Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Libra

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If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

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Aries and Aries Rising

The Full Moon in Libra emphasizes the area of close, personal relationships in your life, Aries. Stay flexible in your ability to compromise and recognize the needs of others as being valuable. Allow this effort at justice to flavour your intimate friendships, business partnerships and love relationships.

Your ruler, Mars enters into sextile aspect with Venus, exact on the 18th with the effects continuing to April 29th. Take advantage as this alignment suggests your desires (Mars) and your ability to attract them (Venus) are acting in harmony. Examine your value system to understand what you’d truly like to manifest during this time, as your personal resources are empowered and you have a lot of energy available for the exertion of your will. If money is on your mind, try to think of it as a divine compensation for the services you are providing. As Mars moves into Gemini and your third house on April 22nd, the heavier energy of Taurus is relinquished to sociable and curious Gemini. Embrace the shift and seek out interesting conversations with neighbours and siblings. 

This full moon ignites a close square between Jupiter in your seventh house and Pluto in your tenth. Look to the relationship between your ability to be diplomatic (especially your beliefs around what is fair in a relationship) and how that may be affecting your career path and your ability to feel empowered around figures of authority.

A Venus-Saturn square wages near your ascendant and may be influencing you to change your appearance or how you present yourself to the world. Don’t act impulsively on feelings of low self-worth; instead, use this time to look at your inner dialogue and how it contributes to either supporting or negating your sense of attractiveness.

You may find your partner is critical of you at this time or that old pains are surfacing in your relationship. Both Venus and Saturn are retrograde so there is a particularly karmic flavour to their interaction. Bring awareness to the way you express your love and accept your partner’s love and take responsibility for your actions that may have caused a feeling of rejection in the past.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

The Full Moon falls in your sixth house of health and signals the harvest point of the lunar cycle that began in your twelfth house of spirituality. You’ve been on an inner journey this last month, whether it was to find the remedy to your fears and anxieties, or to open up to new experiences that are transcendent by nature. The energy of the Full Moon asks you to bring awareness to your lifestyle practices and to what degree they support the health of your physical and spiritual life.

Look to the growth that comes with maintaining balance in your daily activities and how this affects your ability to maintain your faith and connect with whatever your idea of God happens to be. The way you structure your beliefs requires more flexibility and less stubbornness. You will find it empowering to open yourself to more expansive ways of looking at things, and it will bring you into greater harmony with your surroundings, to which your inner life is connected.

With your ruler, Venus, back in Pisces, your values may have shifted into being less materialistic in nature. Perhaps what is bringing you joy now is to be found in things like friendship, connecting with others and with nature, meditation and contemplative walks. As Saturn squares Venus until May 5th, you may be feeling like your new set of values is being challenged by the heavy hand of material reality, pressured into becoming more conventional or as though you have to define or materialize something right now. Rather than taking this to heart, examine the ways you have been influence by societal beliefs and how more hierarchical structures of organization have made you feel. Is it more liberating or constricting?

Old pains may be surfacing with a group of friends or inside your participation with an organization. Don’t let this send you into a power struggle and be aware of the reactive state that is triggered when you are feeling threatened.

Your energy for self-discovery is strong at this time and needs to be honoured. Apply yourself properly and self-created opportunities for expression can be very powerful.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Gemini, this Full Moon falls in your fifth house of creativity, romance, and children. The energy you have for creative self-expression continues to grow and to attract your tribe. Observe how your right to express your individuality and your creative vision affects your transformational process.

Through new romantic interests or new creative leaps, you may find yourself confronting old fears or losing your sense of power. Stay organized and nurture your talents. Become aware of old or resentful behavioural patterns that interfere with your vision for yourself and release them. It is possible that your children may spark an old power struggle in you. Employ compassion to forgive whoever it was that inflicted the initial wound instead of taking out your frustrations on your family.

Your ruler, Mercury, has again stationed retrograde and will move back into fiery Aries on April 21st. Along with Mars’ move into your sign the following day, April 22nd, this should give you a great boost of energy and a reconnection with your personal will. This is an ideal moment to get to those projects you may have been putting off while Mars was transiting through your twelfth house and you were feeling more reclusive.

It is possible that your colleagues or a figure of authority will be critical of you at this time. Take responsibility if you’ve been a bit loose at work and act with extra organization and forethought to temper their perspective. If you are self-employed, tie up any loose ends with clients and spend some time getting your finances in order.

