Horoscopes for the Lunar Eclipse in Leo


The Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo will be exact on January 31st at 8:26 A.M. ET


This Eclipse is decidedly special-- it’s happening on the second Full Moon of the month, which makes it a Blue Moon, and is a total lunar eclipse due to the proximity of the Sun-Moon opposition to the North and South Nodes (in Leo and Aquarius, respectively).

Funnily enough, a blue moon is only a rare astrological occurrence because of the monthly divisions found in the Gregorian (solar) calendar, a linear mapping of the twelve-month progression of the Sun through the zodiac belt, which we call a year. There are actually 13 lunar cycles in one solar year of 365 days; a calendar which is more in sync with the biological connection between human beings and the Earth, explicitly obvious in that women bleed alongside the lunar cycles, 13 times a year.

This reference to linear vs. cyclical time obviously brings up the masculine-feminine dichotomy and dynamic, and so does the message of this moon.

The Sabian symbol for 11 degrees Leo is:

Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree

Dane Rudhyar’s take on the given imagery is “the power of tradition as it shelters the beginnings of individual self-expression.”

He suggests this symbol deals with “the release of emotional intensity at various levels of the individualized (singular) consciousness (Leo, as a Sun-ruled sign, represents the departure from Moon-ruled Cancer [the preceding sign] into the knowledge of self as a unique being separate from his roots, family or nation and free to explore and celebrate his own individuality) as it reacts to the newly developed potentialities (this refers to spiritual discovery) of the mind.” Here, the symbol takes on the reflection of the “spontaneous activity of the innocent mind” in its developmental journey to spirit.

There is a clear relationship between the strength of both Moon and Sun in this symbol. Children are necessarily the products of love, bonding, and the fusion of masculine-feminine essences and energies. They are nurtured by the female body through pregnancy, and birthed by its genius where they continue to grow through the milk of the female body, along with being fed by the love and affection of both parents. Once they are old enough, they can play, exploring and enjoying the multiplicity of experience offered them by the Earth realm. There is no mention of caretakers or parents in the symbol, only their obvious role in bringing forth and providing shelter (Cancer, Moon) for the children, who are free to explore their surroundings by the force of their solar curiosity (Leo, Sun). Their play-realm, the swing hanging off the Oak tree, is a symbol of masculine ingenuity, the bright intelligence and design of the Yang mind creating from Yin materials. To me, it evokes the idea of the structures within which we play and discover, but also work and grow. In our current world, the majority of the structures in which we find our daily lives have been built, organized and governed by this Yang energy, otherwise known as the patriarchy.

The oak tree is an ancient symbol of perseverance, strength and growth. In Flower Essence Therapy, Oak essence is used to balance an individual’s tendency to work themselves too hard, based on their natural tenacity and desire to produce. It is often needed for those who have a lot of Virgo energy in the chart, as they have a natural desire to polarize into their capacity for productivity and efficiency.

Now let’s consider the fact that the asteroid Ceres, the goddess of harvest and very much symbolic of the fertility cycles of the Earth, is at the exact degree of this eclipse, opposing the Sun and in conjunction with the Moon and North Node. Virgo, our hard-working goddess of the zodiac, is the natural sign associated to this asteroid energy, which connects us back to the symbol of the Oak tree. Curiously, the Oak syndrome of overwork tends to occur when we fall out of sync with the body’s needs and natural cycles of output/rest, which is unfortunately an all too common scenario in our current societal framework, stemming from unequal value being placed on the projective, solar (masculine) energy, and not enough on the receptive, lunar (feminine) wisdom of stillness and reflection. This system is not only toxic for women, of course, but for all humankind alongside our relationship to nature (cyclical, feminine, Yin).

Coming back to the idea of the Yang-dominant structure of the Oak tree, I’d like to share an exchange I had with a male friend of mine that illuminated much for me in the way of the relationship between Yin and Yang energy. This was some years ago, and I was feverish in my sorrow around the loss of female presence and representation in the modern world. “Have you any idea what it’s like, as a woman, to navigate a structure designed and created entirely by men?”

