Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Gemini

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The Full Moon at 11 degrees Gemini will be exact at 10:46 AM ET

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The Sabian Symbol for 11 degrees Gemini is:

Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience

According to Dane Rudhyar, this phase in the cycle is indicative of the human being operating with more definition at the individual level, successfully separated from the collective/mass consciousness. Here, there is a realization that he has entered a virgin field of consciousness/activity- the Gemini mind bursting with potential for swift innovation and the perception of experiences at new levels of understanding.

This ties in beautifully with the axis of tension presented by the Gemini Full Moon, which opposes the Sun in Sagittarius, as these signs are related to evolving personal experience into wisdom, and applying holistic awareness to every day life in order to identify the meaning behind life’s events.

This Moon is making an exact square to Neptune in Pisces, while the Sun is also in square aspect to Neptune, creating a T-square and significant struggle around the integration of Neptunian energies on the level of the collective mind (Moon) and soul (Sun).

Neptune stands for dissolution of ego, transcendence, evolving spiritual awareness, and because of its subtle nature can also bring on vague feelings of confusion, doubt and escapist cravings. It’s essence is in somewhat of a contrast to the Sabian Symbol, as Neptune requests an identity that is fluid enough to recognize the unity of all life, while this particular degree of Gemini desires awareness of personal identity and individuality outside the collective. One common underlying theme these two share, however, is contact with the unknown in ways that have the potential to elevate our understanding of the human experience through the expansion of awareness into the spiritual world operating within and throughout the material.

All this is made a bit more complicated by the fact that Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) is going retrograde on the day of the Full Moon—so the connection between our hearts and heads, or rational thoughts and feelings, will likely become a bit blurry and definitely less consciously accessible.

Keep reading to find out what areas of your life will be affected by these energies and to better understand the possible positive and negative manifestations of these aspects!

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If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.

Aries and Aries Rising

This Full Moon falls in your third house of communication, rational thought and learning, Aries. It sits in opposition to the Sun, which is stationed in your ninth house of higher learning, holistic thought and belief systems, and creates a tension that closely coincides with the overall theme of this moon, as the third is the natural house of Gemini in the horoscope, while the Sun falls in the ninth, the natural house of Sagittarius. On top of this, Neptune in Pisces is stationed in your twelfth, the natural house of Pisces, and is making a square to both the Sun and Moon.

You are being asked to examine how you process your daily experiences and transmute them into inner wisdom that you can later depend on to make the right decisions that will lead you towards an authentic and unhindered expression of self. The focus is grounding concepts that are spiritually rich but seem untouchable in the realm of your day-to-day, and elevating the information you collect day-to-day into a synthesized and working whole that uplifts and expands your perspective on life. However, with Neptune in the mix and making its influence felt in a subconscious part of your energy (the twelfth house is a water house and relates to un-integrated elements of the self), moving forward might not be so direct. If you find yourself feeling cloudy or confused in making decisions around how to feel about events that are taking (or have taken) place, don’t act too impulsively and don’t try to escape from your feelings. Stay calm and understand the fog will lift if you don’t resist the messages that are being revealed.

Your ruler, Mars, will be moving into Scorpio, a sign that is much more comfortable for this fiery planet, on December 9th, so expect a boost of energy to bring you more decisiveness and focused action around that time. As Mars will be entering your eighth house (another water house of the unconscious), you may find some old wounds or resentments surfacing to be dealt with in order to move you into greater freedom and personal empowerment. Do not equate vulnerability with weakness, as it will be required to release the past and move on.

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Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Full Moon falls in your second house of finances, personal resources and self-worth, Taurus. This is your natural house in the horoscope, and reveals that tension between these themes, alongside your approach to money and its relationship to power, is coming to the surface at this time. The question of how your self-worth determines your ability to attract the income you desire and to ultimately empower all your endeavours related to accumulating goods and creating comfort for yourself will also likely come up-- a consideration that you resonate with strongly. The themes of power and other peoples’ money and resources are in line with the eighth house, where the Sun in Sagittarius is currently stationed in your chart.

You are being asked to examine how closely you equate your sense of personal power and self-worth with your financial situation and possessions. As the Sun and Moon are in a T-square with Neptune in your eleventh house, the question of your long-term goals and your role as the server of the human family (your greater community) comes into play as well. Perhaps there is a narrative here around your values being in line with your personal vision for the future, and also giving credit to yourself as a worthy and abundant being, regardless of whether or not your current material circumstances reflect that. It is important to not lose sight of the potential, and to keep moving forward in line with what you truly value, developing your unique skillset that will enable you to attract wealth-- i.e. manifest, or bring down into the material sphere, the abundance that already exists for you as an essentially spiritual being. If you are currently compromising your personal vision and desire to truly serve others to gain a sense of security, you may be asked to reconsider what being empowered in your life truly means to you.

