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This Full Moon is a partial lunar eclipse and carries with it the preparation for the total solar eclipse in Leo that is taking place later in the month, on August 21st.

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Aries and Aries Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eleventh house of long-term goals, self-improvement and friend groups, Aries. Its position trines Jupiter in your seventh house of one-on-one relationships, and opposes Mars, which is conjunct the Sun in your fifth house. There is much energy to be worked with here regarding your relationships and your creative contribution to your community. You’ve arrived at a point of maximum tension with your current form of self-expression. What is the new energy you’d like to invite into your creative work? With all this Leo energy, consider a childlike playfulness and work with your strength of improvisation. An opportunity may come your way through your partnership, a close friendship or a business negotiation, so maximize your chances by being open to receiving and extra diplomatic and charming. This will be especially important seeing as Mars, your ruler, is especially prominent during this period, and may provoke your inner warrior to act out a little too aggressively. Stay grounded and move more slowly.

This partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius is conjunct the South Node, which is transiting your eleventh house. Here there is a distinct message to release some way of relating to your friend group or larger community that is no longer serving your personal vision of freedom and revolution. The true visionary act in this world is to love others openly and unconditionally. Don’t allow your idealism to divorce you from others, even if their idea of utopia is different from yours. Your strength will be found from learning to develop a way of relating to everyone from a place of understanding and acceptance. This way you will be able to more successfully contribute your gifts to the whole of humanity.

You may find yourself seeking more time at home and with your partner now that Venus has moved into Cancer and your fourth house. Enjoy your familiar relationships and the comfort you get out of being around those who make you feel safe and known. Your partner should be a great source of grounding and nurturing at this time so enjoy the intimacy this builds between you.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Full Moon falls in your tenth house of career and public recognition and is in trine aspect to Jupiter in your sixth house of work, daily routine and health. A lot of energy is being opened up around your drive for success and desire to make an impression, but not all of it will be straightforward in its progression. This Moon is conjunct Ketu, the South Node of the Moon and the point that Vedic Astrology believes to be connected to past life patterns that need conscious examining in this lifetime in order to be reworked and released. Likely there is some aspect of how you’re pursuing your career path that may require some extra consideration. What motivates you in the realm of success? Are you unconsciously trying to impress society, your parents, or another form of authority that has made you feel as though you need to prove something? As the Aquarian energy is strong during this Moon, it is important to consider what illusions are holding you back from pursuing your true desires and passions. This sign energy is all about breaking free from structures of thought and behaviour that inhibit an individual’s sense of liberty and dull their unique contribution to the world. Where do you stand when it comes to living your most authentic life? If you feel as though you’ve fallen into a habitual daze that leaves little room for new growth or movement, it may be time to take a risk on what truly sets your heart on fire. Likely anger will be the principle indicator that something is wrong, as Mars (our inner warrior) is opposing the Moon and conjunct the Sun at this time.

Your ruler, Venus, has entered Cancer and your third house. You should be feeling particularly social during this planet’s transit through the natural house of Gemini, as well as longing to take in new information and express yourself through writing and communicating new ideas. In Cancer, Venus takes on the maternal role of the caregiver and nurturer, so there will be a bit of this energy coming into your life now as well. You may feel especially inspired to participate in a humanitarian cause, or be of service to someone in your community. Alternatively, someone could reach out and be of service to you, making you feel safe and taken care of, as well as spiritually heightened.

You may find your partner is especially bold at this time, and this is because they are sorting through a new style of self-expression that feels more authentic and connected to their true Self. Enjoy their enthusiasm but watch out for where all that extra energy turns to irritation and intolerance.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Full Moon falls in your ninth house of long-distance travel, belief systems and higher education, Gemini. This is the house belonging to your naturally opposing polarity of Sagittarius. Where you like to collect little bits of information and absorb new knowledge daily, Sagittarius prefers to rely on far-reaching experiences and deep study to inform their perspective and determine their approach to life. Now is the time for you to consider how well you are able to transmute your experiences into wisdom. Sometimes it is hard for you to trust that your inner compass is guiding you in the right direction, but in order for your connection to this part of yourself to grow stronger, you have to take the leap of faith that says my experiences are enough to teach me about what my next step has to be. How do you see the world around you? Are you looking at the big picture or is it easy for you to get distracted by all the little details that cloud your long-term vision? Spend some time practicing trust in the first answer that comes to mind when you have a decision to make about something. Try making important decisions without consulting your close friends or family first, and see where that takes you. Some aspect of the way you are handling your beliefs needs to be reworked. Once you’ve sought the information you feel you need regarding an issue, work with it in applied daily life instead of keeping in the back of your mind as another anecdote for success.

