Horoscopes for the New Moon in Taurus

If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.

Aries and Aries Rising

Venus has stationed direct and is moving right over your ascendant, Aries. It will be back in your sign by April 29th. Any relationship struggles you may have been trapped in that caused you to be self-sacrificial and confused will dissipate as your naturally self-assertive ways are strengthened. With Venus and your ruler, Mars, in sextile aspect, you should be moving into a period that feels more harmonious between you and your loved ones.

Mercury retrograde moved back into your sign and first house on April 21st. It will remain in conjunction with Uranus until mid-May. Your mind will be very active during this period and full of insightful and inventive ways of thinking and communicating. Take some time to write out the thoughts you are having that support you in living out your most authentic way of being. Just make sure to not be too one-sided in your opinions and statements at this time. Communicate gently and stay open to different points of view.

This New Moon falls in your second house of finance and personal resources. Money is on your mind and this is an opportunity for you to set some intentions regarding what you’d like to manifest throughout this lunar cycle. Get specific about numbers and get some abundance affirmations going. Your inner life and spiritual contentment contribute to your ability to attract wealth. Contemplate how you can be of better service to the whole and your wallet will thank you.

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Taurus and Taurus Rising

This is your time, Taurus! The sun moved into your sign April 20th and the New Moon takes place in your house of identity and individuality. Use this energy to deepen your self-knowledge so that you can develop your unique skills and abilities. With Mars in your second house of resourcefulness and finances, now is a time to use your talents towards generating income. Pouring your motivation towards these ends will be exciting, just make sure to take time to center yourself and remain open to receiving. Profit making is not only in the hustle but is also in your ability to attract what you desire. For this you need to let go of attachment to the outcome of your efforts and nurture your faith that the fruits of your labour are already on their way.

Your ruler, Venus, has stationed direct and moves back into Aries and your twelfth house on April 29th. The extreme yin vibes of Venus in Pisces are going to continue during this period as Venus transits this house, which is the natural house of Pisces. Luckily a Mars-Venus sextile will provide a bit of energy and signals a period of harmony in your close relationships. Along with Venus, Mercury and Uranus are also stationed in your twelfth house, and signal a period of spiritual contemplation and alone time. As you take responsibility for your power struggles you will be able to release the sense of inferiority that keeps you bound to any cycles of buildup-breakdown. Especially with Pluto having gone retrograde April 21st and staying in this motion until September 28th, now is the time to take a good look at the thoughts and feelings you carry that make you behave in ways that are controlling or manipulative. How do these relate to the beliefs you have about life or your ability to stay in the open exchange of love? Use this time to make peace with the shadow, you are being called to participate more strongly in your own healing.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

Be prepared to be plunged into your subconscious mind, Gemini! This New Moon falls in your twelfth house of dreams and deeply rooted behavioural patterns. Set your intentions for deepening your connection with the spiritual side of life. You will find yourself with more energy for contemplation and reflection on the more mystical and metaphysical aspects of being at this time. Look to how your daily routine and ritual supports your personal development. If you have not integrated a mediation practice, now is the time. If you feel some deep inner wounds surfacing, it would be favourable to visit an energy healer and resolve the facets of your personality that keep you disconnected from your true essence.

Your ruler, Mercury, is conjunct Uranus in Aries in your eleventh house. Now is a time of great restlessness and mental energy. Use this to connect with a community or a friend group that reflects your long-term vision for yourself. As Venus moves into Aries and joins these two planets on the 29th, you will feel especially comfortable inside the community you have found. Look to people who are unconventional for inspiration. What is self-motivated and self-directed is appealing to you at this time and by relating to others you can integrate more of this way of being into your own self-expression.

As Mars in Gemini transits your first house you will be feeling especially ready to go your own way and put your energy into self-knowledge and developing skills that will contribute to your independence. Be fair with others and take responsibility for maintaining harmony in your relationships. What you perceive as others limiting you is in fact a projection.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This New Moon falls in your house of friend groups and long-term goals, Cancer. Set intentions that support the unique vision you have for yourself and the way you would like to interact with and contribute to the collective. Are you allowing your self-expression to reflect the qualities you want to develop in order to make these dreams a reality? Do you allow yourself to take up space and burn brightly in order to be a person of influence? Open up about your passions and your creativity.

As Mars moves into your twelfth house things may be feeling a bit lower energy. This is a time to connect to your spirituality through physical exercise or dance. If you’ve never tried yoga, you may find it especially calming at this time. Alternatively, volunteering some of your time or helping out friends and loved ones in their moments of emotional struggle may be particularly rewarding for you. Now is a time to act in service of others a bit more than usual, as it will contribute greatly to your spiritual development. Be aware that you do not act in ways that are self-sacrificial, however, as this will create anger and frustration that will come out at a later date.

The focused energy you’ve been experiencing in the realm of career will continue as Venus moves back into your tenth house. You may feel like the authority figures in your life are more critical of you at this time. Charming them with your new and innovative ideas is always appreciated. If you’re noticing ways in which the office or your workspace could be organized better, act on that. Your display of taking responsibility will create more freedom for you in the future.

