Horoscopes for the New Moon in Gemini

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Aries and Aries Rising

This New Moon falls in your third house of learning and communication, Aries. Set your intentions for coming across new knowledge that is going to expand your mind and set new boundaries for your mental horizons. Think about the kind of people you’d like to meet in your neighbourhood or immediate vicinity that would really stimulate your mind and could offer opportunities for growth.

A grand Fire trine is in effect during this New Moon period and should leave you feeling pretty fresh and inspired. The North Node has moved into Leo and your fifth house and encourages the development of your radiant gifts to the world. What kind of creative genius can you bring to the table? Nurture it and make plans for its concretization. However be aware that your ruler, Mars, is being challenged by Saturn at this time, and no undisciplined or unstructured work will do. Be diligent and don't get too easily discouraged or frustrated; it is only the tauntings of Saturn trying to get you to apply more mastery to your process.

If you are in a committed relationship, you may find this to be a more challenging period where deep inner urges are surfacing and threatening the feeling of harmony within the relationship. As opposed to resisting the change that needs to happen or suppressing any dark or difficult feelings, be open to reaching new levels of understanding and intimacy with your partner through the resolution of what is surfacing. If there are fears that stand in the way of deepening your connection, it is important to communicate them and to be open to compromise. Luckily, you are feeling a bit more likely to consider your partner’s needs at this time, although if made to feel as though you should be doing more or giving more, you will start to feel depleted. Take it slow but take it on.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This New Moon falls in your second house of finances and personal resources, Taurus. This is your natural domain and you desire the comfort that feeling secure in these areas of life will bring. Set your intentions for the talents you would like to develop and the abundance you would like to attract into your life. Be aware that achieving this may require you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to grow. Be open to straying outside the habitual patterns you have set up for yourself in the pursuit of inner strength and profound self-knowledge. Recognize that any resistance to transformation may impede the influx of the wealth you desire. Release your attachments to doing things in only one way and you will unearth the potential for a power that was previously unknown to you.

A grand Fire trine is in effect during this New Moon and is highlighting your and fourth, eighth and twelfth houses. You may experience some profound emotions rapidly coming to the surface and finding their resolution. Try your best to stay engaged with your feeling nature, considering your deepest needs, your ability to let go and your experience of connection to the whole. Spend time outdoors or in communion with your favourite wildlife in order to feel more grounded and to experience your place in the whole of existence. Your ability to transcend the material reality which so often binds you as an Earth sign will be extremely helpful in this time that is rich in potential for personal growth.

Your ruler, Venus, is currently being squared by Pluto, planet of the underworld. Be aware of any self-sacrificial behaviour in relationships and the way these actions strip you of your power. Find the balance between healthy compassion and victim/saviour-type behaviour. Reconsider some of your beliefs that make you feel as though you have to play the mercy card over and over again in your relationships. Recognize that your feelings are valid and need to be expressed. Forgiveness is pure and necessary but not if it consistently interrupts the fulfilment of your emotional needs. Likely a lot of intense emotions are going to arise at this time and the best way to manage them is to not resist the change they are asking you to make.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

It’s your season, Gemini! This New Moon is rich in potential for you to develop new self-awareness and to better express what you consider the truest aspects of yourself. Set your intentions for further exploring and developing your unique way of being and for releasing any shame or self-consciousness that keeps you shy or insecure around others. Think about the kinds of relationships you would like to attract into your life that would support your most authentic self-expression. Consider the balance necessary for the fulfilment of your need for intimacy along with your desire for freedom and independence. If there are certain authority figures in your life that are challenging your will, do not become too frustrated by their demands. Play along and set up a more organized and disciplined approach to achieving what you desire.

A grand Fire trine is in effect during this New Moon and is highlighting your third, seventh and eleventh houses. Your ability to communicate is strong, and now is a good time to enter into a more serious relationship if you’ve been considering deepening your commitment to a romantic partner. Now is also a good time to negotiate business deals and use your many contacts towards the fulfillment of your long-term vision.  Just be aware of any toxic emotions that are surfacing in members of your friend group or community. It is possible that certain active power struggles at play will reveal themselves at this time, and it is important that you do not engage in any manipulative tactics. Recognize that intense emotions will always provoke the desire to react. As soon as we react, we have attached our focus to the emotional drama at hand, and have lost control of the conscious direction of our energy. Although it is less satisfying to the ego, it is important to not embellish your emotional struggles with gossip or strong convictions of your beliefs about the situation. Relax and release your feelings in private.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

A large pool of energy is stirring in your twelfth house of healing and spiritual salvation, Cancer, including this New Moon. Now is a good time to be a bit more low-key and reflective, taking some time for yourself and working through some old emotions that are now being illuminated by the Sun as it travels through your twelfth house. Set your intentions for healing and spiritual growth, and consider the physical strength you would like to develop and nurture during this lunar cycle. Likely you have been giving a lot of your energy to others in the last little while, and as Mars moves into Cancer on June 5th, you will have more of that energy available for yourself.