Nearing the end of the month, an opportunity may come your way through a group or organization to showcase your unique talents or contribution. Be humble, act in kindness and with steady determination. Your efforts will pay off!

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fourth house, Cancer. It is illuminating your sense of emotional well-being and inner feeling of security. Nurture yourself and give your home some love. Notice how your ability to recharge in your private sanctuary affects your relationships and empowers your ability to relate. Although work and career have been of primary importance for you since the new moon, now it’s time to take it to the other end of the spectrum and realize how intimately your professional successes are connected to your ability to feel secure and emotionally fulfilled.

As Venus moves out of retrograde on the 18th and crosses your Midheaven, your work situation should be feeling more comfortable. You may also take this transit as an opportunity to bring any creative work out into the public, or to be more open about your imaginative talents.

You have likely been seeking out a group of individuals with whom you can share your interests and goals for the future. Sharing your beliefs will lead to stimulating conversations about religion and philosophy. Perhaps you will connect with a new teacher or spiritual leader who will influence your motivation to seek out your long-term goals.

Be aware that health issues may be highlighted at this time. Make sure you are not indulging too much in sweets or dietary regimens that make your blood sugar levels fluctuate drastically. Maintain balance and do not let any physical ailment send you into a victimized state.

Mars in Gemini enters your twelfth house on April 22nd, so be sure to focus your energy on projects and goals before that time. As Mars is passing through your twelfth house, you will naturally feel as though your inner world is the one that requires your active attention. You may not feel like participating as much in social events and will find your assertiveness is harder to access. Use this placement to meditate and to be contemplative and make sure you are not suppressing your anger as it will come out amplified at a later date.

Leo and Leo Rising

Leo, this Full Moon is in your house of learning and communication. Express your opinions and be open with neighbourhood contacts, you will find the conversation stimulating and it may open you up to new ways of thinking and new philosophies. Now is the time to investigate the bigger questions that have been on your mind lately.

Spend some time learning about lifestyle and dietary rituals that will keep you in better health. More knowledge in this area will empower your ability to work well and stay vibrant.

Your ruler, the Sun, comes into conjunction with Uranus during this Full Moon and this aspect will be exact on April 15th. You should be feeling open to creative inspiration and will find it rewarding to take advantage of this contact by nurturing your unique vision. Be aware of behaving in ways that are too impulsive, individualistic and unpredictable at this time. Stay modest no matter how impressively your currents of creative thought are flowing.

As Venus in Pisces comes to square Saturn in your fifth house, you may be feeling some tensions with a current romantic interest or with your children and family. Past hurts may resurface and make you critical of your lover or close ones. Forgiveness and release is a much safer bet than engaging in a confrontation that will create power struggles. Luckily, a sextile aspect from Mars to Venus will make it easier to behave in a way that is fair and diplomatic.

Although Mars and Mercury will be moving out of your tenth house of career in this next two week period, the Sun in Taurus and New Moon of April 26th falling in this house will continue the spark of motivation you have been feeling towards this area of your life.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Virgo, money and personal resources are on your mind with this Full Moon. There is a direct relationship between your creative expression and your ability to earn income and feel a healthy sense of self-worth. Nourish that connection and let your powerful creative expression help you to grow.

Your ruler, Mercury, has again gone retrograde and will pass from your ninth house in Taurus to your 8th house in Aries on April 21st. Use your growing awareness and new wisdom to deal with some of the pain this transition may bring up. Forgiveness and release is the best medicine for old wounds that continue to nag at your emotional landscape. Positively, with Mercury in motivated and headstrong Aries, you should be feeling the impulse to make things right. Just make sure to avoid any harsh or angry expressions of feeling.

Between April 27th and 29th you should be feeling like you have a lot of extra mental energy to exert and express. Now may be a good time to dive into some occult or esoteric wisdom that may help you to understand some of the changes you are going through. Look to alchemical teachings of the nigredo or the transformational journey of Scorpio. This may bring you some comfort and a feeling of security in the midst of the intangible.

Venus squares Saturn until early May and will challenge your feelings of self-worth in the territory of your relationships. Nurture your wounded child through self-care and self-love rituals. Know that at this time you may be seeing your partner as an authoritarian or cruel parent. As both planets are retrograde, we are being asked to reflect deeply about their intrinsic natures. Take responsibility for any harsh or critical feelings you have and look to the deeper issue at hand.

On a lighter note, Mars moves into your tenth house near the end of the month, giving you extra motivation to pursue career goals and personal ambitions. Use this time constructively to pour your attention into longer-term projects, rather than those that concern the immediate future.