Your ruler, Mercury, is now in the sign of Virgo and transiting your fourth house. You may find yourself spending more time at home, and investing in more of your daily rituals around the house. Perhaps there is a routine you will fall into at this time that will feel especially nurturing and grounding, so explore that. As Mercury is opposing Neptune during this Moon, you may feel that questions around your career are feeling especially foggy. Perhaps the work you are doing now is not reflecting your true purpose, or you’d like to do work that is more in service to others on a spiritual or healing level. Luckily, a trine from Venus in your second house to Neptune suggests that pouring your efforts into developing your skills and working intelligently with your resources could open up a new financial gateway for you and allow you to attract new levels of spiritual awareness through your work.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eighth house of sexuality, shared resources, and transformation, Cancer. Of all the houses an eclipse could fall, this is one of the most intense. The themes of last month’s Full Moon in conjunction with Pluto are likely to come back into your awareness, although their focus may be somewhat shifted. The release you are being asked to move through is by no means straightforward in nature or easy to navigate. Whatever feelings you have that border on crisis are trying to draw attention to areas of your life where you are losing your power. Whether it be debts, concerns over sexuality and sexual expression, or the awareness that some chapter in you life has to come to an end, all these are pulling you towards making decisions in favour of your power and true ability to be the solar hero in this lifetime. Seeing purpose to the fears that are going to surface and working compassionately with yourself will help these energies of transformation along more smoothly. If your concerns are around finances consider your relationship to money. Is your personal power determined by your material circumstances? Does your sense of strength rest in proportion to how much money you have at your disposal? If so, looking into the law of attraction and the abundant universe theory will greatly help you clarify the true purpose of money in your life, and how it functions as a form of energy. If sexuality is your concern, again seek answers regarding your relationship to power in this area. If your sexuality feels overpowering to you, reflect on why it is difficult for you to step into your joy and feel intense pleasure. Is it a question of worthiness? By being able to engage more consciously with these areas of your life it will be easier for you to resolve the issue. Knowledge is power, and there are resources that can help to guide you along this journey.

With Venus in your sign and first house, some of this journeying will be assisted by the natural feeling of comfort you can connect to as this planet transits your house of self. Investigate different forms of spiritual practice and the multitude of belief systems out there that are intended to guide each individual towards a place of inner peace and harmony. This will help to make you feel supported and connected to something much greater than yourself, which is there to assist you and pour forth its loving energy to light your path.

Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your seventh house of marriage, business partnerships and close friendships, Leo. Because this Moon is in conjunction with the South Node (creating the partial lunar eclipse) it hinges especially around the release of past life patterns that have created illusion and obstruction in this lifetime. You are a real lover, Leo. Your sign energy is directly connected to the heart and the expression and reception of love. But is your style of loving pure and expressed with clarity and compassion? Are you able to love without feeling possessiveness, without wanting to control or fearing the loss of your freedom in relationship? As eclipse season opens by stressing your opposing polarity of Aquarius, are you able to integrate the lessons that will expand your heart centre and allow you to give your love more freely and without the expectation of admiration or even love in return? Perhaps where the love is coming in is not the direction you are looking in, or the sources you are seeking from. Now is the time to open up to the idea that all is full of love. This will greatly assist you in managing your strong ego energy, which can sometimes overwhelm others and cause rejection instead of the love and embrace you had hoped for. Move into the idea that free self-expression without the expectation of recognition or praise is a much more attractive quality to most people. You have all the magnetism, charm and creative talent that you need to be loved wildly, but it will only come to you when you are unattached to the way in which that love is delivered. Love others more freely and you will find them loving you more freely as well.