A grand Fire trine is active and highlighting your second, sixth, and tenth houses. This is a very positive omen for the continuation of the career streak you have been on for the last few months. Work should be flowing in and opportunities for financial reward and career growth are ample. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself properly and managing your personal resources well.

Be aware of any power struggles that are surfacing in your close relationships and that may threaten your career success. Likely these individuals do not understand your emotional needs and are asking for more than you are able to give. Resist engaging in any manipulative games or acting in ways that are secretive; likely your attempt to keep things under the surface will be revealed at this time. There is the potential to be transformed by your partnership or to engage in a more intense intimacy if you are able to stay open to change and working through painful emotions. Allow yourself to be vulnerable but do not give away your personal power to the other. This will allow for a kind of purging process that, while painful at first, will lead to new depths of understanding.

Leo and Leo Rising

This New Moon takes place in your eleventh house of friend groups and long-term goals, Leo. Set your intentions for developing your unique contribution to the human family and for clarification as to how your creativity can be used to better mankind. At this time you are likely feeling the pressure to set into concrete motion some of the ideas that you have been nursing related to this concept and your zest for freedom and independent action will require a balance of self-discipline and organized structure. Do not let this discourage you or make you feel limited by your material circumstances. Find a way to temper your more rebellious side with a dedicated and organized approach to success.

A grand fire trine is active at this time and is highlighting your first, fifth and ninth houses. Explore your dedication to individuality and the merits of developing greater self-control at this time. Now is a good moment to invest your energy into perfecting your creative expression or becoming the master of your craft. You may come upon an opportunity for far distance travel through your creative work, so taking your craft more seriously will work to your advantage.

You may find yourself reassessing your values and their relationship to your belief system at this time. It is possible that a health concern will surface that makes you question some of your recent indulgences or affects your ability to be social. Allow any discomfort about your physical ailment to surface and help to inform your beliefs around your current lifestyle. It is possible you may have to integrate a more spiritual approach to your day-to-day living and with Mars entering your twelfth house on June 5th, it will only be natural for more of your energy to go into spiritual contemplation and service. 

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This New Moon brings new opportunities to your career, Virgo! Set your intentions for what kind of career moves you’d like to make that would bring a sense of emotional elation and profound personal comfort into your life. Imagine your ideal emotional landscape, and what your work path would look like if it were able to fulfill your deepest emotional desires. Taking steps in this direction will help you to find a structure that supports your longing for emotional stability and confidence.

A grand Fire trine is taking place and highlights your fourth, eighth and twelfth houses. If there were ever a time for deep personal transformation, this is it. You’ve been changing a lot and working through many of your emotional complexes since Uranus has been in your eighth house. While this grand trine is in effect, you will find an outside boost to this process that seems to speed things up and lighten the load. With the north node having moved into your twelfth house, you are being asked to enter the spiritual ego. How will you flower the egoic lotus? Remain strong in your identity and ability to radiate your purpose and yet maintain your position and responsibility in relation to the whole.

The next little while will prove to be a bit tricky for romance, especially connections that are more superficial in nature. Any relationship that is lacking in depth and intensity will not survive the Venus-Pluto square that is currently happening between your fifth and eighth houses. If there is a more superficial connection you have been maintaining in your life, now is the time it could begin to deepen. What is hidden and unknown will float to the surface and the way you handle what you are exposed to will either be transformative or destructive. Either way, death is required for a rebirth to occur so to a degree destruction will be a part of that process. Do your best to stay lucid and process the emotions as they arise; any suppression will create resentment that is bound to surface later in a dramatic fashion.

