Full Moon Scoop: Moon in Pisces

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The coming Full Moon in Pisces is occurring on Wednesday, September 6th at 3:02 AM Eastern Time

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The first thing I thought of when sitting down to write the scoop on the coming Full Moon in Pisces was Leonard Cohen’s chart. He was born a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon (waxing but not yet full) with an opposition between the Moon and Neptune. His birth Neptune was also in the same degree (12 degrees Pisces) as our current Neptune, which is the ruler of Pisces and will also be a major player in this Full Moon as it is opposing the Sun and in a close conjunction (1 degree orb) with Wednesday’s Full Moon.

So there is a bit of Cohen’s energy in the air: mystical, seeking transfiguration, longing for the inner peace of enlightenment, and trying to find the balance in mind and body that allows for spirit to soar in this way. This Moon is heavy in a sense, as it pulls us towards the axis in the wheel that demands purity of thought, feeling and action. Virgo is a sign concerned with the soundness of mind-body and the efficiency of action in all things, and Pisces is the sign of Christ the saviour in its highest expression. His symbolic sacrifice on the cross and ultimate compassion for his killers embody the divine calling of the final sign of the zodiac. “Forgive them Lord, for they know not,” is the battlecry of our Piscean hero, and with this moon’s conjunction to Neptune, ruler of Pisces, compassionate forgiveness and spiritual release is the force with which we move forward.

This Moon is occurring at 13 degrees Pisces, for which the Sabian symbol is:

An ancient sword, used in many battles, is displayed in a museum.

Of which Rudhyar states: “through the effectual use of his will a consecrated man can become a symbol of courage for all those who follow in his footsteps.”

The word consecrate, of course, means to make sacred, which beautifully supports the final act of forgiveness that was taken by Christ.

To make something sacred or holy involves an act of devotion on the part of the spiritual will of man. This is the most powerful weapon with which we can display our courageousness in life, for it means our actions will always remain in alignment with the Divine. This removes us from the drudgery of karma (the cosmic law that pushes us towards spiritual evolution) and moves us into our dharma, which implies living in alignment with our life’s purpose and working within the spiritual unity of all things.

It is this kind of action to which we have to dedicate ourselves at this time. The sky is full of fire as Leo season slowly tapers off, and this is by no means a passive time. Although we have several retrograde planets asking us to make time for reflection and reconnection, there is a quality of resolution and revelation to this period. With Mercury in an exact trine aspect to it’s higher octave energy, Uranus, now is the time to allow the descent of divinely channelled genius to invigorate our ideas and help us to understand, through true gnosis, what we are seeking. By uniting with the quality we are searching for, it will communicate to us what we need to know. 

One thing to be aware of at this time is the spiritual restlessness that can express itself when Neptune is a major player in the heavens. If we do not have an active outlet for our spiritual lives, this time can create an escapist desire to merge with the undifferentiated oceans from which life initially arose. The safety of this place is analogous to the maternal womb, wherein life was experienced as connected to our needs and thoughts. Neptune presides over all intoxicants, which allow us a similar sense of connection and unity, although it is a fleeting one and is ultimately destructive to our life force energy. If you feel the desire to lose yourself, make time to retreat and reflect on the deeper meaning of your emotional process. What area of your life can be developed in order to better satisfy your inner joy and desire for connection? Embrace the inner monk and revel in the beauty of all that is.

Love is the fundamental state of our universe and if you are unable to connect to this truth, now is the time for the soul-searching that will yield many insights.

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Ines Radjenovic