As the Sun and Mars transit your first house, now is the perfect time for deepening your self-knowledge and self-awareness. Being able to harness your playful side and not take your shortcomings too seriously will be an important part of this process. There is much motivation towards seeking your authenticity, but be sure to curtail any aggression or anger that surfaces with the desire to have things your way. Be diplomatic and favour harmony in your relations with others.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your sixth house of health, lifestyle and daily ritual, Virgo. This is your natural house of the horoscope, so these areas of life should already feel fairly familiar to you. Likely this is either an area of your life that you believe to be very important and expend a lot of energy into, or it is an area in which your negligence is experienced through health struggles and discomfort around the physical body. Whatever your relationship, this partial lunar eclipse is asking for a closer look on how you manage these areas of your life and whether or not that attitude is serving your personal and spiritual development. If health and wellness are priorities for you, consider how your relationship to these may create inflexibility or rigidity in your experience of life. Can you move with spontaneity through your day and accept fluctuations and changes in the plan if they occur on the fly or does your desire to have things perfectly organized inhibit the joy of the unexpected? If, on the other hand, you are neglecting areas such as your health and educating yourself on the proper diet and lifestyle for you body type and desired emotional state, are you feeling the consequences of that? Virgo is the sign of the mind-body connection, so there is simply no way from escaping the fact that certain foods, environments, and relationships are going to create disharmony in your body, which will be reflected in dis-ease. Do you feel afraid to delve into self-care and healthy living because it intimidates you or seems to present a daunting task? Just start where you are doing the things you can. Your body is made to be trusted and respected, not to be feared or silenced. Each expression of discomfort or illness is the body’s way of letting you know that your way of thinking, processing your emotions, eating, exercising or relating to others is not working towards your highest good. When you can trust the body to be an honest messenger of the changes that need to be made in your life, your relationship to health and healing will be transformed.

Your ruler, Mercury, has moved into your sign and is transiting your first house of the self. Likely your mind is feeling very active and your desire to be social, to learn and to communicate through writing or conversation is newly amplified. You may also find that your desire to seek inspiration and make exciting connections between concepts is especially active. With Mercury in opposition to Neptune in your seventh house of relationships, it is important that you don’t let yourself get carried away with idealism and fantasies concerning your business partnerships, friendships and romantic relationship. Alternatively, you may feel that someone close to you is not being honest, or is especially hard to get a hold of or to grasp at this time. This confusion will lift in time!

Libra and Libra Rising

This Full moon takes place in your fifth house of creativity, romance and self-expression, Libra. This house is the natural polarity to the Aquarian energy, as it is a reflection of the Leo energy. This sets up an interesting tension for you to address, which is amplified by the fact that this moon is a lunar eclipse. You are being asked to look more consciously into your patterns relating to self-expression and creative work. Being a Venus ruled sign, you naturally resonate with beauty and the expression of harmony in your environment, and can certainly harness this fondness in your creative abilities and artistic talents. However, this house is more than just the way you create or produce from that place of appreciation; it is also what you expect to receive in return for your gifts (admiration, praise, etc.) and how pure your creative expression is as a reflection of who you truly are. Do you produce for the love of creating beauty and sharing it with your fellow human beings or is there an expectation of praise in return? Are you influenced by conventions, opinions or expectations in your work or are you able to be unashamed and unabashed about the ways in which you present your work and furthermore, yourself? There is a question of cultivating detachment here, and through this, realizing that detachment from the process along with pure presence is actually what allows you to channel divine genius in life and in art. Feel free to share yourself and your work with the world in an unpretentious and genuine manner. This invites recognition of your talents and contributes to the human family, and yet maintains your humility and grace, which are necessary for authentic success. Other questions like what are the things that you fear to express about yourself to others and what are the roots of these fears are also important to explore at this time. Finally, how does this affect your ability to give and receive love freely? Are you playful in romance or possessive? Are you too liberal with your affections or do you understand the delicate energetic exchange between yourself and your partner that is strengthened by commitment and devotion? Entering the lion’s territory through the eyes of the water-bearer is full of this kind of self-reflection.

Your partner may feel as though they are challenging your emotional patterns at this time, and this is in order for you to further refine your self-expression. Although your preference is for maintaining peace, it may be useful to discuss what surfaces as this will deepen your relationship and your understanding of one another.

Your ruler, Venus, has moved into Cancer and is transiting your tenth house at this time. You may find that opportunities are coming to you more easily by way of your career path and through the workplace. As the tenth house is considered the most public house of the horoscope, now is a time you will want to share your attractiveness (Venus) with the world and this can assist in deepening your sense of purpose. This of course is not limited to physical beauty but also involves your ability to form and sustain harmonic relationships and your artistic craft. Just be aware of the Leonine ego as you engage with your community at this time. Luckily, that Cancerian energy will keep you aware of others’ needs and allow you to tune into your inner nurturer.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fourth house of family, home and self-love, Scorpio. This is the natural house of Cancer in the zodiac wheel, and brings awareness to your self-care rituals and relationship with your home and family. How well are you able to nurture yourself, the eclipse asks? Do you take the time to make home-cooked meals, are you taking care of your emotional well-being and does your home reflect the safe haven that you desire it to be? Contemplating your idea of what feels like home is natural at this time, and you may be tempted to make some changes to your place that reflect a more involved relationship with self-care. Old family issues may also surface at this time, especially relating to your mother. Was she able to provide for your emotional needs as a child and if not can you develop compassion and forgiveness for her circumstances at the time? Our ability to feel emotionally sound and secure within the self is a reflection of our early upbringing and what our family has taught us about love as the nature of reality. Explore how safe and supported you feel in the world. These are generally root chakra issues, so if you feel that you are lacking in this area it may be helpful to you to do some research into the healthy and unhealthy expressions of this energy. Mastering this level of emotional security is especially helpful for you, Scorpio, and your position as the following water sign of the zodiac (after Cancer). In order for you to be fully centered in your power, especially in relationships, you must feel this deep inner security. Vulnerability is not always easy for you, but having a strong sense of self-love and groundedness makes it a lot easier to approach.

