Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Scorpio

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The Full Moon at 9 degrees Scorpio will be exact on April 29th at 8:58 P.M. ET

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The Sabian symbol for 9 degrees Scorpio is:

A dentist at work

Dane Rudhyar suggests that this symbol relates to the negative results of social practices and ego cravings. “Life in society both perverts and repairs, destroys and rebuilds.” In some circumstances we need dentists because of the self-inflicted damage we have done to our own body by poor lifestyle choices such as smoking or eating processed foods loaded with sugar. We have the innovation required to repair the damage, yet the extremities themselves indicate an imbalance reflected in the principle of freedom of choice.

In contrast, the Sabian symbol for 9 degrees Taurus where the Sun sits at the time of the Full Moon is the following:

A fully decorated Christmas tree

...which Rudhyar relates to the ability to create inner happiness in dark hours, suggesting the tree is symbolic of the ever-present possibility to transmute pain into joy (as the tree has been taken from a barren winter landscape and decorated to be celebrated within the created home/inner world of man), in expectation of the high moments in life that are to come.

Together there is a very clear message regarding choice as it presents itself in the context of our current society. The axis of Taurus-Scorpio relates to the principle of attachment, which is the bondage that keeps us chained to comfort-seeking emotional and behavioural patterns that block the full expression of our soul life.  In the sign of Scorpio, we transmute our pain to unite with our inner shadow and discover the full potential of our power. Once we understand the value of honesty, healing and personal integrity, we no longer want to make decisions that are self-destructive or are destructive towards others. This is when the inner light (the Christmas tree) can be illuminated by way of our own reserves of joy and faith, and we no longer seek outside validation that only serves to distract and confuse our own potential to draw from our inner emotional resources.

Our society is full of temptation to indulge the isolative, egoic aspects of ourselves, which are finite and easily fall into the endless trap of earthly pleasure and sensory stimulation. Everything is accessible, whether constructive or destructive, and this is why in releasing attachment to any one coping mechanism or negative emotional/behavioural pattern, we enter the void that is the true landscape of transformation and liberation from cyclic pain and suffering.

the lovers tarot.png

These themes are clearly revealed by The Lovers tarot card, which depicts a young man embarking on the path of awakening consciousness, who is faced with the choice to commit in devotion to the angelic woman who holds the keys to his spiritual evolution (a symbolic inner fusion with his Yin aspect/integration of the shadow elements of self), or to continue on a path of distraction and transient grazing through illusion that keeps him in the dark although it may be full of immediate sensory gratification.

Integrity and commitment to choosing light and honouring the shadow through healing and honesty, rather than being overpowered by the shadow through the force of unconscious pulls and desires, is central to overcoming the attachment to what binds us to the karmic wheel of life. Unconsciously choosing bondage over liberation of soul is the realm of The Devil tarot card, which depicts another situation of choice, wherein the two figures are pictured chained by Satan, aka Saturn, the planetary archetype of living in material reality in a way that is divorced from the spiritual seed which served as its original birthplace.

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The Mars conjunction to a retrograde Pluto (both rulers of the sign Scorpio) at the time of the Full Moon very clearly serves to drive home this important point of the power of choice. Be mindful of what is motivating you and work towards being as honest and behaving with as much integrity as possible. The divine allies always await to lift us up when we fall, so long as we make the choice to receive their assistance.

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If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.


Aries and Aries Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eighth house of endings, transformation and personal power, Aries. As the Sun transits your second house of finances and self-worth, your consciousness has likely been drawn to this area of your life experience. At this maximal point of tension in the lunar cycle, you are being asked to be mindful of the role your sense of personal power is playing in the management of your finances. Understand that your notion of self-worth is directly related to the abundance you are able to attract and be mindful of any beliefs and negative thought patterns that keep you in a loop that is ultimately self-destructive.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Full Moon falls in your seventh house of marriage and partnership, Taurus. As the Sun transits your first house, your sense of subjective reality and desire for self-directed pursuits is at an all time high, as this is your season. However, this Moon is reminding you to balance your personal desires with the needs of your closest and dearest. You are likely to be more sensitive to the way that those around you are perceiving you at this time, so surround yourself with those who accept your most authentic way of being.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Full Moon falls in your sixth house of health and daily ritual, Gemini. As the Sun transits your twelfth house of spirituality and invites you to retreat into your inner world in order to heal, you gain greater insight into how your spiritual, mental and emotional patterns are affecting your ability to organize your day, be effective in your work, and take care of your physical body. Any signals of dis-ease in the physical body should be considered from a holistic perspective, and if you haven’t taken time to focus on your inner world, now’s the moment.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fifth house of creativity and self-expression, Cancer. With the Sun transiting your eleventh house of friendship and social networks, you are being asked to strengthen the radiance of what you have to contribute to your community and to the human family as a whole. Simply put, your vibe attracts your tribe. The more authentic your self-expression, the more likely you are to catch the attention of individuals who can assist your creative journey and support your personal evolution.


Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fourth house of home life and your deepest emotional needs, Leo. With the Sun transiting your tenth house, you’ve likely been investing a lot of time in the direction of your life purpose and career development, and this Moon reminds you that the energy resources that are needed for your most outward and public expression of self ultimately are restored and maintained at home through self-care and self-love practices. Take some time to nurture yourself so that you can radiate that confidence outwardly to attract greater career opportunities.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your third house of communication, learning, and neighbourhood contacts, Virgo. With the Sun transiting your ninth house of higher learning, you are being asked to merge your rational and philosophical points of view. This means that spiritual knowledge must be applied to your every day life, whereas every day experiences need to be funnelled into your spiritual perspective in order for you to gain wisdom and recognize the potential to elevate every day situations into opportunities for personal growth. Communicate your ideas and write out your experiences if it helps you channel this energy that is ripe with potential for mental expansion.


Libra and Libra Rising

This Full Moon falls in your second house of finances and self-worth, Libra. As the Sun transits your eighth house of endings, personal transformation and empowerment, you are likely facing some intense emotions that are asking you to place focus on where you are losing power in your life. Now is the time to release old resentments and to work through destructive emotional reactions, and there is likely a transition occurring in your life that reflects this need for profound personal change. Recognize the relationship between your ability to attract what you desire and your sense of personal empowerment. If you feel as though your worth is not being mirrored to you by the outside world, it’s likely due to a limiting personal belief or destructive behavioural pattern you are unnecessarily holding onto.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon falls in your first house of self and self-discovery, Scorpio. As the Sun transits your seventh house of marriage and partnership, your awareness has been brought to the health of your personal relationships and how able you are to maintain harmony in your relational dynamics. Recognizing the balance between the expression of your most authentic self alongside the ability to compromise in relationships that nourish you and that you value most is of great importance at this time. Work with the expression of your most genuine thoughts and feelings to attract those who support your journey of self-realization, and recognize your part in maintaining the harmony of your relational dynamics. 


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house of spirituality and healing, Sagittarius. With the Sun transiting your sixth house of health, daily ritual and work, you have likely felt the pressure to be more mindful of the way you are treating your body and the way you are organizing your day in order to allow for maximum efficiency in your work endeavours. Work with the energy of this moon to unite the spiritual and physical aspects of your well-being. Recognize that taking time to organize your innermost thoughts through meditation or receiving an energy healing treatment directly affects your ability to be efficient in the areas of your life that require your diligent and applied effort.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eleventh house of friendship and long-term goals, Capricorn. With the Sun transiting your fifth house, you are likely in one of the strongest phases of your yearly creative expression and output. This ability to radiate your creative talents and to authentically express yourself without shame or a sense of limitation needs to be funnelled back into your community and with mindfulness of what your creative contribution is to the greater human family. Allow yourself to feel a part of the greater whole by sharing your work with others.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your tenth house of life purpose and career pursuits, Aquarius. With the Sun transiting your fourth house of home life and deepest emotional needs, you’ve likely needed more time to yourself, and this is in order to nourish the emotional groundwork from which your inner radiance stems. Be mindful of the intimate connection between how secure and emotionally stable you feel and how this translates into your ability to show up daily for the manifestation of your purpose. Recognize that rest is productive, too, and nourish any parts of yourself that are craving quiet time.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon falls in your ninth house of belief systems and holistic thought, Pisces. With the Sun transiting your third house of learning and communication, you have likely been thirsting after new information and exploring subjects that interest you. This moon reminds you to elevate the knowledge you accumulate so it can feed your spiritual understanding of life. All life experiences can be considered research and when viewed in this way can actively contribute to your understanding of the meaning and symbolism of the situations you find yourself in. Be mindful of the difference between information and wisdom and seek to develop the latter.

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