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Pretty much, yeah.

Pretty much, yeah.

My love for JB was actually born out of my studies in astrology, as his natal chart was particularly intriguing for me in my early days of studying celeb charts. The first thing I thought when I saw his chart was how much it reflected his strength in building and maintaining personal relationships. I realized that he was able to achieve his current level of fame and success primarily out of his ability to connect with people and sustain harmonious relationships. This can easily be seen by his primary three placements in Pisces (Sun), Libra (Moon) and Scorpio (Ascendant), and by his exalted Venus in Pisces which makes harmonious contacts to 5 other placements in his chart. In short, Biebs has a strong expression of universal love in his incarnation, which is why he has been able to so successfully unite people from all over the world, and with the release of Purpose, music fans from across all genres.

For your reading pleasure, I'm going to share my astro insights into what JB's chart says about his person. Enjoy getting to know the Biebs a bit better!

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Sun in Pisces conjunct Saturn in the 3rd house trine Jupiter in the 12th

Pisces is the last stop on the astrological wheel. It is a sign of spirituality, release, and new beginnings. In its highly evolved form, Pisces is the saviour (Christ) who serves humanity's spiritual needs and fulfills the final phase of the cycle of consciousness, achieving enlightenment and fully merging with his soul nature/heavenly Father, the Divine. Pisces accomplishes this feat through devotion to a cause, a strongly compassionate and malleable nature, and the ability to transmute life experiences into wisdom through a search for their inherent spiritual meaning. Positively, this sign energy is known for its creative imagination and awareness of the interconnected nature of all life, and is arguably the most sensitive of all zodiac signs. There is certainly no shortage of the Piscean energy when it comes to iconic musicians- some examples being Elvis Presley (Moon in Pisces), Micheal Jackson (Moon in Pisces), and Prince (Moon in Pisces).

In the third house, naturally ruled by Gemini, JB's Piscean Sun is coloured by Geminian qualities. Here, we have a love for interaction with the environment expressed through learning, socializing, and communication. Early in his career, Biebs was big into social media and was able to form strong bonds with his fans through his openness over social media platforms. Combined with his 11th house Libra Moon, there exists a strong desire, ability and willingness to openly connect with people from all walks of life. However, his third house Sun alongside a Mars-Mercury conjunction may also provoke a feeling of restlessness, or idealism towards the next adventure that awaits around the corner. This can bring on an intense desire for stimulation, which when combined with a Piscean Sun can create an escapist kind of longing for novelty and excitement.

In his interview with GQ in 2016, Biebs admits to using Adderall as an energy boost for his days, as he suffers from difficulty sleeping at night (insomnia is a common manifestation for a Scorpio Rising with a stressed Mercury in the chart), however had to stop taking the drug because it was giving him anxiety, although he otherwise “really enjoyed it.” Drug use and addiction patterns tend to accompany the combination of Scorpio-Pisces in the natal chart, although for these individuals it is a sometimes-necessary ill to explore the depths of the subconscious and work through the process of empowerment and transformation through their power struggles with a substance. Thankfully, a Sun-Saturn conjunction provokes Justin’s need to take responsibility for his mistakes and keeps him accountable to his actions. When combined with his Piscean Sun, it pressures him to accept humility as a way of being.

His Sun also makes a contact to Jupiter, the planet of optimism, generosity, growth and expansion, which is positioned in his twelfth house. Jupiter in the 12th is a beautifully positioned planet and tells us something about where Bieber finds his true joy and experiences the most growth in life. The twelfth house is the echo of Piscean energy and represents the most abstract area of life experiences. It is the archetypal consciousness, the spiritual fabric of reality, and the ecstatic connection to the heavens found through profound sexual expression. Here we see the more withdrawn side of the Biebs, who despite his fame most certainly requires privacy (Scorpio rising, Sun in Pisces, Jupiter in the 12th house) and cherishes personal solitude and his connection to the Divine (this is obvious in any interview where Justin talks about his connection to Christ and God).

Another reflection of the Sun's major contacts to Jupiter (trine) and Saturn (conjunction) is the fact that Justin seemed to mature so quickly. This combination left him ready to grow and ripe for expansion, both in the realms of consciousness and in the grounded experience of traveling all over the world (Jupiter), and yet gave him the dedication to his work and pressure to achieve self-mastery in the face of all the success coming his way (Saturn). The interplay of these planets gives a nice dose of both joyful enthusiasm for new experiences (Jupiter) and the need to reflect and digest what one has experienced so that it can be transformed into knowledge (Saturn).

North Node in the 12th house

The Lunar Nodes are a karmic axis indicative of past life points of focus (South Node) and lesser developed areas belonging to this lifetime that are now seeking active attention  (North Node). With the North Node in the 12th house, Justin is being asked to develop the most spiritual of qualities in his life journey: unconditional love, endless compassion, non-attachment to material goods, mastery of the emotional landscape and an awareness of energetic archetypes. The other side to this node is the tendency to play saviour in the lives of others, feeling the pressure to save those who have a hard time dealing with the difficulties of life (this is also the shadow of the Piscean mystic/healer energy). This is one of many aspects in his chart that drives Justin into exploring spiritual practice (currently through his involvement with Christianity and the church) and will have him craving solitude to recharge from his draining role as the saviour/victim (twelfth house!) of the public. 

