Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Scorpio

The butterfly nebula is the brightest cluster of stars in the Scorpius constellation

The butterfly nebula is the brightest cluster of stars in the Scorpius constellation

If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.

Aries and Aries Rising

This is going to be an intense Full Moon for you Aries, as there’s lots of action happening right now around Mars, your ruler. Mars in Gemini in the third is making an exact square to Neptune in your twelfth and calling your compassionate nature to develop more fully. Be kind to every person you interact with and be mindful of the way you communicate your ideas. Neptune is breaking down your selfish tendencies and asking you to think more about how your actions are serving others rather than yourself alone. There is a Mars-Jupiter trine going on at the same time, which would normally accelerate the positive outcomes of your actions, especially when it comes to making new connections and attracting influential allies that will help you grow. However, with a tense Neptune thrown into the mix, your plans are best made in contribution to a greater cause, rather than solely towards your own needs. Manifestation is more likely to happen at this time if you are using your will in a way that is beneficial for not just yourself alone.

This Full Moon falls in your eight house, signalling a period of endings. If you set intentions for abundance on the Taurus New Moon, reflect on what behavioural patterns or power struggles you engage in that may hinder your ability to attract what you desire. Scorpio is a sign of intensity, release, and transformation. Healing is in order and if a breakdown needs to occur in order to make room for the building of new structures, it will. Instead of resisting what you know needs to change, confront it compassionately and reflect on the areas of your psyche that need purification. This will contribute greatly in clarifying a fulfilling direction for you to follow when it comes to working out your life's purpose. 

A favourable aspect between Uranus in your first house and Saturn in the ninth suggests a structured learning of metaphysical or spiritual concepts will contribute to the personal liberation you have been cultivating over the last while. Focus your mental energies on what makes you feel an increased sense of personal freedom within your unique self-expression.

Taurus and Taurus rising

This Full Moon falls in your seventh house of relationships, Taurus. The Full Moon is a period of increased intensity as it represents the point of direct challenge between the Sun sign and Moon. Your naturally abundant, sensual and fertile nature is being challenged by the sign of the Scorpion, your polar opposite. While your grounded, earthy nature is a blessing for planning, building, and wielding your resources, things can get a bit too comfortable and static in your life. This moon is asking that you step out of your comfort zone and explore some inner transformation, especially when it comes to your relationships. Structure your beliefs in a way that allows room for change and embraces intensity. Be honest about what isn’t working in your life and what is keeping you separate form a sense of personal empowerment. Work towards what needs to be done in order to go beyond the boundaries you usually set down for yourself. Superficial relationships or ones that simply serve your comfort will not provide the kind of catalyst you need to shake things up in your life at this time.

As Mars in your second house makes aspect to both Jupiter and Neptune, now is an interesting time to worth with your resourcefulness to create financial reward. Jupiter is giving the green light for your efforts to be rewarded, but watch out for any selfish intent in your desires for they will not fly with the current conversation between Mars and Neptune. If you find yourself becoming restless, now is the time to cultivate your compassionate and spiritual side as it directly influences your ability to act in a manner that will attract abundance into your life. Avoid feeling defeat or allowing any self-sabotaging thoughts; if what you’re doing isn’t working, it needs refinement and consideration for a larger group rather than in serving your singular desires alone. Any confusion towards this end is asking you to take into account how your motivation can benefit the whole. As Mercury leaves your twelfth house and enters your sign on May 17th, your mind will feel clearer and more able to manage the emotions that have come up.

Gemini and Gemini rising

This is an important time to consider the intention behind your actions, Gemini. You may be good at initiating projects and when it comes to creative self-expression and romance, you are feeling the love right now. But there is something stronger than your will that is going to curtail any action that aims for selfish fulfilment alone and that force is the divine will that brought you into being for a specific purpose. Surrender any desires that are ultimately and uniquely self-serving as your efforts towards this end will not manifest at this time. Consider how your behaviours could be more compassionate, merging the initiating warrior of your first house Mars with the selfless servant of your tenth house Neptune, which has been trying to guide you towards the realization of your spiritual life purpose. Ambivalence towards your workplace will be transparent at this time as your will is tangled up with how well you are able to unite with this ultimate purpose in life. Look to the development of your spiritual warrior and you will be rewarded.