“I understand,” he replied, “but if it wasn’t for women, men wouldn’t build anything.” And this one window into the other side forever after changed my views on the male-female dynamic as it stands today.

It is obvious that we are moving, through the voice of the shrouded and painful feminine, into greater equality and balance between the natural dualities of life. The women speak not only as embodied vessels of Yin energy, but on behalf of Mother Earth herself, who is weeping at the mercy of our Mars-hungry society. And this brings me back to the Full Moon in the solar sign of Leo, eclipsed in conjunction with Ceres, the goddess of harvest and thus the representative of the cyclic Yin polarity of our narrative.

 What do we desire to be eclipsed by what?

The movement towards the honour of the female body, female experience and Yin energy is not only necessary for the healing of the Earth and for the gentle equalizing force of balance to be restored to humanity, but is absolutely necessary in order for us to rediscover one another and the blessed potential of our spiritual union in love, sex and the loving creation and nurturance of generations to come, and that those generations may live in a world of greater pleasure, harmony and abundance (Venus!!). The blissful restoration of the Yin voice does not only benefit women but bestows healing, pleasure and beauty unto us all, proving that you can have your cake and eat it too without the destruction of what is sacred and pure in humanity. So it is not just Yin energy that benefits from the balance of her opposing force, Yang. It is also Yang that rejoices in the restoration of his exalted half.

The collective destiny (North Node) is inside our ability to manage and balance the solar (Leo) and lunar forces through the respect of our natural needs and cycles (Ceres), bringing into harmony our ability to more fully step into and celebrate our individual strengths and solar force (Leo), bestowing greater healing, vision and cosmic consciousness onto the human collective through our role as world servers (Aquarius).

We must embrace the Venusian path of heart-centered love, beauty and willingness to honour the value of harmony in our efforts to reconnect with one another, uniting symbolically through our material activities the primordial feminine and masculine energies, which desire to come together since forever ago and ever so wildly, as the Moon is each day illuminated and rhythmically altered by the light of the Sun, which she then transforms and shines down upon the flora of the Earth, who necessitate her refined light to grow (as the light of the Sun is too harsh without her softness).

Let us be warriors of love and kindness as the poison of our disconnect continues to surface (Jupiter in Scorpio!), and not let hatred, resentment and injury create a greater divide between our differences, which like the Sun and Moon, need one another to continue providing life for our planet.


Below are given the areas each sign should work with in their lives to bring in more authentic balance, creating a great inner respect for natural cycles and bestowing healing and transformation unto us all.

Aries and Aries Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your fifth house of creativity, self-expression and solar force, Aries. This is the natural house of Leo in the horoscope. Bring your awareness to your force of self-expression in the world. How freely do you radiate your essence, and how well are you able to bring that creativity in service to your greater community or human family? Honour your vision and the strength of your passion to come into a greater freedom in your self-expression, and know that the greatest pleasure comes from being able to inspire others to do the same.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your fourth house of self-care and emotional stability, Taurus. Likely this Moon may feel intense for you, especially if it is shining a light on any imbalances between your work life and home life. Consciously focus your energies on building emotionally nurturing practices that are going to feed you and bring a greater sense of self-love and security into your life. What habits or tendencies would you like to be eclipsed by what in order for a greater feeling of home to reign freely within?


Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your third house of communication and learning, Gemini. This is your natural house in the horoscope, so working with these energies will be of great benefit for you in strengthening your natural expression. Focus inwardly on what tangible skills you would like to learn and what subjects you would like to dive into. Remember that it is not enough to only graze the surface of what interests you, as you will be of greatest benefit to others if you are able to teach and pass on the knowledge you have acquired. Seek greater focus so you can master your powerful mind and share it with the rest of the human family.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your second house of finances and material resources, Cancer. There is great potential for you to harness these energies towards clearing debt and bringing more abundance into your life. This is a good time to work with any blocks or limiting thoughts around finances: what ideas about your self-worth would you like to be eclipsed by what? What debts would you like to be eclipsed by what earnings? Get really clear, down to dollar amounts, around your intentions to bring in wealth and back your desire with unshakeable faith and productive output.


