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This New Moon creates a Solar Eclipse in Leo. Whenever there is a Lunar or Solar Eclipse, the Lunar nodes are involved by conjunction with whatever celestial body is being affected. On the 7th, we experienced a partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius, wherein the Moon came into conjunction with the South Node, a karmic point in the chart that indicates a set of past life patterns that need to be released. Now, the Sun and Moon will come into a conjunction with the North Lunar Node, affirming areas of our life we have to develop in order to more fully unite with our individual destiny. If you would like more information on the nature of this solar eclipse, read my guide to August’s eclipse season here.

Aries and Aries Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your fifth house, Aries. This is the natural house of Leo in the horoscope and asks you to continue developing your ideal manner of self-expression and creative work. There has been a lot of energy available to you recently in focusing on this area and if anything, this eclipse is the apex of that journey. As the Sun is trining Uranus during this time, there is a real opportunity for the fusion of your inner Leo/Aquarius. One builds his kingdom around shameless self-expression and receiving praise, and the other works with his gifts of knowledge and foresight to enlighten humanity towards higher ideals. Do what you do in a way that is revolutionary! You are already comfortable standing out, so fear of isolation or aloneness won’t stop you from being yourself. It’s time to release any illusions about who you ought to be and the way you are meant to express that in the world. Nurturing your individuality is such an integral part of expressing the Arien energy, so if there’s something you’ve been shy or cautious about putting out there, now is the time. Your ruler, Mars, will be in Leo until August 26th, so take advantage of this last push towards a genuine freedom of being.

Venus is currently in your fourth house of emotional stability, home life and self-love, and is being squared by both Uranus and Jupiter. You may find that your relationships are unpredictable at this time, or perhaps you are more pulled towards isolation, which makes you seem unpredictable to others. This may place some tension on your ability to feel emotionally secure, so be mindful of maintaining harmony in your relationships at this time. You may also feel that others aren’t being as generous with you, or that you are compelled to be less generous with others. If finances are a bit tight, there is sound reasoning for this, but if not ask yourself what is motivating this attitude. Could it be a lack of faith or a focus on more materialistic values? The air should clear by the first week of September after Venus enters Leo.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your fourth house of emotional independence, self-love and home life, Taurus. In a trine aspect to Uranus in the twelfth house, this eclipse is asking you to take a closer look at your attachment style and how this affects your sense of emotional stability and safety in life. As a fixed Earth sign, you are prone to creating attachments not just in relationships but also to ways of thinking, eating, and spending your time. Sometimes these attachments can verge on dependence, and that is when your stubbornness can create self-destructive patterns of behaviour. Uranus is the planet of detachment. It is extremely airy in expression, and involves lifting out of a circumstance to see the bigger picture, and the way that all the separate parts of something come together. It means that you can’t see through the lens of your perspective alone, and instead have to use the intuition to guide you through situations that you may otherwise feel compelled to respond to in a self-centered manner. Now is a good time to ask yourself whether or not your inner sense of security allows you to engage with people and possessions in a healthy way or whether you become dependant on habits or relationships to bring a sense of comfort into your life. What self-love practices are missing from your repertoire that may assist you in feeling more secure with yourself alone? It is important that you develop these for they are the key to a sense of liberation within. This same feeling is also what helps you persevere in matters of career, and allows you to stand apart from your competitors. An inner feeling of security radiates outwards and is observable to all those whose paths cross yours.