This Full Moon falls in your sixth house of health and work. Again we revisit the theme of work as a reflection of your spiritual purpose. In this house we also consider the role of the body as the temple for the spirit’s expression. If you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle, it would be best to curtail your indulgences at this time as their effects will be manifesting physically through illness, especially in the areas ruled by Scorpio, meaning the reproductive organs. Now is a time for releasing the lifestyle practices that are no longer serving your greatest good. The potential to transform your approach to diet and exercise is ripe at this time, so take advantage. Any stresses or tensions at work will also be a source of physical weakness around the Full Moon, so make sure you are unwinding after the job and processing your emotions fully to avoid any digestive upsets.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

Get ready for a deep experience related to creative self-expression, romance, or children, Cancer. This Full Moon in Scorpio falls in your fifth house and asks for a deeper inner journey into your creative world and your ability to be an individual of influence. Relax any resistance towards exploring this freer self-expression and embrace this exploration’s ability to transform aspects of the way you relate to the world, especially with any friend groups or intimate friendships and partnerships. Your long-term goals and future vision of success is intimately connected with your ability to take up space and shine. If you’ve been waiting for a time to invest in your self-expression, this is it.

Some of the old anger you’ve been working through will see the light, bringing a greater sense of emotional stability and confidence into your world. Any recent travels you may have taken and the wisdom you have acquired from your experiences in foreign lands will contribute their magic to this process. Now is equally a fruitful time for new insights about your health to come into light, or for past efforts in jobs to contribute to the evolution of your current life path. Enjoy the focus on your career and life purpose at this time and the abundance it will yield. If you are not pursuing your passion, now is the time you may meet individuals who inspire you to do so and allow you to embrace your right to freedom.

Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon in Scorpio falls in your fourth house, Leo. While you may be feeling especially energized towards your career path and choices around the expression of your life’s purpose right now, this moon is reminding you of the work-life balance. Spend some time at home and reflecting on what your deepest emotional needs are and if they are being actively met. Scorpio is a sign deeply connected to transformation and release, so now is the time to consider what you need to let go of when it comes to choices that are not allowing for your emotional security to thrive. Tensions may be high at home, and now is a good time to do some cleaning and reorganizing so your home can be a sanctuary where you come to restore your sense of self-confidence and emotional strength. Habitual, comfort-seeking patterns will not bring the same sense of temporary elation at this time as they normally would. You are being called to step out of your comfort zone so that you can better understand your emotional process and the way it affects the expression of your true self. Consider your daily ritual when exploring these themes and how your dietary or exercise regime can contribute to a healthier emotional landscape.

A friend group or community of which you are a part may be the catalyst for developing your more compassionate side. You are attracting a lot of new neighbourhood contacts into your life and are focused on long-term goals for the future, but your aims cannot be fully self-serving at this time. If your intentions are in service to the whole, you will be able to achieve more.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Your ruler, Mercury, is in conjunction with Uranus until May 14th and will enter Taurus on May 17th. Since the beginning of May you have most likely felt a lot of extra mental energy available to you, and have been making leaps and bounds in the art of self-liberation. Connecting to your inner rebel and to what sets you apart from the rest has been empowering and has contributed to your confidence levels and your sense of personal security. As the Uranus contact to Mercury winds down and Mercury enters Taurus, it will be time to put all the innovative ideas that have been flooding your inner messenger to good use. You have downloaded a lot of information that can serve you in transforming your unique abilities into a source of abundance and personal resources. Taurus is the sign of the builder, the planner who sets down realistic and grounded foundations before embarking on his construction. Channel the spirit of this sign by putting your plans into action instead of leaving them as ideas. Take practical steps daily towards the fulfilment of your vision and don’t be shy to start small. To be your most unique self in this world is not the commonly trodden path but it is the most fulfilling. Accept your desire to make this happen for yourself and do it!

This Full Moon falls in your third house of neighbourhood contacts, communication and learning. Now is the time to release any beliefs that limit your ability to connect to others and to trust your intuition. Explore your manner of speaking and self-expression. Are you ready to embrace the power of your words and your ability to be of influence? Letting go of patterns that make you feel safe and comfortable but are simultaneously keeping you small will be especially fruitful during this moon. Don’t let your preference for structure keep you contained within boundaries that are not serving your greatest good. Take up space and allow your inner light the freedom to shine. 