Your ruler, Venus, moved into Sagittarius on December 1st, so now is a good time to reflect on your goals and harness the natural optimism of this sign energy to motivate you into concrete action towards the fulfilment of what you truly desire to create for yourself in this life. Developing faith (something that can be a struggle for you) is essential to this process so working with your blocks in that area can be very beneficial during this time.

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Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Full Moon falls in your first house of the self and self-directed action, Gemini. This reveals the tension of this moon considers primarily your relationship to self and your relationship to relationships, as the Sun in Sagittarius is currently stationed in your seventh house of marriage, partnership and close friendship. With Neptune stationed in your tenth house of career and life purpose, three of your angular houses are being activated during this moon. So it may not exactly be a time of easy flow (although movement and decisiveness will definitely be required), as the angular houses represent areas of life that are difficult to balance, such as the boundaries of self vs. other and career vs. home life.

You are being asked to consider the value of both compromise and authenticity within all your close relationships. You likely have been busy with social obligations this month, which is exciting for you as you thrive on social outings and connections. However, this may have brought up the question of what you are truly willing to do in order to create harmony in your relationships. If you are single, you may have had the idea of finding a partner pop into your head more often than it was last month, and if you are currently in a relationship, it is only natural for you to want to spend more time with your love as the Sun transits your seventh house. However, questions of career may feel a little bit foggy, and are bringing doubts into your ability to move forward in self-directed action; or else in matters of how you relate to others. Don’t get overwhelmed by a sense of self-doubt and disconnection from your intuition. Spend some time reflecting and processing your experiences so you can arrive at the answers within.

Your ruler, Mercury, is going retrograde on December 3rd, and will be stationing direct on December 23rd. Be especially mindful of the way you process your emotions during this time, and don’t lose sight of the importance of your feelings as guides towards right action. As a mutable air sign known for indecisiveness, it’s especially important for you to achieve balance between your feeling-based perceptions and rational thoughts during Mercury retrograde periods.

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Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house of spiritual development, unconscious and un-integrated elements of the psyche, and escapism, Cancer. As this is the natural house of Pisces in the horoscope, you are getting a double dose of the Neptunian energy (as Neptune is the ruler of Pisces) that is already prominent with this moon. Neptune falls in your ninth house of belief systems and higher learning, (the natural house of Sagittarius) and the Sun is stationed in your sixth house of health, daily ritual and the mind-body connection.  

You are being asked to put some attention into your daily rituals and how well they serve your ability to process all your watery emotions, and through this processing, release the negative energies and transmute your pain into spiritual strength and vigour. There is also a narrative of how your beliefs and your connection (or lack thereof) to a central Godhead or Creator are affecting your ability to take responsibility for your spiritual growth and physical healing. There is definitely an undertone here of recognizing the emotional and spiritual aspects of your physical ailments, especially any long-tem chronic illnesses. The way into healing is not necessarily understanding the reason for the illness or even in willing it to be better, as applying too much will in any one direction (towards your healing or in avoidance of it) interferes with the healing process. Healing is a journey and the body is one of life’s great mysteries.

Make sure you are eating foods that are pure and exposing yourself to relationships and impressions from the outside world (at least the ones you have some relative control over) that are wholesome and feed your desire to feel connected and at home in your body. If any fears around feeling unsupported by the greater universal forces come up, recognize that this is in fact a reflection of your attachment to ego, which wants you to believe that you exist as a separate and isolated entity (an identity that allows the ego to have greater control over your expression and experience). Trust in whatever process has presented itself and take the extra time you need away from outer activities in order to come to a more peaceful inner state and focus on organizing your daily approach to well-being.

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Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eleventh house of community, vision and long-term goals, Leo. This is the natural house of Aquarius in the horoscope, the sign that carries your opposing polarity in the zodiac wheel. The Sun and several other planets are currently stationed in your fifth house of self-expression, creativity and romance, which is your natural house in the horoscope. Neptune is in your eighth house of endings, transformation and personal power, and its addition into the mix of the Sun-Moon opposition means that you are being called to elevate a resentment or negative emotional pattern you are carrying that is weighing you down in order to release it and move on. This is the natural energy of Scorpio, and carries themes of the energies we experienced before the Sun’s movement into Sagittarius in late November. Essentially, greater personal empowerment awaits with the transformation of the negative feelings that threaten your sense of self-expression and your ability to successfully project your talents into your community where they can be of service to others.

You are being called to bring your awareness to the management of your ego. It is important that you purify your reasons for unhindered self-expression, realizing that your talents are the result of divine grace, and that they have been given to you in order to contribute to your greater community in some way. If you use your natural charm and confidence in order to simply attract attention or reinforce your identity without any greater purpose, you are not serving the divine way. It is important for you to develop your innovative vision for the future and work towards inspiring others to do the same. However, this movement towards greater service to the whole will require you to step into your full power, which means releasing any low-vibing mental and emotional patterns that may be standing in the way of your living in the open exchange of unconditional love with your surroundings. You are loved and supported by universal forces any time you move into a state of emotional vulnerability with the intention of moving forward and in the reflection of your personal integrity. If things get tough, just remember that.

