Horoscopes for the New Moon in Leo

The New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Leo is exact August 11th at 5:57 A.M. EST

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The Sabian symbol for 18 degrees Leo is:

A chemist conducts an experiment for his students


Rudhyar suggests this symbol is, at its best, an expression of alchemy seen through one man who, having inherited the knowledge of generations before him, continues the process of man’s mastery over nature and contributes his own efforts to future generations through teaching and demonstrating an experimental feat, one whose success is founded on a serious of past efforts, failures and fine-tuning.

This progress, possibility, future vision, trial + error + achievement and closeness to our contribution is likely something that’s been a little more difficult to access during this period of Mars retrograde. Although it may not feel like we are able to push very far, we all require a gentle reminder at this time that the work we’ve been doing is important, valuable, and most importantly, is going somewhere great.

Leo says we can only self-realize inside of the honest expression of our true nature. Once we peel away the layers of conditioning to understand what our true essential nature looks like, we begin the task of weaving our way through the outside world while doing our best to honour what it is that we’ve come into contact with when we feel that soul connection and authenticity. As we work with this current Mercury retrograde period (Mercury turns direct August 19th), it is very important that we remind ourselves what it looks like to exist inside an uninterrupted space of truth, both internally and in our dealings with the outer world. As Mercury is our reasoning faculty, in the sign of Leo, this retrograde period asks how we reason with our inner truth, connected as it is so profoundly to our process of self-realization.

As the partial solar eclipse in Leo closes the series of eclipses that have taken off over the past 28 day lunar cycle, the question of Leo values as they relate to personal truth becomes even more crucial to consider.

One of the flower essence used to temper Leo energies is Vervain. It is useful for those individuals whose entire being feels electrically aligned to a particular goal, belief system, or mission towards self-realization, which leaves their body + mind full of tension, and creates in them the desire to stimulate everyone around them into full commitment to their vision, sometimes to the point of pressuring their points of view onto others. This is obviously an extreme (imbalanced) expression of Leo energies, polarized into a Vervain state. However, it does offer us clues as to what kind of approach is called for by the self-possessed Leo individual. At the core of this state is a certain relationship to personal truth, accompanied with the realization that one has to act upon that truth in order to materialize from without what he perceives within. This brings us to the reasoning faculty of the mind, and how it either contributes to or interrupts the process of genuine self-expression.

Naturally, as the inner messenger who swings between the soul and mind nature (Sun + Moon, respectively), Mercury has a great task of uniting feeling and thought, riding the balance point between idealism and rationalism, and allowing the soul (Sun) to express through a comfortable + stable emotional state (Moon). So when this planet goes retrograde, we are forced to take account of how well we are able to harness these processes in our own lives, and how they then affect our decision- making and ability to communicate with those around us.

This particular retrograde period, accompanied with the energies this eclipse is pulling in, puts a lot of pressure on our ability to take ownership of our truth in all domains: spiritual, mental, emotional and action-based.

When our reasoning faculty is functioning well, we are non-reactive (based on our ability to reflect on a situation), and are able to communicate and decision make from a place of trust in our own judgment/ability to intuitively delineate the best course of action in a particular circumstance. When we are emotionally-dominant without good reason, we tend to overreact, take things very personally, and come at life from the isolative ego, which believes in its own narrative of supreme importance/comfort-protection. When we over-reason, or compensate for those who are reactive around us, we tend to have an instinctual/intuitive response to something and yet ignore or overthink our initial approach to the point that we end up in a state that feels disconnected from our true nature. Oftentimes when we act on this overly rationalized approach, we end up hurting ourselves or others without intending to do so, because we are being dishonest. During this moon, it is useful to reflect on where you fall along the axis of reason in order to gage how well your Mercury is guiding your mindset + decision-making process.

What’s important to recognize is that, as the unitive force between Moon + Sun, Mercury is especially related to our ability to express our Sun/true nature, this planet being the natural ruler of Leo. In Leo, we are graced with the natural tendency to take up space and allow ourselves to exist, as we are, without fearing what our honest approach will stimulate in others. How can we all come into a balanced yet powerful state of honest expression, asks this eclipse. Remember that as the opposing polarity of Aquarius, we need this unashamed ownership of our personal truth in order to better ourselves, our communities and our planet Earth.

Remember that your truth is divine and God-given. Expression of it will only contribute to your growth, and you are divinely asked to make a contribution to the world in reflection of that truth.

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If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.


