Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Virgo

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The Full Moon at 11 degrees Virgo will be exact on March 1st at 7:51 P.M. ET

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The Sabian symbol for 11 degrees Virgo is:

In her baby a mother sees her deep longing for a son answered.

Rudhyar’s interpretation of this symbol is extremely complex, but in essence speaks to the process of creative manifestation, as well as the process of focused individuation out of a sea of potentialities. There is here a nod to the fact that before an idea exists in physical manifestation, it must first exist as an idea-seed, and the more focused and clear our visualization of that seed, the more likely it will come into fruition. However, the process of birthing our seed requires that we accept our role as co-creators with the universe, working our will into the will of divine interest and seeking divine blessing in all our endeavours.

Curiously, the narrative of the Christ child being born from the Virgin Mary is taken from the dynamic of the two sign energies that are in opposition during this Full Moon: Virgo and Pisces. The meaning behind Mary’s being a virgin impregnated by the divine spirit is twofold (likely even more but for our purposes, two is enough): first, it is a symbol of her purity. Using this keyword of purity, we can also better understand the energy of Virgo, which requires purity in diet, relation and lifestyle in order to maintain physical well-being, as in Virgo the body becomes a strong messenger for the body-mind-spirit trinity. Secondly, Mary’s symbolic impregnation by the holy spirit also relates to the planet Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, which resides in the throat chakra of man, and when fully balanced and functional is regularly impregnated by divine inspiration. This is an important creative centre, in that the word of God was the first creative force to send our universe into manifestation, and is ultimately a reflection of our ability to do the same thing through a focused, efficient (Virgo!) channelling of our creative will towards the divinely supported materialization of our vision, which is ideally used in service to the whole of humanity. Our ability to draw creative inspiration through the throat chakra and relay it to feed our vision through Kriyashakti, the power of focused visualization and energetic alignment, likewise illustrates a healthy rapport between the throat and third eye chakras especially.

This contemplation eventually brings us to the energy of Pisces, the world Server, who must draw from his compassion, humility and rich background of experiences to assist humanity, most often moving the collective towards a more spiritual and loving understanding of life and of one another, as Christ, the ultimate Piscean archetype, also did. Virgo births the Christ child as a symbol of how piety and purity allow us entrance into the spiritual realm of understanding ourselves, others and reality itself. Which brings us to the Sabian symbol for 11 degrees Pisces, where the Sun will sit in opposition to the Full Moon:

Men travelling down a narrow path, seeking illumination.

This speaks to the role of Piscean energy, as the last sign of the zodiac, in spiritually mobilizing us towards seeking a transcendent knowing of reality. As there are will be 5 planets in Pisces at the time of this Moon, understanding this sign energy is integral to working with the energies dominating the skies at this time. Alongside this, during this Moon the Sun is in a conjunction with Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces. There is certainly much potential here for us to use our ideas and ideals to create fertile grounds for future manifestation. The most important question guiding the watering of this creative seed should center around whether the fruition of these ideals would be beneficial for more than just us as individuals: rather would it in some way be of service to the greater whole. No solely self-serving desire will be met during this time, unless it is absolutely necessary for the process of individuation, which has a later contract to bring one’s attention back outward to the whole of humanity. Again, we must understand our role as co-creators with the Divine, and invite in the ever-present universal guidance to assist us with whatever it is we are trying to birth.

For those who are not used to navigating energies that are so subtle and yet filled with such immense pressure to perfect one’s self in the name of service, this time period can be confusing and create the desire to withdraw or self-sabotage due to the unknown forces that seem to be intervening in one’s plans. Remember that if the heightened emotional sensitivity of this time makes it difficult to do tangible work that creates an immediate feeling of gratification, it is useful to instead focus on spiritual development, and coming more in tune with the reality of the universe as one interconnected being, of which you are a part. This time is ripe for healing, release of stuck and stagnant emotions that are creating suffering, and even working with psychedelics in a mindful and spiritual way can be immensely uplifting and revealing at this time. Mars, our inner warrior/will, is still currently struggling against the currents of Neptune, as he has been since the solar eclipse in Aquarius, so the time for strongly applied energy has not yet arrived, although as Mercury and Venus move onto Aries on March 6th, we are coming closer to that point of mobilized inner force. For now, the sky is all water, and we can use this intuitive, feeling based time to water our creative seeds and uplift them with spiritual integrity and grounded intuition.