Libra and Libra Rising

The Full Moon falls in your first house, Libra. This is a time for self-discovery, taking personal initiative and experiencing growth through self-knowledge and understanding. Look to the relationship between your emotional stability and your self-awareness. The more in tune you are with your own needs and boundaries, the more empowered and secure you feel in your relationships with others.

Your ruler, Venus, has gone retrograde and is squaring Saturn in your third house. You may feel you are having a hard time expressing yourself, or that your ideas are lacking in the kind of beauty and harmony you generally feel so proud to express and embody. Look to how you can organize your thoughts in a more balanced way instead of being hard on yourself. Improving your daily routine and ritual may be beneficial at this time. 

With Venus back in Pisces, you will feel your compassionate attitudes are easier to access. What brings you a sense of comfort at this time will be less materialistic in nature. Enjoy the simpler pleasures of meditation, walks in nature and reflective alone time. 

You have been going through a transformative period that has absorbed much of your time and energy. As Mars moves into your ninth house and Mercury back into your 7th, you will be feeling the urge to explore broader topics, perhaps through the study of philosophy or religion, and your mind will feel more at ease. However, as the sun moves into the 8th, you are being asked to bring into your conscious expression the lessons you have learnt about the proper management of your personal power and your ability to release old baggage that hinders your emotional life. The New Moon on the 26th will reveal how well you have integrated the new aspects of your being.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Scorpio, you are entering a period of release. This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house and is asking you to let go of ways of being that victimize you and drain your energy. The pull you have been feeling since the New Moon to get your daily ritual and health regimen in order was setting the grounds for this spiritual release highlighted by the Full Moon. You may become aware of some of the less appealing aspects of your personality and there is no better time to make a change that reflects a more ideal, spiritual you. Your ability to do this will in large part rest on the knowledge you have accumulated and that has been communicated with you regarding your journey of personal empowerment.

While your planetary ruler, Mars, was in Taurus, you were building something and setting foundations down for the development of your personal resources. As Mars moves into Gemini on April 22nd and is in sextile aspect with Venus in your fifth house, you should be feeling freer to be explorative and open with what you have created.

As Venus in the fifth squares Saturn in your second house, now may not feel like a time of abundance. You may be feeling as though your actions are not reflecting your values or are not contributing to feelings of positive self-worth and personal comfort. It is also possible that your partner may seem more critical at this time, or that your relationship may feel it is constricting and limiting you. What is really happening is you are being asked to take responsibility for past actions that may have caused pain. By the end of the month, you will be feeling very aware of the difference between selfish actions and those that maintain harmony in relationships, and by May 5th, the tension will subside with your newfound sense of obligation to your partner.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

You are feeling drawn to groups of like-minded people, Sagittarius, as the Full Moon coming into conjunction with Jupiter illuminates your 11th house of friend groups and long-term goals. You may be reminded of a goal you are striving to achieve that highlights your ability for innovative thought and self-directed action. Look to your creative vision to support your explorations of these ambitions, as they are bringing you personal growth and joy at this time. Understand the connection between feeling empowered in your sense of self-worth and how it contributes directly into your ability to manifest your vision. Align yourself with others who share your enthusiasm and who are longing to manifest what you desire and you will find that many resources become available to you.

As Saturn in your first house squares Venus in the fourth, you may feel less willing to give yourself the self-love and self-care you deserve. There may be a call to take responsibility for any emotional damage you’ve inflicted on others in past or current relationships, and this is affecting your ability to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Taking responsibility and committing yourself to doing better in the future is the best transition into learning the karmic lessons of Saturn. A feeling of restriction in your financial situation is possible until this aspect fades in influence, around the first week of May.

Around April 17th, you should be feeling like a flood of creative energy is available to you and is supporting your efforts at self-knowledge and personal assertiveness. A new romance is possible, or you may find someone is on your mind more than before. As Mars moves from your sixth and into your seventh house on the 22nd , you may feel like making the first move in expressing your romantic interests. If you are already in a relationship, you will feel a greater drive to relate to your partner, just make sure the extra energy is spent nourishing what brings harmony to your connection rather than creating conflicts out of what makes you different.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Capricorn, this Full Moon illuminates your tenth house of career and life purpose. The self-care and emotional nourishment you did while the New Moon passed through your fourth house are welcome contributing factors to your ability to feel the confidence and groundedness you require to fully give it your all when it comes to your career. Look to the relationship between your self-assertion, the proper management of your power and your ability to attract opportunities in your career life. Do not be impatient, suspicious, impulsive or domineering. Recognize that your power comes only from your inner world and not from your material circumstances. Stay optimistic, jovial, and benevolent in your workplace and you will get the respect you desire.

