Horoscopes for the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

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The Partial Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius will be exact at 4:05 P.M. ET on Thursday, February 15th.

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The Sabian symbol for 27 degrees Aquarius is:

An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s take on this symbol is as follows: “[here] we see pictured the dependence of the purest feelings of natural living upon the traditions within which they find their most adequate and effective setting. It is a symbol for the delicacy of feeling. In the symbol, the flora of the natural world meets the manmade pottery bowl, crafted through the creative Yang spirit and perfected through tradition, as a vessel for the beauty of the violets. Rudhyar also suggests the symbol of violets is connected to modesty and humility, values that he associates to the Yin polarity of being. In this sense, the theme of fully embracing Yin energy in balance with Yang continues from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. In the symbol’s emphasis on the natural world and the craftsmanship of the bowl, we are asked to slow down and feed our inner creativity in order to more fully admire the beauty and truth provided us by the simple and perfect creations of the natural world.

The flower essence for Violet is used to help tune us into the stillness of our being, moving us more fully into self-acceptance and self-nourishment. With the help of this maternal energy, we learn to differentiate between alone-ness and loneliness. Water Violet is another flower essence that is beneficial for tempering the isolative tendencies of a self-sufficient/independent individual, allowing them to feel freer in reaching out to others and more able to connect on a heart-centered level. Curiously, this is the flower used for balancing Aquarian energy, where three planets and the south node are falling during this Moon. The message in these floral allies is to take the time needed to tune into ourselves. The axis of Leo-Aquarius is largely focused on coming into our unique point of singularity in the world, in other words fully embracing who we came here to be through accepting and exploring all that is needed to make that person come into fruition. However, we must do this in a balanced way, taking the time that is needed to connect to those who love us and support us alongside our quest for self-realization.

As this lunar eclipse is in a conjunction with the South node of karmic release, reorientation and letting go of attachments and old & outworn ways of being is central to the integration of these energies. However, the overall atmosphere of this moon does not make it easy to find a clear path in how we are supposed to achieve this release we are individually being called to. A square between Neptune and Mars taunts our inner warrior to surrender completely to Divine will, while Jupiter, the planet of faith and expansion, comes into a square with Mercury, the Sun and the Moon, which are all in a conjunction during this time. Although we may crave growth and movement during this time, we are being called to be mindful of excesses and to instead practice humility and modesty, the virtues of the Violet, in order to find a graceful way into this new chapter. Likely, not much is coming to fruition at this time, but rather it’s time to focus inward on what the seeds you are intending to plant are going to bring forth. The energy of faith and optimism may not be as easy to access, and frustration may be present in reaction to this slow-down; the only way to cope is to give up the reins to the Divine and foster your trust in divine timing and flow.    

Luckily, this eclipse’s close conjunction with Mercury means that the world of ideas and communication is being emphasized, so we have the opportunity to access and channel Divine wisdom at this time. This will assist us in forming our seeds that will enrich our reorientation with innovative and inspiring ways to bring change to our creative landscape. Mercury itself is the planet of change and can foster a feeling of restlessness, and alongside the sextile to Uranus taking place, our nervous systems are highly sensitive to new information. In short, a ripe creative world can be found by tuning into the landscape of thought: however, release the expectation of any immediate outcome and cultivate faith, trust and patience as you nurture your future seeds of success. Spring is on its way.  

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If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.


Aries and Aries Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your eleventh house of long-term goals, vision and community, Aries. If you feel the presence of shifts inside your extended friend group or with your creative collaborations, consider what changes could be made to fine tune what you are doing so it reflects your vision more clearly. Set your intentions for what ways of relating to your community you would like to release in order for new relationships to grow and new long-term goals to develop. When it comes to your pursuit of the manifestation of your vision, what do you desire to be eclipsed by what? Communicate your intentions of showing up for your personal progress more boldly and more true to who you are.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your tenth house of life purpose and career, Taurus. Have you tuned fully into what your emotional needs are in order to balance your approach to creating progress in your career? Set your intentions for honouring the shifts that need to be made in the area of your career goals, and ask yourself, how am I relating to the outgrowth of what I feel my life purpose is within? If there is something in your approach that requires refining, ask yourself, what behaviour/habit/pattern do I desire to be eclipsed by what in order for my destiny to come more fully into fruition?


Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your ninth house of belief systems and higher education, Gemini. What information have you collected in the last little while that still needs to be filed into its rightful place in the ever-expanding library of your mind? There is some knowledge that needs to be elevated, and made to work your connection to the Divine so your spiritual growth can be nurtured. Are there some subjects that require further pursuit and more dedicated study that could elevate your worldview alongside assisting you to develop a skillset that can be used in service to your fellow human beings? When it comes to your ability to stick with a subject long enough to really work it into a meaningful aspect of your personal perspective, what approach do you want to be eclipsed by what?


Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your eighth house of endings, power struggles and personal transformation, Cancer. What energy has been made to stay inside your shadow over the last little while, and how can you honour its emergence into the forefront of your experience? There is much potential to move into new heights of personal empowerment if the work of integration and acceptance of the shadow self is done. When it comes to your approach to sexuality, shared finances, and your connection to a sense of personal power, what do you desire to see eclipsed by what?


Leo and Leo Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your seventh house of marriage and partnership, Leo. Your relationships have much to reveal to you during this time. Are you able to compromise in order to watch your relationships grow and blossom harmoniously? Relax your desire to remain fixed/rigid in situations that seem to threaten your individuality/identity. Recognize that compromise is not a threat to your self-expression, and is sometimes necessary to stay open and heart-centered. Like an elastic, you can stretch the boundary of who you are in order to more fully embrace connection with others. When it comes to the way you behave in your close relations with others, what do you desire to be eclipsed by what?


Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your sixth house of health, work and daily ritual, Virgo. This is your natural house in the horoscope and is an energy that is very familiar to you. That being said, you are being called to shift some of the ways you approach your need for organization and efficiency in your life. Are you too rigid in your demand for things to be a certain way, so much so that it removes you from the ability to go with the flow and embrace the unexpected? Or are you lacking in discipline and are therefore unable to experience the exalted progress that is natural to your sign energy? When it comes to your work and your lifestyle choices, what do you desire to see eclipsed by what?


Libra and Libra Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your fifth house of creativity, self-expression and family, Libra. When it comes to how freely you take up space and allow yourself to be a figure of influence for others, how do you measure up? Expand on your natural creativity and willingness to harmonize with others in order to step more fully into the freedom of your being. Sometimes it may feel like you are obliged to put in extra effort to make nice with everyone-- now its time to recognize that it is in your very presence to radiate harmony and the ability to compromise, and so you need not give so much of yourself to others. When it comes to how fully you are able to radiate your authenticity in your community and amongst your extended friend group, what patterns of thought and behaviour do you desire to see eclipsed by what?

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your fourth house of home life and your deepest emotional needs, Scorpio. You may feel you are being made aware of how you limit yourself to love and connection by not trusting others fully and remaining inside the safe haven of your self-sufficiency. This house represents the most vulnerable point in our lives in terms of how deeply the energies here affect our sense of security. When it comes to the way you protect your emotional sensitivity, what do you desire to see eclipsed by what? Invite more openness and feed your self-care practices in order to share love with others more fully.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your third house of communication, learning and friends, Sagittarius. Set your intentions for how you would like to ground your knowledge into tangible skills that can be shared with your community. You may feel a shift happening in your neighbourhood or immediate surroundings, and these changes are asking you to refine your approach to how you relate and communicate your knowledge with others. When it comes to you embracing your role as a teacher for others and the strength of your written and spoken word as related to that role, what do you desire to see eclipsed by what?


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your second house of finances, self-worth and personal resources, Capricorn. Set your intentions for how you would like the outside world to reflect your sense of self-worth by inviting more abundance into your life. Remember that abundance is our natural state, and we not only have the ability to manifest abundance but also need to be mindful of not limiting the abundance that is our natural birthright. When it comes to your financial landscape, what do you desire to see eclipsed by what? It’s time to fully honour your worth but without letting rigidity and structure create limitations. Trust more fully that it’s coming.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your first house of the self and self-motivated action, Aquarius. You are likely going to feel the waves of this eclipse period strongly, and they are calling you to work two aspects that you already value very much in yourself: freedom and authenticity. Set your intentions for how you would like to honour your unique way of being, recognizing that the more true you are to yourself, the more your friendships will reflect that truth back to you, and the more relationships you will attract into your life that support and strengthen your unique vision for self-realization. When it comes to how passionately you are accepting and expressing the person you really are, what would like you to see eclipsed by what?


Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your twelfth house of spirituality, isolation and the deep unconscious realm, Pisces. This is your natural house in the horoscope and is a familiar energy to you. There is an aspect of needing to withdraw and make time to nurture your spiritual side and connection to the Divine when this house is involved, especially if you feel that your body has been telling you it’s time to rest or retreat through any form of dis-ease. Set your intentions for how you would like to honour this important aspect of your well being and self-care. When it comes to your spiritual life, what practices and behaviours do you desire to see eclipsed by what?

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