Libra and Libra Rising

This New Moon falls in your ninth house of beliefs, Libra. Set your intentions for what kind of new information you’d like to take in that you would find exciting to communicate to your peers and neighbours or perhaps on a larger scale, through teaching or writing projects. Now is the time to seek answers to some of life’s deeper questions, and the naturally philosophical positioning of this lunar cycle will provide you with many clues that will deepen and expand your world-view. It is possible that some of your beliefs may be challenged by their ability to be applied to practical, daily situations. Now is the time to transmute some of the wisdom you’ve gained from your experience into a liveable philosophy. As Mars moves from your ninth house to your tenth on June 5th, you are free to explore the way this new wisdom can contribute to your life’s purpose and career path.

A grand Fire trine is in effect at this time and is highlighting your third, seventh, and eleventh houses. What have your relationships taught you about yourself and about your unique contribution to the human family? An ease in communication opens up at this time to allow you to reach out to your intimate friendships and larger friend network in order to share ideas and negotiate new projects and joint endeavours.

If you are currently in a serious relationship, this time will likely be challenging. Your ruler, Venus, is currently in hard aspect to Pluto, planet of the underworld. You may feel as though your partner is putting a great amount of pressure on you to be more present for their emotional needs, and is demanding more generosity from you than you are able to give. You may feel you are being pulled in opposite directions: you would like to explore your personal freedom more, but you are being asked to lend a large part of your energies into resolving certain intense emotional reactions that are surfacing in the relationship. Avoid entering a power struggle or overreacting to the pressure. If you are able to engage on the level your partner is asking of you, the relationship could deepen to reveal and transform parts of you that you didn’t know existed. Alternatively, it could be you that is making demands and placing pressure on the relationship. Either way, it is important for you to embrace the message of change that comes along with the intense emotions you are going to inevitably experience during this time. Efforts made towards deeper self-knowledge will contribute greatly to your personal empowerment. 

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This New Moon is taking place in your eighth house, Scorpio. Let the wave of transformation and rebirth continue! Set your intentions for what you’d like to let go of in your life and what kind of emotional patterns you would like to change. Reflect on the role that attachment plays in your comfort-seeking behaviours and consider the sacrifices you could make that would help you to live with more discipline. Likely the release of outworn habits will be favourable to your financial freedom, and is worth fighting for. Just be aware that at this time your ruler, Mars, is in hard aspect to Saturn, and this often generates a lot of frustration when you are trying to get things done. Be patient with yourself and don't take Saturn's tauntings too seriously. Use the pressure to develop more organizational skills and to develop mastery of your craft.

A grand Fire trine is active at this time and is highlighting your second, sixth and tenth houses. This is a blessed omen for success in career and workflow! With the north node having recently moved into your tenth house, matters of your career and life’s creative purpose will take more precedence. Nurture your ability to radiate your individuality and see yourself as a figure of influence. Your destiny is calling you to shed your attachment to certain emotional comforts in favour of the development of your life’s purpose. 

Be careful of your health during this time. Any indulgences in sugar or toxic foods will cause unwanted weight gain and will leave you feeling depleted and disconnected from your natural strength of will and focus. Your diet may also affect your dreams at this time, causing the unconscious mind to communicate through exaggerated narratives that make you feel uncomfortable. Your daily habits will likely need an overhaul in order to make a shift in health possible. Consider this: healthier living will allow you to enjoy the subtler aspects of life that unhealthy foods make you numb to. Opening the door to the mind-body connection also opens the doorway into a more rich and fertile land of imagination, and we all know how much you crave the psychedelia of life, Scorpio.  

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This New Moon falls in your seventh house of partnerships and close relationships, Sagittarius. Set your intentions for the kinds of people you would like to attract in your life, whether it be for friendship, romance or business. Now is a good time to bring people into your world that are going to honour your authentic way of being and contribute to your self-knowledge and personal growth.

A grand fire trine is active at this time and is highlighting your first, fifth and ninth houses. With the North Node having recently moved into Leo and your ninth house, you will feel a deeper desire to explore what higher education, long-distance travel, and ancient texts have to teach you about the fulfilment of your destiny. Teaching and writing come naturally to you, and these may be other ways you begin to channel this North Node energy. Now is a good time for inspired self-expression that is both innovative and structured in its approach. Be both inventive and disciplined towards your creative projects and you will yield a fruitful harvest!