As Mars moves into your sixth house on April 22nd, you will have a newfound motivation to get healthy and live a more energized lifestyle. Now is a good time for a spring detox, or taking up a new workout regimen. Recognize that if these initiatives are not taken, the body may communicate through infection or inflammation to herald any changes that need to be made.

As the Sun enters your fifth house on April 19th, you will want to devote more time for your children, family, or towards pursuing a romantic interest. A new creative venture can also be a fulfilling way to use this energy for the next 30 days.

During the period that Venus in your third house squares your ruler, Saturn in your twelfth, you may feel like you want to communicate your deeper fears and destructive behavioural patterns to someone who can lend a compassionate ear. Now may be a good time to see a healer or counsellor who can help you voice some of these old issues so they can finally be released. This aspect may make you feel less socially inclined until its influence fades around May 5th. It is important that you are not too self-critical at this time, and that you recognize yourself as inherently attractive and valuable.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Aquarius, your mind is longing for new knowledge with this lunar cycle. Explorations in philosophy, religious or spiritual studies have broadened your mental horizons and given you a more open way of contextualizing the world. Now is the time to comb through your belief systems and recognize if there are any attitudes you hold that divide you from the whole. If so, try to release them. Love is the only organizing principle of reality and your beliefs should reflect the embracing and compassionate qualities of love. Look to the relationship between your beliefs and your ability to feel empowered in the release of old and outworn ways of doing things that are no longer serving your self-expression. Your self-realization rests in the transformation of ways of thinking and behaving that remove you from the interconnected fabric of life.

With Mars moving into your fifth house, creative thought is becoming especially accessible to you. Use your visionary self-expression to communicate your commitment to the whole and to solidify your role within that greater orchestration. As Mercury comes into conjunction with your ruler, Uranus, exact on April 27th, your mental life is brimming with innovative vision, not to mention that on this Full Moon the Sun is in conjunction with Uranus, also. There is much to be said in the way of owning the way your individuality can contribute and uplift humanity. Remain committed to making that contribution.

Venus is in your second house of finances and squares Saturn in the eleventh. You may feel more reclusive at this time or feel as though it is more difficult for you to connect with others. Isolation from your peers as a result of your projected perceptions of your personal status within the group is possible. You may also be questioning your value systems, or feeling as though your financial situation is less than comfortable. Fortunately, taking more responsibility and committing yourself to doing better will help immensely in working out these tensions and may invite tangible results by the time the square is out of aspect on May 5th.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eighth house, Pisces, illuminating your management of personal power and your ability to liberate yourself from seeking comforts through habitual patterns that may provide temporary emotional relief but in the long run are draining you and hindering the manifestation of your true potential. It is useful at this time to think about what changes you can make in your life that will make you the hero of your personal story. What kinds of behavioural patterns do you engage in which feel like they have more control over you than you do over them? How is this affecting your long-term goals, and the contribution you desire to lend to mankind? The answer may come through a dream, or psychedelic revelation that roots from deep within. Looking to alchemical lore or investigating the process of transformation contained within the sign of Scorpio may help you put some pieces of the puzzle together.

As Mars moves into your fourth house on April 22nd, self-care rituals as well as spring-cleaning of your home will provide you with a sense of greater stability and confidence. Take some time to tune into what your emotional needs are and how you can tend to their garden.

With Venus back in your sign, a period of ease in self-expression and relating compassionately to others is to be expected. However, Saturn is squaring your first house Venus from its position in the tenth, and challenging what would normally be a time of increased ease and personal comforts. Don’t let the authority figures in your life make you feel the need to retreat into a victim mode and don’t allow their judgement to make you lose your compassionate sense of relating to the world. Make sure your career choice is in line with your personal value system and is providing you with the material comforts you deserve and desire.

If your partner seems critical at this time, or if you feel extra critical towards your partner, look between the lines and see if there are any old pains or wounds that are resurfacing. Likely you are reacting to your partner’s failure to take responsibility for past behaviours that were hurtful, or they are feeling this way towards you. If you have been acting justly in your relationship, it is likely you'll come into a deeper commitment with your partner at this time. 

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