Your ruler, Venus, is in Cancer and your third house at this time. This planet’s placement in Cancer is another nod to the importance of this issue of nurturance and self-directed love at this time. You will likely come into a greater understanding of where your attachment style verges on dependent through experiencing a bit of chaos in your relationships during this time. It may also feel as though certain excesses present in your work life are affecting your ability to communicate freely or feel comfortable financially. Use your natural desire to make nice with others in order to have an open dialogue about any misunderstandings. If you feel as though the desire to just disappear out of a situation without facing it head on, try to consider how this will affect your ability to attract opportunities in the future.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your third house of communication, learning and neighbourhood contacts, Gemini. This is your natural house of the horoscope and urges you into looking at how well you are expressing your Geminian gifts in this incarnation. As the third principle of creation, the consciousness that allows communication between soul and body, you are blessed with the Mercurial gifts of a quick mind and a curiosity to know and experience your immediate surroundings. As Mercury has gone retrograde again and will stay in this motion until September 5th, it is important for you to be extra conscious of how you are using these energies at this time. You are a sign of relation and creating connections between concepts as well as between yourself and other individuals. Likely you have met some new friends during Leo season, and this has inspired you to pour forth more energy into your long-term vision and openly express your visionary ideals. Move closer into applying this knowledge in your daily life instead of working with it as an intellectual concept. Root more deeply in how your ideas can make your day to day life more efficient and can help you bring to life what you have access to in the realm of thought and inspiration. Your ruler, Mercury, has entered Virgo, and now is a good time to begin the actualization of your plans and projects. Organization and efficiency are keys to the Virgoan energy, and you can more easily harness these qualities at this time.

Venus is currently in your second house of finances and personal resources and is being squared by Uranus and Jupiter. Watch out for spending habits that are excessive, impulsive or too idealistic. If you are working out your relationship to money at this time, consider how you could more innovatively work with your resources to create greater financial prosperity and more comfort in your life. Likely this is not a time for easy money, so plan now what you will put into action when Venus enters Leo on August 26th.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your second house of finances and personal resources, Cancer. In trine aspect with Uranus in your tenth house of career, this eclipse is clearly asking you to use your ingenuity and out of the box thinking in order to create new financial prospects for yourself and to deepen your ability to transform your skillset into material abundance and prosperity. As the Sun is in conjunction with the North Node, there is an aspect of your personal destiny that is attached to your ability to skilfully flip energy into financial gain for yourself at this time. Adding to this is Saturn in your sixth house of work trining Mars as it moves through the second house. Opportunities are lining up for a new way of looking and thinking about your personal resources. If you are able to successfully integrate this energy, much satisfaction awaits in this area of life.

Venus is currently stationed in your first house of the self, which would normally lead to increased feelings of ease and satisfaction, however Venus is under a bit of stress, being squared on both sides by Uranus in the tenth house and Jupiter in your fourth house.  Being that these are the angular houses of your horoscope, you’ll be feeling the effects of this planetary dialogue quite strongly. You may feel as though your relationships are unpredictable or have unexpectedly gone on hiatus, especially in the realm of your career. Alternatively, others may be experiencing you as unpredictable and hard to reach. It may also feel as though maintaining harmony in your relationships is a chore, and it may not be so easy to access feelings of generosity with others. Be aware that at this time your discomforts may impel you to making large purchases in favour of feeling more secure. Be mindful to always reflect your deepest values in the ways you spend your money. Things should calm down by the first week of September.

Leo and Leo Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your first house of you, you, and you, Leo! This eclipse is a big opportunity for you to work out a lot around your sense of self, your independence, and the way you express your passions. You will feel an extra drive towards understanding yourself and gaining more depth into what makes you who you are. This knowledge will assist you in mapping out what kinds of actions you’d like to take towards manifesting your unique purpose in this life in a way that is independent of others. The North Node in conjunction with this eclipse is urging you towards making decisions for yourself alone and being less dependent on others for your personal development. Just be aware that all this energy pooling in your house of self-interest be balanced by keeping fair judgement in your relationships and staying out of isolative behavioural patterns. Stay diplomatic and charming and appreciate the people you have in your life that honour you just the way you are. A trine from Mars in your first to Saturn in your fifth house of creativity and self-expression suggests you will easily take responsibility for ways of behaving that have not honoured those in your life who provide you with a worthwhile mirror.