Leo and Leo Rising

This New Moon falls in your tenth house of career, Leo. Set powerful intentions to make a good impression on any authority figures or influential people you may encounter at this time. Focus on being of better service to others and you will find it enriches not only your spiritual life but also contributes to your line of work.  The process of forgiveness and release that has been occurring since Neptune moved into your 8th house is teaching you how to integrate more softness and inclusiveness in your manner of relating.

With Venus joining Mercury in your ninth house on April 29th you will be especially eager to expand your horizons through study of spiritual, religious or philosophical topics. This new information is invigorating and liberating you from old beliefs that no longer serve your growth and personal expansion. You may be introduced to new individuals who support this study and who seem eccentric or out of the norm. Stay open to people who see the world differently instead of being defensive. It will spark some self-directed action on your part in the fulfillment of personal goals that may also be outside of society’s mandate. You will have plenty of energy for making connections at this time so use it to your advantage.

Beware of making any impulsive decisions about your health in the coming weeks. Consider what is best for you and investigate any diet or exercise regimen you wish to undertake so that you can ensure it meets your specific needs. Consult a naturopath or educate yourself thoroughly in order to implement the proper changes.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Mercury and Venus have both moved back into your 8th house of release and transformation. You may again be confronted with feelings of jealousy, fearing loss of love, possessiveness, paranoia or obsessive thoughts. Recognize how these experiences relate to your relationship to power. What is it about the situation that is making you feel powerless? It is the wrong relationship, the wrong setting or is it you that needs to change? Take it easy but maintain a healthy ritual of self-examination at this time. Any darkness that is stirring is asking you to see the light.

This New Moon falls in your ninth house of study, exploration and expansions of consciousness. Set your intentions for coming into new knowledge and information that will make you feel more faithful and spiritually grounded in your daily life. Synthesize what is philosophical and what is mundane so that you can apply a holistic perspective into your daily routine.

Mars has moved into your tenth house of career and will bring plenty of energy and focus to that area of your life. Benefit from this by working hard and planning tasks for yourself that relate to career advancement. Look within to take actions that reflect your life's purpose. Trying to fit in where you don't feel you truly belong will only create frustration and anger. You will find your efforts to connect to your true career path are supported by your loved ones and peers. However, be weary of expressing yourself in ways that are erratic or unpredictable, as they will make you appear untrustworthy to others at this time.

Libra and Libra Rising

This New Moon sets off a challenging process for you, Libra. Are you prepared to allow yourself to go deeper into the areas of your life that frighten you or threaten your preference for balance and harmony? As the Sun transits through your eighth house you are being asked to change aspects of your personality that are no longer serving your greatest good. Any power struggles that are active in your life will become highlighted at this time. Look into the shadow to find the answers as they lie deep within your feeling nature. Pay attention to your negative thoughts to find their roots and tend to your emotional garden at this time. You are being asked to heal and conquer old and outworn habits that limit your journey of personal empowerment. As you are moving through this process of acceptance and shedding, you may find some health struggles are alleviated.

As Venus moves into your seventh house, things should be feeling good in your relationships and partnership. Your ruler, Venus, has moved back into Aries and is energizing your ability to be self-assertive and independent. Be sure to question any feelings of jealous and possessiveness as they come up in the first week of May; they relate to your ability to feel emotionally sound and confident.

With Mars in your ninth house now is a good time to do some reading or attend a workshop on topics that are philosophical or spiritual in nature. You are longing to discover the truth about some of the deeper questions in life and to broaden your horizons. Perhaps a change of scenery is overdue, and if a vacation promises new and exciting experiences now may be the time you decide to book it. 

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Focus in on your relationships with this New Moon, Scorpio. Do you desire to bring in a new business partnership, love relationship or intimate friendship into your life? Set your intentions regarding what kind of people you want around that love and support you. If you long to be in a relationship, consider the kind of person you would like to attract. What kinds of qualities do they have that make you want to be with them? If you already are in a relationship, take this time to reflect on how your partner nourishes your uniqueness and encourages your self-discovery. Be grateful and enjoy those that you keep close.

The theme of health and lifestyle choices continues to demand a lot of your focus at this time. Consider how being more disciplined in your daily rituals can contribute to your financial success or can help you develop more self-worth. There is a lot of work to be done right now and it requires you to be organized and efficient. Don’t let small daily tasks get in the way of maintaining a streamlined workflow.

As Mars moves into your 8th house you may be feeling your desire for intimacy and intense connections growing. You can either use this energy towards pursuing fulfilling sexual experiences or towards a process of personal growth and transformation. Be aware of engaging in any prolonged power struggles or in feeding your addictions. Although you have immense potential for personal empowerment you are often caught in battles of resistance and suppression. Use the shadow to unveil your potential rather than retreating into the familiarity of darkness. Do not let your frustrations get the better of you, for the time is ripe for a profound change in your habitual patterns.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This New Moon falls in your sixth house of health and daily ritual, Sagittarius. Set your intentions to receive clarity and guidance about what foods, surroundings, and people are good for you. As the Sun in Taurus travels through this house, the root of any health issues will be illuminated and will require your focused efforts. Make sure you are exercising and eating foods that make you feel fresh and energized. Devote some time to establishing rituals for the day that ground you and serve your spiritual well-being.