Aries and Aries Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your fifth house of creativity, self-expression and romance, Aries. There is much energy waiting to be harnessed in the realm of your creative world and how apt you are to be playful and radiant in your self-expression at this time. As a fire sign, these domains are generally not too unfamiliar to you. What you may ask yourself is where do you compromise your authenticity to fit in, or mistrust your own path based on a comparison with others?


Taurus and Taurus Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your fourth house of family, home and your deepest emotional needs, Taurus. There is much energy waiting to be harnessed around how you take care of yourself to ensure a grounded and secure emotional state that feels stable and becomes the foundation for your self-expression and community involvement. How can you be more honest with yourself and others about what your deepest needs are?


Gemini and Gemini Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your third house of communication, learning and writing, Gemini. This is your natural house of the zodiac so these processes are very familiar to you. How accurately are you able to express your truth through these creative acts? When do you favour surface exchanges with the outside world in order to stay safe? Tap into your vulnerability to release what is most authentic about you and share it with others.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your second house of finances, resources and self-worth, Cancer. There is much energy waiting to be harnessed in the realm of your relationship to finances and how they affect your feeling of worthiness. As the opposing polarity of Capricorn, you have the shadow of this sign energy within you and crave a certain amount of security in life. Ask yourself whether you are seeking this feeling from outside sources in order to realize the foundation of the feeling you seek is actually in your spiritual relationship to your own worthiness outside any material or financial circumstance.


Leo and Leo Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your first house of self-discovery and independent action, Leo. It may bring about the question of how you express what you understand about yourself through your appearance and the self-initiated projects you undertake. Source your authenticity from within and radiate it outward. Don’t focus too much on the reflection of yourself through the eyes of others for validation. You are unique and remarkable, and need to develop your ability to see your own worth first and recognize this as the ultimate validation.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your twelfth house of spirituality, withdrawn self-reflection and healing, Virgo. You are a creature who loves the feeling of being busy + immersed in the functions of the day to day and the outside world. This moon comes as a reminder of the importance of balancing these natural tendencies with a more withdrawn, reflective and spiritual approach. The twelfth house is the natural house of your opposing sign, Pisces. You may ask yourself: what aspects of my spirituality reflect my experiential + honest journey, and which are based on my desire to express perfectionism in all areas of my life? 


Libra and Libra Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your eleventh house of long-term goals, community and visionary ideals, Libra. There is much energy to be harnessed in this area of your life at this time. How authentic and sincere is your contribution to the whole? How do you enrich your communities with your skillset and ability to bring people from all different walks of life together? Reflect on your friendships and recognize that others can sense when you are being insincere or choosing not to invest. Remedy this by being more selective about your peers, and by being more honest about who you connect with most.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your tenth house of career, life purpose and public recognition, Scorpio. There is much energy to be harnessed in this area of your life, as you are asked to redefine elements of how you are pursuing your ultimate life goals and desires. This house is naturally ruled by Capricorn, and by extension Saturn, and requires that you take greater author-ity over this area of your life. Find greater authenticity in the way you author your approach to your career.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your ninth house of belief systems, teaching and long-distance travel, Sagittarius. This is your natural house in the zodiac wheel, and so these themes are very familiar to you. There is much energy to be harnessed in achieving a more authentic and honest approach to the way you engage with these areas of your life. Are you able to communicate your beliefs to others in a way that uplifts them and expands their mindset? Have you been honouring your own need to experience life in a broad and multifaceted way? See where fear of being seen for you who really are constrains your personal expression.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your eighth house of endings, transformation and personal power, Capricorn. This is not an easy area of life in which to integrate the energies of an eclipse, but your ability to surrender to the process will make it much more straightforward than trying to resist what may feel like an emotionally overwhelming time. You are being asked to tune into what emotional reactions and thought patterns limit your authentic expression in the outside world. What patterns contribute to your destruction rather than to your creative expression? This is a fruitful time to release and heal.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your seventh house of partnership, Aquarius. This house contains both intimate/marriage partnership as well as business relationships and close friendships. How authentic is your personal expression within this realm of your experience? Are you honest about your vision, feelings and experiences with those who you hold most dear + near, or work with in the context of business? Reassess and redefine your attitude to these areas of your life in order to attract more of what you truly want.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

This solar eclipse falls in your sixth house of health, daily routines and work, Pisces. This is the natural house of your opposing sign energy, Virgo, and is generally an area of life that you may struggle with. There is much energy to be harnessed in your ability to bring a fresh approach to your organizational skills and to recognize in what way structure can help you better express your true self and be more honest in the world. As you are the most receptive sign of the zodiac, you sometimes default to remaining in the background, but it’s time you apply your personal efficiency in work and daily ritual in order to come out more strongly as an strong individual in your own right.

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