Moon in Libra in the 11th house squaring Uranus and Neptune in the 2nd

The Moon in Libra is suggestive of a personality nature that is diplomatic, charming and fond of equality and harmony as guiding principles in all relationships. In an interview with Oprah when he was 18, Biebs said he wanted to be married by the time he was 25- this is definitely a reflection of his Libran Moon! However, in the 11th house and squaring Uranus, this moon in Libra needs a lot of freedom to act independently and can be selfish and unpredictable in its ways. This aspect may manifest in a way where JB's Libran preference for peace and harmony leads him to be passive and uncommunicative (in order to avoid conflict) while still feeling stubbornly entitled to act in the name of personal freedom in order to remain true to his needs (Uranus).

One of the principle aspects of tension between Selena Gomez and Justin’s charts is a T-square involving both of their Moons and Uranus. This gives us an indication that a lot of unpredictability and change accompanies their relationship, and that they provoke one another’s desire to seek freedom from bondage at times, while also stimulating a lot of intense emotion in one another (both of their Suns fall in each other’s eighth houses). Finding the perfect balance between intense fusion and non-attachment is definitely no easy feat, as their relationship has revealed over the years.

The square between Justin’s Moon and Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) suggests a pronounced sensitivity to energy, as the emotional nature becomes highly attuned to other people’s suffering. In 2016, Justin decided to stop doing meet and greets with his fans because he felt that their “spiritual energy is draining.” This is a perfect reflection of his combined placements of the Sun in Pisces, North Node in the twelfth house, and Moon square Neptune.

Scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct the Ascendant

Scorpio is a sign associated with intensity and sexuality. It craves deep intimacy with others and does not stand for superficial interactions. Alongside Justin's Pisces Sun and Libra moon, this Scorpionic quality is given a bit of room to breathe, as both these signs are extremely sociable. Nonetheless, inside the experience of a Scorpio rising grounded in his power, the inner emotional landscape is rich and deep. The essence of Scorpio's journey is purification. It is another sign of release, most notably the release of destructive, conditioned emotional responses that are no longer serving the journey towards unconditional love of the self and others. This is obviously one of the most difficult areas of life, and is why the sign energy is so misunderstood. Scorpio carries a distinctly transformative quality, and Scorpio rising inhabits the power of transformation within the self that can then serve to transform others. The meaning of this rising sign is doubly intensified for Justin by the conjunction of the sign's ruler (Pluto) with the Ascendant (in Scorpio). Here, the shadow is fully explored and conquered through knowing and accepting one’s faults and fears so they can be integrating into his being.

The most negative manifestation of this energy creates a reclusive, emotionally charged individual who, as a result of feeling powerless, resists the necessary changes he is being pushed to undergo and instead feeds destructive behaviours and toxic relationships. Positively, there is a kind of indestructible quality to one's connection to personal power, as though no matter what the outside circumstance, there is emotional stability and awareness of one's potential to be reborn. When Justin accidentally hit a paparazzo with his truck in 2017, he remains super calm and grounded in his interaction with everyone involved at the scene. Even though people were trying to set him off, he stayed fully centered in his power. 

Venus in Pisces conjunct the IC and beautifully aspected

Justin's Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces and positively aspects 5 other planets in the chart from his fourth house of home life and emotional roots. This is a true blessing, as this means he is grounded in self-love and his ability to find emotional fulfillment within himself first. This Venus is also indicative of many creative talents, especially those that are conceptual in nature (such as music or dance). The Biebs is a guy who likes to nurture others and is naturally aware of their deepest needs. He is also attracted to women who embody these qualities (note- Selena Gomez is a Sun in Cancer, the sign energy echoed by the 4th house, not to mention the Piscean qualities she exhibits through her Sun in the twelfth house). A positively aspected fourth house also suggests that JB's early home environment was experienced as safe and loving, and with Venus conjunct the IC, Bieber's approach to relationships has been largely influenced by his mother and his early conditioning. With this aspect, he will always value family in life.

7 water planets (including the Ascendant) 

This bb is all water. The water signs are the ones most connected to the emotional journey that has to be undertaken in order to achieve an open exchange of unconditional love with our surroundings, and for this reason they embody the ultimate spiritual journey, or journey towards moksha (enlightenment). The lessons we learn through the emotional landscape and our need to bond or fuse with others and our surroundings are ultimately the ones that carry us towards understanding how to live in the open exchange of love and connect fully to everyone and everything around us. There is much of this journey in Justin. 

Beliebers and non-Beliebers: 

Love yourself and live with purpose!

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