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If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.

Aries and Aries Rising

This Full Moon falls in your sixth house of daily ritual, health and work, Aries. There is a question here of how efficient and focused you are able to be in terms of your daily work, and how fully your daily rituals are nurturing a more spiritual perspective on your reality. Are you working solely with the rational side of your being or are you able to tune into your role as a player in the divine orchestration that is your life? If you find yourself feeling ill or needing more time alone to withdraw and reflect, recognize that this need is fuel for your spiritual growth and should not be resisted. Any period of illness you come into is a potent opportunity for release of behavioural, emotional, and mental patterns of relating to the world around you, and since the twelfth house is involved these are likely ancestral inheritances. Embrace the potential for healing that this period brings and recognize it is purifying by nature.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fifth house of creativity, romance and self-expression, Taurus. Curiously, this is an axis in the wheel that is largely centered around individuation, and yet it is being emphasized in this time of developing humility and being of service to others. You may find these two aspects of yourself pushing and pulling a bit, finding it easier to be spiritually in tune with your vision at some points and at others having a more difficult time grasping the lesson that is to be learnt from sacrificing your self-interest for the sake of others. Maintaining strength of character and integrity while being in the mode of the giver requires well-defined boundaries and a solid sense of who you are. Reflect on these areas if you are finding this time difficult!


Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fourth house of your deepest emotional needs and home life, Gemini. This axis is emphasizing your work-life balance, and suggests the importance of self-care practices even and especially when we are busy doing outer world things in the name of the growth of our career and life purpose. Do not get too absorbed in seeking external validation of your worth through the amount of work you are doing. Although you may soon be coming upon many opportunities to flourish in your work life, it is important not to lose sight of the benefits of time spent at home and actively processing your experiences. If you find yourself going too far into one extreme, come back to center. Taking care of yourself properly will give more space for your creative ideas to bloom.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon falls in your third house of communication and learning, Cancer. Now is an important time to reflect on how your belief system informs your ability to communicate with others in a way that solidifies the wisdom you have developed from your many life experiences. You may reflect on lessons learned from your travels to faraway places during this time, understanding how they have strengthened and informed your spiritual gnosis. There is much mental activity and a craving to expand coming in right now, and this may be hard to integrate with the essentially diffuse and pious energies of Pisces season. Store up your energies with patience and purpose, their time to emerge is coming.


Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your second house of finances, personal resources and self-worth, Leo. This period is likely challenging certain aspects of the way you handle money, and what you feel you deserve in exchange for your skills and talents. Use the intuitive nature of this period to navigate which inner voice is motivated by love and which one is motivated by fear, and recognize the connection between your financial state and your sense of inner personal power. As all 5 planets in Pisces move through your 8th house of release and transformation, you may find yourself shedding new light on what emotional, mental and behavioural patterns are causing you the most grief and are actively draining your power center. Be thankful for these insights rather than getting angry, and honour the potent energies of release at this time in order to shed negative patterns and emerge reborn in reconnection to your sense of personal power.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your first house of the self and self-motivated action, Virgo. Your servile nature combined with your desire to maintain peace and harmony with others may stimulate your self-sacrificial tendencies during this time, so be aware of maintaining strong boundaries while continuing to allow the exchange of unconditional love with your surroundings. This period is urging you to achieve greater balance in your relationships. Whatever relationships in your life are essentially draining your energy and interrupting your ability to be fully you and fully authentic will seem even more taxing, while the friendships you have that assist the fruition and expression of your true self will stand out as deeply harmonious and nurturing. Use this barometer to balance how well you are honouring your need for alone time and personal freedom with your desire to connect to others.