You are also given the strength to let go of the relationships that are not serving your greatest good at this time. With a stressed Venus in your twelfth house the question of which relationships you nurture that are unpredictable and hindering your personal growth will most certainly surface. Are you playing the saviour for anyone in your life, or do you find yourself seeking salvation inside another person? Our salvation lay inside no outside circumstance or individual, and instead is being carried in the depth of our heart and connection to the Divine. Look to where your boundaries are loose and your actions fail to reflect the way your really feel about a situation. You cannot simply run away from what makes you feel uncomfortable or challenged. Although it may feel like a restrictive situation, your truth and your needs deserve to be communicated openly. The tension will subside by the time Venus enters your sign on August 26th and should be fully resolved by the first week of September.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your twelfth house of escapism, spirituality and unconscious complexes, Virgo. A lot about this time will feel difficult to put into words- a situation further complicated by the retrogradation of your ruling planet, Mercury. Taking a lot of time for yourself will likely feel more natural during this time, so don’t force yourself to be outgoing and social if it isn’t serving your growth. This house is the natural house of Pisces in the zodiac and can connect you with your deepest spiritual self through a feeling of oneness with all things. You may feel that your ability to perceive the deeper meaning in situations is amplified, and following these intuitional urges may uncover and resolve some of your deeper issues that are usually inherited from the family. This territory is not easy to navigate, and if you find yourself being overwhelmed by anxieties it would be appropriate to start a meditation practice if you don’t already have one, and to take time for contemplation and reflection. If you fall sick during this eclipse, this is the body’s way of telling you to slow down and take some time away from the bustle of the outside world. This is a time for you to go inwards and to let go of some of the personality traits and vices that keep you from being your best self. In its highest expression, this house creates the full union with your inner Christ consciousness, wherein love-wisdom is the purveying ray force and motivation. In its lowest expression, this house creates a deep escapist longing to return to the undifferentiated womb of the universal mother, wherein you have no true identity or responsibility to this world. Be aware of feeding these escapist notions, as they represent the least evolved expression of the Piscean energy (ruler of the twelfth house and your naturally opposing polarity). Luckily, the Sun is moving into your sign on August 23rd, so there will be a greater sense of coming home to your natural energy at that time.

Your ruler, Mercury, will continue in its retrograde motion until September 5th. For you as an Earth sign, Mercury uses the realm of the body to communicate when you are behaving or thinking in ways that are disconnected from your true self and soul purpose. Be mindful of your health during this time, and of your means of analysis and communication. Be very conscious of the ways that you express how you’re feeling, and be aware that your inner messenger might be misinterpreting the messages of others. This is a time to exercise patience and remain unattached to the emotional reactions you may experience. This doesn’t mean you cannot move through the emotions, but rather that you should not attach any narrative to their presence right away.  Take time to process! All is well.

Libra and Libra Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your eleventh house of friend groups, long-term goals and humanitarian work, Libra. This is the natural house of Aquarius in the horoscope, your fellow air sign with which you share many of the same humanitarian and egalitarian values. With the North Node in conjunction with the Sun during this eclipse, you are being asked to examine this area of your life and how well you are able to pour forth the proverbial waters of your individual purpose in service to the whole. Aquarius is the sign of the world server who uses his idealism and visionary zeal to create freedom for groups of individuals and to urge others on their journeys of self-improvement. In order to do this for others, of course, you must first be on this journey yourself. How motivated are you to be a better person tomorrow than you were yesterday? Have you made concrete plans for the expression of your creative gifts and do you find yourself working towards them every day? In this house we cannot use our utopian vision for the betterment of our lives alone but rather must find a concrete way that we can serve others with our talents. Do you find that your long-term goals are a reflection of this commitment towards enriching your society and community? Much personal growth and many opportunities can come your way at this time if you are able to take these considerations seriously. With Mars transiting this house, your partner is standing behind you to assist your making this contribution.