Your ruler, Mars, is opposing the Moon at this time so it’s likely that if you are experiencing some stresses around family and home life that they will come out through the expression of anger and irritability. Try to use this energy in a more focussed way on problem solving and motivating yourself to find the solutions to the problem. Express yourself so that it doesn’t end up building up inside of you, as it often does. If you want to move freely with your Scorpio essence, you have to let go of your tendency towards resistance. This is the ultimate challenge of managing the enormous amount of energies aimed towards growth and transformation that circulate within you. Your experience of reality is intense, that is your gift. Once you are able to move with that intensity and open you heart to the deep realizations it can offer you, you will see that intensity itself is not as painful as resisting intensity.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your third house of neighbours, communication and learning, Sagittarius. This is the natural house of Gemini in the wheel and is the opposing polarity to your fiery ways. Because this moon is in conjunction with Ketu, the keeper of past-life patterns, you are being asked to more closely examine this area of your life. What do you feel is your relationship to information and its rational application in your daily life? Do you sometimes collect bits and pieces of knowledge without synthesizing them into a workable philosophy and making them applicable to your daily experience of reality? It is in the natural tendency of the Sagittarian energy to transmute experience into wisdom, and there is a craving for extreme or far-reaching experiences because of this fact, as they provide for a deeper expansion of consciousness. However, is your thirst for novelty something that stalls your ability to actually process your experiences, as you just continue to seek more and more excitement? Your strength is in looking at the big picture, especially looking at it in a way that favours your growth, but how about the smaller details of your approach? Have you found a way to manage your daily life that is balanced and outside of the extremes that you’re commonly prone to?

It will also be important for you to not allow what is outside of your belief system to anger you at this time. With Mars in your ninth house, the echo of Sagittarius in the wheel, you are prone to communicating too fiercely about what you believe in and this will create tensions and arguments with those around you, especially your teachers or possibly your father. Recognize that beliefs serve humanity only in their ability to unite the whole. What is separative is not-love.

Your ruler, Jupiter, is engaged with this Moon through trine aspect from your eleventh house. You may find your community or friend group is a source of clarity for you at this time around these issues, and you will likely have smooth interactions with your greater circle of acquaintances. It is a time for learning from others and being inspired by the visionaries around you. You can sometimes be so focussed on your own growth that you fail to appreciate other people’s journeys. Now is a good time to show your appreciation.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon falls in your second house of finances, value systems and personal resources, Capricorn. With Mars in opposition to the Moon from your eighth house of shared resources and intimacy, this may prove to be a challenging time. The New Moon illuminated areas in your life that have come to their ending or transformation period, and this lunar eclipse is nudging you to take a closer look at the management of your finances to this end. You are an ambitious and motivated mountain goat, and what you desire to achieve requires a certain amount of financial independence and intelligent management of your resources. Are these areas a source of tension between you and your partner? Do you feel that you are abundant, that you have enough to create material comforts for yourself, and if so is your means of attracting wealth into your life through work that you enjoy and that honours your values in life? The other side of Capricorn’s ambition and big dreaming is often a fear of failure and a cautious attitude that sometimes misses the opportunities that are presented. How does your relationship to self-worth come into this equation? Do you feel you deserve what you desire, and how are you managing the talents and skill sets that are going to get you there? As a Saturn-ruled sign, you can be fearful and hard on yourself when things go wrong or when you enter an area of instability on your journey. A healthy embrace of your inner visionary (Uranus) is the antidote to the overly rigid approach of your sign, and it is this energy that you are being asked to cultivate during this moon. How can you feel more liberated in the area of finances and personal resources? If you earned your money in a way that was in exact accordance with your values, do you think it would come easier? If your self-worth reflected your true powers of organization and drive, would you doubt your ability to get over the next hurdle and make the appropriate choices? All things to consider as the energy of Aquarius, the sign following yours, pours forth through this lunar eclipse.