Your fifth house is filling up by the end of this week so you’ll have a lot of creative energy available to you. Express yourself freely and embrace what makes your self-expression unique. Your creative efforts should support a solid feeling of personal strength and independent action. This is also a time for romance, as your fifth house Venus will be trining Mars in your seventh. This aspect is ideal for aligning your will with your desires. The key here is to move with the subtleties of attraction and projection. Sometimes it is time for exertion and at other points you must cultivate that inner space that maintains your harmony with the object of your desires.

Make sure to be careful of the way you are managing your sense of self-worth and personal power at this time. Any power struggles you indulge may have a damaging influence on your status, personal resources or finances. Cultivate a sense of inner emotional strength in order to avoid giving your power away to any outside circumstances. Remember that you are not defined by your material circumstances, and that your potential is limitless.

With Mars in your seventh you may find yourself projecting your frustrations into your relationships, creating unnecessary conflict. Be aware of what your inner struggles are and the function that others serve as a mirror in your life.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

A new romance is likely to come into your life at this time, Capricorn! Someone who is already a friend might begin to look differently to you. Embrace this, especially if it is the kind of friendship that feeds your creative inspiration. As the Sun transits your fifth house, you should have plenty of energy for self-expression available, so nurture that part of yourself that longs for a freer kind of creative flow. Set your intentions about what kind of role you'd like creativity to play in your life, and what kind of people you'd like to team up with. If you are already in a relationship, expect this New Moon to bring excitement to your partnership. Spending more time with children and family will also be rewarding for you at this time and will give you a vehicle for the compassionate communication you have been developing.

Your fourth house is also highlighted right now, asking that you nurture yourself and your feelings of self-love. Along with providing you a greater sense of emotional safety and contentment, these practices will help to enrich your spiritual life and your feelings of connectedness with the whole. Engage in some alone time and tune into what your deepest emotional needs are right now. You will find it liberating to concentrate some efforts on this conquest and a profound self-exploration is needed of you at this time.

With Mars in your sixth house, now is a good time to motivate yourself to start a new exercise regime or explore a healthy diet that makes you feel strong and gives you the energy you need to work well and to organize yourself. Be aware of any foods that are heating in nature as you are more likely to suffer from inflammation at this time, especially in the lungs. Avoid eating too much spicy food and work with a cooling herb or one that will give some extra support to your immune system.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Self-love and self-care is the name of the game with this New Moon, Aquarius. It’s time to rest, recharge, relax and set your intentions for developing a more loving and connected relationship with yourself. Spend some energy cleaning your home and making it an ideal space for you to nurture your emotional needs daily. Don’t worry, taking this time for yourself will actually contribute to your career goals instead of taking away from them. An inner sense of emotional peace and stability is the seeding point for the career stuff that will emerge at the Full Moon.

You should be engaging with plenty of people during this time and meeting new neighbourhood contacts. With a full third house, you will want to learn, communicate and connect with people who are around you and who you may have overlooked in the past. Get out there and open up, it will lead to opportunities for you to lend your skills to a group of like-minded people who will reward your for it! 

Your ruler, Uranus, will continue to conjunct Mercury until mid-May. Ground yourself so that you can use all this innovative mental energy to your advantage. Avoid making impulsive decisions or ones that feel like they’re motivated by old fears. Recognize that fears that you have over not being good enough are a form of self-sabotage. Release the ghosts of your past that make you feel unworthy or limit your ability to shine; they are only stories you are telling yourself.

With Mars stationed in your fifth house you will want to pool a lot of energy into self-expression and creative work. A neighbourhood contact may be helpful to you in this venture. Let your imagination flow and be carried away by your inspiration, as it may also lead you into a new romance or attraction.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Pisces, now is the time to open up to your neighbours, discuss your ideas and get excited over building new friendships! This New Moon falls in your third house of communication, discovery and siblings. Set your intentions for the things you would like to learn, and the kind of knowledge you’d like to come into your life that would really allow you to expand your perspective and confirm your longing to see the meaning in all of your experiences. This will help you to connect with your life’s purpose and to make some new career strides that reflect that. Indulge your curiosity and look to ancient forms of knowledge to satisfy your thirst to understand. This may also be a time where you see a sibling in a new light, or explore a new facet of your relationship.

Your full second house also indicates that matters of finance are on your mind. Likely, things should be feeling pretty comfortable but also have a hint of unpredictability and uncertainty. Use your innovative vision and creative strength to think up ways of transforming your skills and resources into income. Financial stability is not likely at this time so don’t put pressure on things to be steady. Rather, direct your efforts in a way that is constant and allows for your finances to grow over time. Any confrontation or power struggle you find yourself in with a friend group at this time is related to issues of self-worth. Remember that you are inherently valuable and full of limitless potential! Don't let it get you down.

With Mars in your fourth house, it is important to take heed of your deepest emotional needs at this time and to nurture them. Frustrated emotions will develop into anger over time if they are not looked after, and could influence your creativity and self-expression once Mars moves into the fifth house. Practice self-care rituals and nourish your need to love you first.

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