Horoscopes for the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

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The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius is exact July 27th at 4:20 P.M. EST

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The Sabian symbol for 4 degrees Aquarius is:

A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers


This is incredibly meaningful in relation to the axis of Leo–Aquarius, and to the importance of Aquarian energies/processes as reflected in this new Age of Aquarius. This point is further driven home by the presence of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, sitting in a T-square with Sun + Moon at the time of the eclipse and in the days leading up to and winding down from the Full Moon.

The axis of Leo-Aquarius demands that the process of individuation be taken on boldly by each person in their lifetime. Leo says we must unashamedly explore our creative gifts and express what separates us from the rest and Aquarius takes that unique, authentic energy and brings it to the collective as medicine. The Yogi who is able to heal others has himself undertaken the journey of self-realization and ego-shedding, which has enabled him to hold this space for others and guide their own journeys of liberation. The importance of this work is in the Aquarian commitment to one’s personal ideal self through responsibility and awareness, which is the only way we can come together as a collective, honouring the Aquarian ideals that are necessary to rebuild our relationship to ourselves, each other and to the Earth. These ideals center around personal freedom, the right to individuation and the embrace of personal gifts + talents, expression of soul over expression of ego, working with detachment appropriately in order to gain positive control over the emotional landscape, the application of technology to assist and alleviate the woes of the collective, and working responsibly in business to bring up standards of living for those who are currently impoverished and unable to share their gifts with humanity because of their material circumstance (to name a few).

In the sign of Leo we explore self-control, strength, and overcoming the animal nature of the lower three energy centres/chakras in order to enter the spiritual truth and awareness of the upper head centres via the gateway of the heart, which Leo rules in medical astrology. This sign desires to be the king of his own kingdom, and realizes that in order to do this one cannot be at the mercy of his lower nature, which is often selfish, cruel and ego-driven. This is also the meaning of the Strength card in the Tarot, which teaches us that personal strength comes with our ability to live courageously from the heart centre, in line with the values of generosity and love for our fellow human beings. The process that Leo achieves in the heart is then taken to the extremities of the body through the circulatory and nervous system, both ruled by the sign of Aquarius and both symbolizing the contribution we as individuals are destined to make to the collective. The responsibility that Aquarius feels to share his vision through this contribution is in line with his idealistic desire to melt away the illusions of material reality so that humanity can live in a utopian and liberated state of being. Here we see the symbolism of the Star card in the Tarot, where the water bearer enlightens by way of her light, connection to the divine, and positive outlook for the future of mankind.

It is Aquarius’ rebellious nature (thanks to the rulership of Uranus, trickster of the solar system) that allows this sign to innately question the norm and envision a better way of living and being. It’s the simple act of questioning that opens one up to a new world paradigm, and this sign carries with it the flavour of having been to the future and bringing back a vision of utopia that is possible if all of humanity was to honour the values of integrity, equality, freedom, permission to radiate, and to believe in the ideal as being the most probable outcome.

Where can you bring the process of self-realization and collective contribution into greater fruition in your life? How can you honour your personal journey of liberation in awareness that your commitment to humanitarian values and personal integrity is beneficial for all your fellow brothers and sisters in this human family? Embrace the light of your personal vision and move steadfastly towards it in recognition that your destiny is not for yourself alone but is built to enrich the whole of life. 


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The following horoscopes indicate the key axis of tension that the eclipse is awakening for each sign, so that we may be more mindful and work towards resolution of the deep emotions that are likely to surface in reaction to eclipse energies:


Aries and Aries Rising

This eclipse illuminates your desire for self-realization through creative expression, making it clear that this enables your ability to make a contribution to the collective or within a community of like-minded individuals. Honour your need to shamelessly self-express and see what kinds of people you attract through the radiance of what is uniquely yours. 


Taurus and Taurus Rising

Be mindful of the balance between your home life and career at this time. Any conflicts that arise from too great an investment in one area over the other will be obvious and have a deep impact on your ability to feel grounded and emotionally stable. Source your strength by working with what triggers your consciously and actively to release its medicine.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

You are being asked to unify your rational mind and higher knowledge at this time in order to allow spiritual concepts to inform your day to day life. Expressing your ideas through written or verbal communication will allow you to concretize how your dynamic mind can best be put to use, for yourself and for others. 


 Cancer and Cancer Rising

This time provokes your tensions around finances and self-worth, and questions whether your current attitude towards money empowers or disempowers your inner experience. Recognize that the power of your potential is limitless and not determined by outer material circumstances. Work with your triggers consciously to unlock their medicine. 


Leo and Leo Rising

This eclipse stirs up the balance between self and relationships. What is the healthy expression of a life that honours the need for harmony in all relationships but also is able to stand firmly inside of one’s individuality and have all relationships mirror back that feeling of authenticity?


Virgo and Virgo Rising

You are being asked to look into deep inner spiritual crevices to find out where your oldest subconscious patterns may move you into the experience of self-sabotage or victimization. Work through the body and grounding rituals that support your health to source the answers to your deepest questions from within.


Libra and Libra Rising

This eclipse accents the tension between your ability to feel a part of a greater community of like-minded individuals based on your sense of contribution to this collective. How much of this depends on your ability to freely engage in a shameless act of self-expression and personal creativity?


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

If you are ready and willing to accept the shadow self that is being unveiled, this period brings breakthroughs around the balance of your career with your deepest emotional needs. How do you honour your deepest needs and desires through your work while remaining emotionally balanced and nourished?


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Moon asks you to reflect on what you have learned and the experiences that have brought you personal expansion in order to organize this knowledge in a way that can be easily communicated in order to teach others and enrich their lives. How can your way of understanding the world be of service to others?


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This eclipse stirs up your sense of emotional security and safety through questioning your relationship to finances, both personal and shared. Where are you losing your power because of a lack of trust and an attachment to outer world success or accumulation of wealth/possessions as your only markers of inner satisfaction?


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This period of time puts pressure on your ability to balance your singular journey of self-knowledge and self-initiated action with your commitment and involvement in personal relationships. How do the relationships in your life nurture or detract from your experience of personal authenticity and genuine expression of your passions?


Pisces and Pisces Rising

This eclipse brings challenges around your ability to remain focused and organized in your day to day tasks in order to enable your necessary retreat into reverie and reflectiveness when needed. How well do you support your spiritual journey with a grounded and ritualistic approach to what needs to be done in the outside world?

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