Your ruler, Venus, is in your tenth house during this eclipse and is being squared by Uranus in your seventh and Jupiter in your first. You may be experiencing tensions with co-workers or business partners that make you feel trapped and unable to move within negotiations freely. Be mindful of taking the time you need for yourself so that you can strengthen your self-love and deal with the situation appropriately. If you are able to nurse that part of yourself that can handle any circumstance with a feeling of inner safety it will greatly benefit the resolution of any feelings of dissonance around your relationships.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your tenth house of career and public recognition, Scorpio. Your ambitions and desires in the realm of career are being illuminated so that you can understand how well you are able to attract the opportunities you desire in this area of your life. Are you able to take on the positive Capricorn traits of this house and implement good organizational skills along with discipline and personal responsibility in order to come closer to the fulfilment of your goals and to generate a good reputation amongst your working peers? With your ruler, Mars, currently in this house, it is likely that any failure to harness the positive potential of the mountain goat (Capricorn) will leave you feeling frustrated. Positively, now is the time to shine forth your solar light in order to get the attention you desire for your work and potential! The only catch is that it must be presented in a way that appeals to the prudence and critical eye of the observer. Now is not the time to omit details or cut corners with your work. Approach your career with as much passionate practicality that you can muster and you will open up new vistas of possibility in your career successes. A nice trine from the Sun to Saturn in your second house at this time also suggests that this applied effort will bring financial prosperity your way. All is in the hands of your inner master, the one who is able to bring forth the drive towards perfection that allows you to see the value in practicality and organization.

With Venus in your ninth house and squaring both Uranus and Jupiter, be aware that your partner may seem distant or less enthusiastic at this time. Especially when it comes to matters of your spiritual growth and lifestyle practices, their beliefs may stop them from seeing things from your perspective. Alternatively this dynamic can be expressed within any relationship, and you may find that you are less inclined to be social as your desire for freedom is strong. By the first week of September these feelings should subside.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your ninth house of belief systems, profound experiences and higher learning, Sagittarius. This is your natural house of the horoscope, and points to a focus of energy surrounding the intake of profound knowledge and psychedelic experiences, as well as teaching. The North Node in conjunction with the Sun during this eclipse signals that you need to develop in these areas in order to fulfill a part of your individual destiny. It is in your nature to move towards expansiveness and to desire far-reaching experiences. Take some time to consider what you have learnt from these natural longings and the way that these teachings have informed your world-view. Has the psychedelia of your deepest experiences shown you that all events in life, no matter how small, have a psychedelia of their own? As the opposing sign to Gemini, the keeper of word and symbol, it is up to you to synthesize the meaning of what you have gone through in order to come into the full power of your potential for holistic thought and manifestation. With a trine from the Sun to Uranus in the fifth house, it is clear that the more you express your intuitive side and embrace your eccentricities, the more you will move into optimism as a natural state. There is a clear message to your relation with Leo energy at this time: concentrate the radiance of your individuality so you can spread your message far and wide in order to enlighten others to the presence of the Divine in all things. You may have thoughts of teaching or publishing at this time as well, which is another call to you to organize your experiences in a way that they can be shared with others with the intention of consciousness expansion.

Your ruler, Jupiter, is currently in square aspect to both Venus in your eighth house and Pluto in your second. Watch out for any overwhelming feelings brought on by your relationships with individuals in your community. There are unconscious aspects at work that may be stirring intense reactions in you, and it’s wise to clear the air within yourself about what past pain this is coming from rather than externalizing the struggle to include others. Consider your feelings around self-worth if you come upon a situation that threatens your sense of personal power. The air should clear by the first week of September.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your eighth house of endings, shared resources, and sexuality, Capricorn. There is potential here for you to unearth some deep pains that you have been storing for a long time and that seem to especially affect your relationships and the power dynamics you assume with romantic partners. There is a gateway opening through two trine aspects affecting your fourth and twelfth houses, which are the moksha houses in the horoscope; moksha meaning enlightenment. If you find yourself losing power in any situations, especially related to the expression of your sexuality and issues around money that affect your intimate relationship, know that there is a deeper core issue at work here that has developed as a result of your early childhood conditioning and whether or not you feel as though the world is a safe place for you to express your true self. This eclipse is urging you to invite the surfacing of some of these issues so that you can release them and in this process transform and empower yourself. Be aware that this process can easily be projected onto your intimate partner and resolved through an external conflict. If you feel yourself reacting very intensely, even to the point where your emotions feel violent or explosive, recognize that it is not the circumstance at hand that is creating these emotions but rather is provoking the expression of an old wound that is seeking resolution.