You are greater than your material circumstances and there is more at work than meets the eye. Embrace a way of thinking that allows you to trust in the energetic framework of material reality and you will find your powers of intuition heightened and your manifestation abilities refined.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your first house of the self, Aquarius. In conjunction with Ketu, it is asking you to release certain ways of relating to your self-image, and to explore your authenticity more profoundly. The first house is the ultimate area of life where we engage in self-centered and self-directed action. It is what drives us towards manifesting our ideal being, reflected in the eyes of what we feel is unmistakably and unshakeably “us.” This is the natural house of Aries in the horoscope, and is ruled by Mars, which is reflective of its connection to assertiveness and the fulfillment of one’s needs. Seeing as Mars is currently stationed in your seventh house of relationships and is in opposition to this moon, there is really a question of balance to be answered at this time. How well do you manage the fulfillment of your own needs and desires vs. your ability to be compromising and attentive to the needs of others? Aries (the natural ruler of the first house) and Aquarius share commonalities, both being signs that are independent and freedom-loving, but where does a love for walking to the beat of your own drum become isolative and interfere with your ability to sustain close relationships? Ask yourself if your attitude has ever made you feel removed from the group, or if your demand for doing things your own way has led to the breakdown of friendships and relationships. Your idealism is strong and this can interfere with your ability to see reality as it is. Be more accepting and you will find your need to belong satisfied.

This lunar eclipse is clearly highlighting the axis of self vs. others, and as the precursor to the solar eclipse in Leo, also brings up the question of giving love freely without expectation of return, and of satisfying your natural Aquarian urge to give back to the community in some way. It is useful now to meditate on how you can fulfill you desire to pour forth your talents into your surroundings and in your own visionary style, and yet remain unattached to the way people perceive you. You have a tendency towards being self-conscious, and this can mutate into the lion’s ego and create pretention if you’re not careful. Be warmer with others and work on opening the heart. As the natural polarity of Leo (ruler of the heart in medical astrology), you need to give this centre an extra push to enjoy the exchange of love more freely.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house of spirituality, isolation and fantasy, Pisces. This is your natural house in the zodiac wheel, so these themes are very much connected to your familiar experience of reality. With Ketu, the South Node of past life patterns, in conjunction with this moon, you are being asked to take a closer look at your ways of approaching this area of your life with more awareness. Your rich inner world and imaginative power are your strengths in life and protect your sensitive nature from the sometimes-harsh ways of the outside world. But your tendency towards fantasy in your personal dream world can interfere with your ability to get things done in real time. Since this lunar eclipse is in the sign of Aquarius and stresses the birth of our inner visionary in order for us to serve others, it will be important for you to consider how well you are fulfilling this commitment to your purpose. How often do you practice escapist behaviours when life gets a bit rougher than you’d like? Since Neptune, your ruler, presides over all intoxicants, it is also important for you to examine your relationship to mind-altering substances. Are you always using them responsibly or are your behaviours sometimes self-destructive in favour of returning to a womb-like state of fogginess and safety? With Mars in opposition to this moon and stationed in your sixth house of health, there is also the question of how your lifestyle practices are affecting your health and long-term vitality. You must strengthen your solar ego with the right foods, with enough exercise and by practicing activities that improve your ability to focus. The Piscean energy is about uniting with the whole, and this creates a dispersive effect on the sense of self in an effort to sacrifice the ego. However, a healthy ego is crucial to projecting your life’s purpose and creating the life you want for yourself. Find the boundaries where you end and others begin and learn how to concentrate your energies towards your visionary goals. This will contribute largely to your sense of direction and accomplishment.

The twelfth house also deals with issues of victim-saviour type ways of relating to the outside world. As the most compassionate sign of the zodiac, you often end up being the person people come to when they have a problem, as you know how to listen and often give helpful feedback. However, there is a danger in identifying too much with this role unless it is a part of your life’s career path (as an energy healer, counsellor, or herbalist, for example). You often struggle with boundaries, and tend to give too much of yourself to others. This lunar eclipse may create anger around your realization of this tendency to overextend yourself, as this contributes to your difficulty in focusing on your life objectives. Especially in romantic relationships, watch out for attracting those who are wounded in some way and that your healing of this wound becomes the foundation of the relationship. Alternatively, you can be the one who is seeking salvation outside of yourself, often with a person on whom you have projected an extreme fantasy that provides you all the solutions for your shortcomings. Look to your spirituality and connection to the Divine for this kind of support, as this is where it is truly to be found. Develop your faith if you feel life is difficult for you, it will illuminate a whole aspect of yourself that will strengthen the rest of your experience.

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