between soul + mind i.e. Sun and Moon, respectively. Its function is most highly elevated when the intuitive grace and emotional purity of the Moon inform the radiating heart-centered awareness of the Sun; and when the shameless self-expression and celebration of self and purpose (Sun, soul) inform the mind of the correct decision making process that allows us to move forward in honour of highest self and spiritual truth.

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Keywords for each sign to inspire intention setting and reflection during this New Moon in Gemini:


Aries and Aries Rising: communication, exchange of information, learning, socializing


Taurus and Taurus Rising: abundance, resources, self-worth, living in line with one’s value system


Gemini and Gemini Rising: self-knowledge, self-initiated action, honouring the authenticity of one’s individuality


Cancer and Cancer Rising: spiritual growth, retreat from worldly obligations in order to reconnect


Leo and Leo Rising: community involvement, alignment with personal vision of success, dedication to self-improvement through honouring humanitarian ideals


Virgo and Virgo Rising: career growth, illumination of personal purpose, most public expression of self


Libra and Libra Rising: honouring need to acquire higher philosophical knowledge, exploration of consciousness, long-distance travel


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising: rebirth, release of old emotional and behavioural patterns that destroy self + relationships, transformation through embrace of personal power


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising: recognition of value of harmony and negotiation in all intimate relationships and business partnership, awareness of self reflected through the eyes of others


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising: acquiring and maintaining rituals that favour physical, emotional and spiritual health and connection of mind + body


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising: shameless self-expression, creativity, romance, radiance of creative gifts outward, discovery of self through authentic expressions of joy


Pisces and Pisces Rising: recognition of deepest emotional needs, home life, self-care and self-love practices, setting boundaries that honour the need to retreat and recharge

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