Libra and Libra Rising

Your ruler, Venus, is finally out of retrograde and back in Aries, the naturally opposing force to your Libran energy. You should be able to maintain a good balance between self-assertion and compromise with this placement, and your relationships will reflect that. Now is a good time for you to connect and share ideas with neighbourhood contacts and people you are interested in doing business with. Express your ability to be responsible and disciplined, as well as innovative and freedom-loving. You are able to attract more harmonious partnerships into your life at this time so use this to your advantage. Just remember to maintain a strong sense of personal identity in the face of any negotiations.

The Full Moon in Scorpio falls in your second house of finances, value systems and personal resources. As the sign of Scorpio is connected to transformation and release, now is a good time to reflect on what about these areas in your life is working and what is not. You are being made aware of any debts at this time as well as habitual patterns of self-sabotage that are compromising your ability to wield your power and transform your abilities into abundance. This is not a time for seeking comfort from the storm. In fact, any self-destructive behaviours that are in the name of comfort (binge drinking, being lazy, etc.) will not provide the release you are looking for. Only through the acceptance of what needs to change along with motivated efforts to make the change happen will you feel better about your situation. If you have been managing your personal finances well, this is a time to open yourself up to an increased flow of income and to embrace your power to do so. Just remember that selfish and self-serving desires will inevitably attract situations into your life that may create fluctuations in your financial stability. Embrace the high road and you will see your money coming in from more high vibing sources.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This is your Full Moon, Scorpio, and your time to sit with the intensity of your emotional landscape in order to make the necessary changes that will allow for a truer and more open expression of your soul nature. Your will is strong and your energy reserves potent, but you often underestimate your ability to grow and to release what is no longer serving your greatest good. Learn to see your emotional messengers as helpful allies that are trying to guide you towards a more fulfilling life. Your ability to resist change is a means to self-sacrifice, and the self you are sacrificing is the one that harbours your deepest desires and holds the key to your personal empowerment. What you are afraid of is the doorway to your liberation, and the inner war will wage on until you’ve learnt to embrace what makes you vulnerable. If you’ve been actively on the path of integrating your shadow side and working with your darker energies, now is a time to fully embrace the strength you have uncovered throughout this journey.

Your ruler, Mars, is being activated by both Neptune and Jupiter during this Full Moon period. In your eighth house (the natural house of Scorpio), Mars signals that your will is to be further invested in making this a period of active transition and release. Profound sexual experiences can be an awakening trigger at this time especially, and will help you to integrate a less self-serving approach to your creative self-expression. A favourable aspect between your sixth and second houses shows that any work done now will bring about the development of talents that will be integral to your financial future. Be organized and plan realistically in order to get the most out of the incoming opportunities. Don’t underestimate the value of maintaining your physical health and strength during this time with proper diet and exercise. Failure to do so may limit your ability to get the job done.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house, Sagittarius. This is the natural house of Pisces, and one closely connected to the expression of your inner saviour and spiritual soul. In order to harness these deeply spiritual energies, Pisces and the twelfth house demand a high level of compassion and selflessness. You may feel closer to your fears and inner sense of isolation at this time, and this is because the energies surrounding this moon are amplifying those aspects of yourself that divide you from your highest spiritual self. Our sense of isolation and participating in life as a separate being are part of the illusion of the material world. Now is the time to nurture what makes you feel a part of the interconnected whole and to release the aspects of yourself that behave as if outside of this ultimate truth. If you easily connect to your journey as a part of the whole, this is a psychedelic time where synchronicities are more apparent than usual, and you may feel you are receiving a lot of messages that reveal the hidden meaning of life’s experiences. Spend some time meditating and in contemplative thought, the time is ripe for receiving answers.

Now is an equally fruitful time to work hard and enjoy your power to attract financial prosperity into your life. Keep your body strong with regular exercise and a good diet to make the most of this potential for more abundance to come in. Also, your ruler, Jupiter, is in a favourable aspect to your seventh house Mars, meaning now is a good time to make connections through your partner or friend groups that will contribute new opportunities in line with your long-term goals. Take advantage by taking action!