Any superficial romance that is in your life at this time will have to deepen in order to stay relevant. A square from Venus in your fifth house and Pluto in your second indicates that matters of self-worth, finances or personal value systems will surface to create conflicts that require a change in perspective in order to be worked through successfully. Avoid any destructive patterns of relating and stay clear about what matters to you. Although it may feel better to look to material comforts to ease the pain of what is surfacing, try to focus on the meaning of the experience. A rich personal transformation is waiting to occur if you will let it.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This New Moon falls in your sixth house of health, work and daily ritual, Capricorn. Set your intentions for what kind of physical healing you would like to see happen in your life. Is there a part of your body or an aspect of your energy that feels like it is struggling? Now is a good time to integrate new and healthier foods into your diet, to start a new exercise regimen if you haven’t already, and to add daily ritual into your life in order to provide you with a sense of grounding and to help strengthen your mind-body connection.

A grand Fire trine is active at this time and is highlighting your fourth, eighth and twelfth houses. You may find that some of the emotional struggles you have been experiencing begin to come to a point of resolution and there is potential to work through these at a faster pace than usual. Consider self-love, strength in vulnerability and faith in the unknown as healing concepts for your personal evolution. With the North Node now in your eighth house, letting go of old and destructive emotional patterns becomes integral to your ability to radiate your soul self out in the world and be comfortable with developing yourself as a figure of influence.

Be aware that any unexpressed emotions you are experiencing at home will now contribute greatly to any stress and tension in your body and will drain your vitality. Instead of being passive and manipulative or demanding and confrontational, try a lucid and heart-centered approach at communicating what your needs are. If properly harnessed, the energies pouring forth from the current Venus-Pluto square offer a powerful opportunity for old resentments to come to the surface and to be released. Air out your deep emotions and don’t neglect the intensity of your feelings. There is much potential for personal transformation and empowerment at this time if a deeper level of understanding and communication can be reached in our relationships. Remember that pain is a doorway into surrender and profound inner change.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This New Moon takes place in your fifth house of romance, creativity, and children, Aquarius. Set your intentions for what you would like to channel through creative self-expression and how you feel this could contribute to the human family and your greater community of friends and like-minded visionaries. If there is a friend in your life that you are beginning to develop romantic feelings for, now may be the time to act on your attraction. Just make sure you are not being too forceful or demanding too much of any romantic situation.

A grand Fire trine is active at this time and is highlighting your third, seventh and eleventh houses. Now is a good time to reach out to neighbourhood contacts, close friends, and your greater community of acquaintances to exchange ideas and set some new projects in motion. Just be aware that some of the interactions you have with your siblings or immediate contacts may set off some deep emotional responses in you that feel old, outworn and destructive. Be very aware of the way you are communicating and strive to steer clear of any manipulative tactics to getting what you want. A lucid and heart-centered approach to expressing your needs is the best option during this time and will offer the potential for you to grow and release some of your old ways of relating that have gotten you into trouble in the past.

With the North Node having moved into Leo and your seventh house, you may be sensing your desire for a serious relationship growing. When you learn how to balance your need for freedom and the ability to be a bit more vulnerable inside a close partnership, you will have unlocked an important piece of your personal becoming.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This New Moon falls in your fourth house of home, self-care and emotional needs, Pisces. Set your intentions for what kind of self-care practices you would like to bring into your life that will make you feel more confident and will nurture greater emotional stability. Consider how your ability to feel emotional secure will affect your steps towards career advancement. What could you be doing in your life that would make you feel safer, more nurtured and more emotionally supported?

A grand Fire trine is active at this time and is highlighting your second, sixth and tenth houses. Now is a good time to consider how your self-worth affects your organizational skills at work and your work relationships, and how this contributes to your overall sentiments towards your career. There is a lot of potential for a nice flow of income and work to flood in if you are able to be both disciplined and innovative in your approach to your career growth. Alternatively, you could experience a positive shift in your health that has come from a recent reassessment of your values and a structured approach to their execution.

It is likely that your relationships will experience some tensions during this time, as a Venus-Pluto square is in effect between your second and eleventh houses. If you are feeling taken advantage of by a member of your friend group or extended community, try to communicate your needs in a way that is clear and gentle. Likely you will be revisited by some old emotional patterns that are more destructive than beneficial and it is important for you to work through these and to release them. Avoid escapist tendencies or indulgence in foods, sweets, alcohol or cigarettes. These will not help you to take on the transformation process that is being asked of you and will instead feed your resistance to resolving these old issues. Be brave and clear the cobwebs from your underworld. Even the most uncomfortable of inner spaces need regular maintenance.

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