Leo and Leo Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your first house of the self and self-motivated action and discovery, Leo. This is a big moment for you! There is much potential for you to refine your way of being in the world through greater self-knowledge and clarity on what makes you truly authentic in your individuality. There is also a question of how freely you are giving your love to others. What dynamics in relationships would you like to be eclipsed by what? Balancing self-service with service to others is the key.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your twelfth house of spirituality and release of subconscious patterning, Virgo. This is not an easy territory to navigate, but relates largely to the expression of your spiritual energy in life. Are you nurturing your need for greater connection to self through healthy lifestyle choices and a spiritual practice of some kind? What ways of feeling and sensing in your body would you like to be eclipsed by what? Recognize that your health is a reflection of your spiritual well-being. Tune into balance through making more time to honour your need to retreat from the world when you need to.


Libra and Libra Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your eleventh house of community and long-term goals, Libra. This it the visionary house of Aquarius, in which the Sun’s energy now burns brightly. Bring your conscious attention to your long-term goals and how in line they are with your unique vision of personal success. Are you showing up for your vision every day? Do you recognize the strength of your individual talents in the world and honour them by working towards their expression in the greater whole? Harness these energies to apply greater focus to your pursuit of self-realization.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your tenth house of career and public recognition, Scorpio. How brightly are you shining in your chosen field of work? Does it fulfill you and bring you closer to a sense of personal radiance that also feels replenishing on an emotional level? What about your work life do you want to be eclipsed by what? Harness these energies to direct the strength of your energetic output into achieving a perfect balance between your inner and outer worlds as they are expressed in your career path and home life.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your ninth house of higher learning and belief systems, Sagittarius. This is your natural house in the horoscope so working with these energies will feel familiar and will be of great benefit for you. The question is, in what ways can you expand you daily perception of life to include the spiritual concepts you hold so dear? What limiting beliefs in your life would you like to see eclipsed by what strengthening ones? Remember that you are the great manifestor of the zodiac when you are able to channel your divine inspiration in a grounded way that honours your natural optimism and desire for more.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your eighth house of release, endings and transformation, Capricorn. There is immense potential for you to harness this powerful energy to let go of some of the emotional baggage that is getting in the way of your personal empowerment. Zero in on any emotional weight that you have been carrying and work with forgiveness to make peace with situations you feel have wronged you in the past. Remember that your self-worth and even your finances will benefit from this release, as it will leave you a more open vessel to attract what you desire.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your seventh house of partnership and marriage, Aquarius. Ask yourself if you are shining in this area of your life as you would like to be. What about the way you relate in personal relationships would you like to be eclipsed by what? This is a ripe time for consciously directed intention towards creating greater harmony and more supportive relationships in your life. You may also ask yourself if your friendships and intimate partnership allow you to reflect your genuine and authentic self in all situations. Whatever the answer, use it as a guiding force to press reset on your way of relating.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Lunar Eclipse falls in your sixth house of health and daily ritual, Pisces. You are a naturally spiritual being, energetically attuned to the interconnectedness of all life. Your sensitivity and compassion for others roots from this inner soul awareness, whether or not your conscious mind has understood it as being this way. The need for you to pursue a spiritual practice and actively cultivate a relationship with the Divine in your life is intimately connected to the expression of health and disease in your body. If you find yourself suffering from chronic health problems, it is important you address both the physical and spiritual aspects of this imbalance. In order to achieve greater inner peace and optimal health, what lifestyle practices would you like to see eclipsed by what?


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