Libra and Libra Rising

This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house of spiritual service and growth, Libra. It emphasizes the need to work with a mindfulness practice in your day-to-day rituals. Are you taking good care of your body, mind and spirit?  Your body is particularly sensitive at this time as 5 planets transit your sixth house of health, so any imbalance is likely to show up through a period of physical dis-ease. There is much to be harnessed if you find yourself in this situation, as there is a notably purifying effect that whatever sickness you’re dealing with will have on the rest of your being. You may find it necessary to withdraw from the outer world for a time in order to sort out the messages the body is trying to communicate. Embrace the healing potential of this time and be grateful to your body for its efforts to maintain good health so that you can do live your best life.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eleventh house of community and long-term goals, Scorpio. It might feel like it hasn’t been super easy to pick up momentum in carrying out a lot of tangible goals and plans; however, your creative vision and intuitive landscape is highly stimulated at this time, so you can enjoy the burst of imaginative energy this carries with it. It’s really a period for reaping the benefits of past work and just enjoying yourself through creative self-expression. As a fixed water sign, you are better able to handle the intense emotions and psychedelic waves that go with this time period so use this energy to your advantage to stimulate your intuition and self-reflection.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your tenth house of career and life purpose, Sagittarius. With 5 planets in your fourth house of deepest emotional needs and home life, however, there is emphasis being placed on balancing these two aspects of your life. We all know how ambitious and ready for a challenge you are, but are you keeping your inner world well-tended to as you readily conquer the outside world? Nourishing yourself brings more security and radiance to your being, and will attract more opportunities in the outside world. Make sure your self-care practices are at the top of your list at this time in order to take advantage of the emotional strength they will provide you.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon falls in your ninth house of belief systems and higher learning, Capricorn. With 5 planets in your third house of communication and rational thought, you are being asked to achieve a balance with the rational and intuitive aspects of the mind. Likely, you are often a bit on the side of the rational, requiring structure and purpose to inform your understanding of the world; however, Pisces season demands a different kind of world perspective that is rooted in the spiritual and unseen elements of reality. It is fruitful for you to feed your optimism at this time and nourish your understanding of the interconnected universe as being essentially supportive of your needs and self-realization. Communicate your ideas to friends and neighbours to see how your wisdom can inform your day-to-day interactions and experiences- you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eighth house of transformation, endings and emotional release, Aquarius. There is much potential for deep healing to be harnessed at this time, although the ride might involve a few mini-crises points along the way. Some fruitful questions to ask yourself at this time involve the distribution of your energy as it relates to power: where are you losing power and where do you feel you are being strengthened? Is there an aspect of your financial situation or sense of self-worth that is affecting your ability to feel empowered and if so how you can shift your limiting beliefs around these areas to bring in more abundance and strengthen your ability to feel grounded in your power no matter what the outside circumstances? Once you internalize that there is no limit to your potential because you are connected to the divine power that created this universe, things will seem a lot clearer.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon falls in your seventh house of marriage and partnership, Pisces. You are being asked to seek balance in the defining dance of self vs. others. Right now you are probably more eager to rely on your self-sufficiency and focus on your personal projects and passions; however, it’s important that at this time you take stock of the relationships in your life to see how they measure up. As this is your astrological season, you are likely feeling connected to your authentic self, and this is good. When analyzing your relationships ask yourself if you are able to express that authentic self around your nearest and dearest. Do your true feelings about a situation sometimes get lost because of your desire to compromise and maintain harmony in your relationships? Or maybe your need to withdraw and protect yourself can sometimes get in the way of nourishing the relationships you do have in your life that are necessary for your growth and joy? Spend some time during this Full Moon meditating on these subjects. 

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