Make sure you are being open with your partner at this time about any feelings you are experiencing at home. Any ambivalence or confusion about your emotional needs will be met with frustration and could cause an argument. Be real about what you require to achieve emotional security and be sure that your partner’s needs are being met, too.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eleventh house of friend groups and long-term goals, Capricorn. Now is a favourable time to take action towards the fulfilment of your vision for the future and to use your connections in order to facilitate your process of self-realization. You have been on a journey to find your inner strength and power and with this moon you are feeling it. The transformations you have made to your self-expression and your increased desire to honour what makes you unique are in full swing so there is no better time to take advantage of your efforts.

Your ruler, Saturn, is in a trine aspect with Mercury and Uranus in your fourth house. This indicates a period where the changes you have been making to your home in order to feel more emotionally secure will pay off and leave you feeling spiritually recharged. Continue doing what you feel is necessary to bring more harmony and comfort into your home, your relationships will thank you.

With Mars in your sixth house, be aware of any frustrations or tensions with people at work. Your feeling of being misunderstood or any difficulties in communication will likely be a source of anger at this time. Behaving compassionately towards others will help them to be more compassionate towards you. Don’t let your strong will get in the way of maintaining harmony at your workplace. Be open about your needs but in a way that allows others to feel that negotiation is possible.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your tenth house of career, Aquarius. Embrace your role as the water-bearer and pour forth the wisdom from your vessel in whatever manner you intend to serve the whole. Self-care and emotional security is important at this time so that you can take up the space you deserve during this moon and bring your talents to the public. If you don’t feel connected to your life purpose and are not living out your role as the bringer of knowledge to the people, now is the time to question what it is in your life that is stopping you from stepping into your power. You are being called to release any self-limiting beliefs or emotional patterns of self-sabotage that keep you locked into comfort-seeking instead of consistently breaking through new boundaries. Look to the dissolution of the ego self, the one that feels isolated and separate from the whole, for any clues about your deeper fears that keep you small. Resistance will only lead to more frustration while acceptance will move the process of coming into your own further.

Your two rulers, Uranus and Saturn, are in a trine aspect from your eleventh to your third house. Now is a good time to use all your contacts and friends to place more structure around the fulfilment of your long-term vision. People who can contribute to this journey will naturally come into your life at this time so pay attention. You have a tendency to either go too far into structure and discipline or waver too much on the fringes of society, playing the rebel for a reason that ends up being fruitless in the end. These two sides of you will be more in harmony at this time, so learn from their balance in order to apply it in the future.

You are being met with many opportunities to express your beliefs and grow through your ability to teach others. Don’t let any financial stresses hinder your creative self-expression at this time, and don’t take any of your uncertainty towards finances out on your children or family. Practice trust and patience.

Pisces and Pisces rising

This Full Moon falls in your ninth house, Pisces. It is illuminating your belief systems and your ability to apply your philosophies into your daily life. The sign of Scorpio is all about release, and now is a fruitful time to consider what beliefs are serving your greatest good and which ones are not. Your delight in glamour and what is surreal can sometimes sway you in the wrong direction. If you find yourself wrapped up in beliefs that don’t feel applicable to daily life or ones that somehow remove from you aspects of your personal power, placing it in the hands of a group or higher force that controls your fate, you may want to re-evaluate why this is so. If you have been nurturing a life philosophy that serves your spiritual evolution, an opportunity to share your knowledge through teaching or writing may come into your life at this time; or it may be as simple as a fulfilling conversation with a friend who longs for your more holistic and compassionate approach to the human experience.

With Mars in your fourth house, you are eager to be more assertive about your emotional needs. Challenging this placement is Neptune in the first, amplifying the natural state of the Piscean energy, which is always asking you to set down your ego boundaries and behave with compassionate understanding. Refrain from being self-sacrificial at this time or from escaping from your anger through indulgences in alcohol or other mind-altering substances. Participating in a bit of confrontation in order to make sure your emotional needs are met is empowering and will help to transform the side of you that has a harder time standing up for yourself.

With Venus moving into your second house, you should be feeling pretty comfortable financially and may find you are able to more easily attract money into your life.  Rather than your active, masculine will, it is actually your kinder, receptive side that is going to make this happen, so make sure you are tending to your emotional garden in order to ensure it is ready to receive.

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