Your ruler, Saturn, is in trine aspect with Mars and the North Node during this eclipse. Your ability to approach the healing of unconscious wounds with the same methodical and organized approach you appreciate in other areas of your life will assist you greatly during this time. With Venus in your seventh house squaring Jupiter in the tenth, you may feel as though your professional relationships are under some tension and that others are being less generous with you. At the same time Venus is squaring Uranus in your fourth, so others may be experiencing you as emotionally unpredictable and detached. By the first week of September these tensions will subside. Until then, be especially aware of maintaining harmony in your relationships.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your seventh house of marriage and partnership, Aquarius. This is the house that is naturally ruled by Leo for you, so there is sure to be some intense activity around relationships and your feeling towards the people that you consider close in your life. The Sun in conjunction with the North Node points to some aspect of harmony and compromise in relationships that you should consider as important to the evolution of your personal destiny. Are you able to communicate openly and freely in your relationships in a way that also keeps the peace? How strong are your negotiation skills, and how well do you manage allowing others to shine their light freely? Because the Sun rules your seventh house, there is a natural feeling that close relationships allow you to be your truest self. You grow from these close associations and express more through one-on-one contacts than you do in large groups. However, don’t forget to invest some energy into the appreciation of the other solar lights with which you are communing. With the Sun in trine to Uranus in your third house, there is a clear suggestion to embracing your Aquarian nature by doing what is true to your unique individuality, and yet it is important that this unique point of individuation that is you does not isolate you from the rest. Uranus, your ruler, gives you the ability to detach mentally and this is why you have a great facility in conceptualizing and taking in information. However, detachment can also create a sense of non-participation. There is lucidity, yes, but is there genuine engagement? Learn to exchange love with your surroundings as freely as possible and you will step into the force of your polar opposite sign Leo, ruler of the heart.

With Venus in your sixth house and squaring Jupiter in your ninth and Uranus in your third, now may not feel like a time where you are super comfortable in your body. The sixth is the house of the mind-body connection and with a stressed Venus in this house there is likely to be some feelings of unease or even disconnection from your feelings of attractiveness. Stay optimistic about your health by putting more focus on a proper diet and exercise regime at this time. Things should be feeling back to normal by the first week of September.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Solar Eclipse falls in your sixth house of health, lifestyle practices and work, Pisces. This is the natural house of your opposing polarity, Virgo. The concentration of energies in this house at this time suggest that you take a deeper look at how well you nurture your body and engage with the importance of the mind-body connection. Did you know that eating the wrong foods could create anxiety in your emotional body? Look more closely at the chronic physical, emotional and mental problems that you experience and ask yourself if you are doing enough to preserve the health of your entire being. The proper management of your body is crucial to the flow and evolution of your energetic being, and the spirituality that you seek to develop depends on nourishing your vitality so your energy can focus in the higher chakra centres and bring greater faith, purpose and guidance into your life. If you have hitherto underestimated the importance of managing your physical health, this eclipse is a wake-up call to bring you into a more involved relationship with this aspect of your being. This is also the house of work and daily ritual. If there are aspects of your day-to-day that feel scattered and unfocused, bring your attention to how you could better organize your day so that your work goes more smoothly. With a trine to the Sun from Uranus in your second house, now is likewise the time to apply your efforts towards building a skillset that could be useful in providing for you financially. There is a feeling of tightening up a bit and immersing yourself in the good things that a little discipline and forethought can bring about.

With Venus in your fifth house and squared by both Jupiter in the eighth and Uranus in the second, now may not be such a good time for your romantic relationship. You may feel that your partner is unpredictable or is seeking more freedom, and this makes you uneasy. Stay diplomatic in your self-expression and maintain harmony regardless of your discomforts. Once the Sun has moved into Virgo and your seventh house on August 23rd, you will have more energy to resolve any conflicts that have cropped up. By the first week of September, you should be feeling a lot better in regards to this area of life.

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