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Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your tenth house of career, life purpose, and public recognition, Virgo. It opposes the Sun stationed in your fourth house of home-life, family and emotional security, and squares Neptune, which is stationed in your seventh house of close relationships and marriage. As all the houses involved in the tensions brought on by this moon are angular in your chart, it will likely be a time that will require your active input to come to a resolution, but will be a bit tricky because the areas that are asking to be reflected upon are so innately different from one another. As your ruler, Mercury, is also going retrograde at this time (until December 23rd), you will not be as able to rely on your rational thoughts and practical ways in order to serve this dilemma. Be especially mindful of working with your feelings as guides, and finding the balance between your emotions (which are transient, mind-centred and often reactionary) and your inner feeling nature (which is deeper and constantly in line with your personal truth).

You are being asked to create a stronger balance between your home and work life, and to do so in a way that increases your ability for compromise and recognizes the innate value of maintaining harmonious relationships. The downfall of hard aspects to Neptune in the seventh house is a loss of definition in relationships, or a blurriness of where you stand in your current relationships. If you are in a committed partnership, this period can either elevate you into a new kind of spiritual connection, or can create a lot of confusion and tension around emotional needs not being met due to the basic uncertainty of exactly what you are responsible for in regards to your partner’s emotional process. Don’t get carried away with suffering (as Neptune tends to bring this out in us), and don’t try to escape from your pain by sweeping everything under the rug, as this conflict requires tangible action on your part that will be reflected in your outer world. Tune into what you need in order to feel emotional safe and secure, and extend your nurturance to your relationships without being self-sacrificial. Stay grounded by following your daily rituals and keeping an intention in mind for every important thing you do. How would you like things to turn out?

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Libra and Libra Rising

This Full Moon falls in your ninth house of belief systems and holistic thought, Libra. This is the natural house of Sagittarius in the zodiac wheel, and increases the Sagittarian flavour of this lunar cycle for you. The Sun is stationed in your third house of communication and rational thought (the natural house of Gemini), while Neptune sits in your sixth house of health and daily ritual. As all the houses involved in the conflicting forces of this moon are mutable in nature in your chart, you might find yourself expending a lot of energy just to reach your natural state of harmony and inner balance. Exhaustion, or a lack of focus may occur, so try to harness your decisiveness at this time and keep your attention where it needs to be.

You are being asked to examine how well you are able to transmute your daily experience into deeper wisdom that is accessible to you when important decisions have to be made. You tend towards heavily weighing out all your options when it comes to crucial decisions and turning points in your life, and this love for fairness and equality is what we all love about you. However, it is important to stay on top of moving forward at this time, as you may be somewhat of a rolling stone that gathers no moss right now. Are you missing a true sense of direction and organization in your life that is getting in the way of absorbing all the knowledge that you require in order to move forward? If there is a lack of self-care rituals and organization around your work, this truth may come out in a physical way (through a cold or another symptom of the body struggling to flush out toxins) that forces you to retreat from outside activity and spend some time reflecting on what needs to be put in its place.

Your ruler, Venus, has just moved into Sagittarius and this will bring you a greater sense of expansiveness and remind of you of what is possible through applied focus and a strong sense of direction. Harness the natural optimism and bouyance of this sign energy in order to create new opportunities for yourself and see the outside world as essentially connected to and responsive of your deepest inner desires.

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Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eighth house of release, transformation and personal empowerment, Scorpio. This is your natural house in the zodiac wheel, and so is an energy you are pretty familiar with, although you might not necessarily know what to do with your intensity all the time. The Sun is stationed in your second house of finances, personal resources and self-worth, while Neptune is stationed in your fifth house of creativity, self-expression and romance.

You are being asked to recognize that your sense of personal power does not depend on your current financial circumstances, nor does it reflect your earning potential. As the Sun transits your second house, your values will become more clear to you, and will engender some reflection around how you can attract the financial situation you desire in a way that is in line with those values and reflects a healthy sense of self-worth. If your livelihood depends on your creative output and ability for unrestrained self-expression, you may experience some doubt around your talent in this area. You may also see more clearly how certain self-sacrificial patterns based on being unclear about the worth of your skillset have created tensions and suffering in your life, and have made you feel disempowered in some way. Release the negative thought patterns that aren’t supportive of how you would like your work to be valued in the world, and be clear about what you’d like to attract in order to create a vibrant pathway for it to enter your life.

Your ruler, Mars, will be moving out of your twelfth house and into your sign and first house on December 9th. This should supply you with a great burst of energy and newfound decisive action to put into your personal projects and self-directed activities. Benefit from Mars’ transit in your first house by initiating work that has been sitting on the back burner for too long, especially if you feel it would assist your journey of self-knowledge and would reflect your creative authenticity.

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Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your seventh house of partnership and marriage, Sagittarius. It opposes the Sun in your first house of the authentic self and self-directed action, and squares Neptune, which is stationed in your fourth house of emotional security, home life and family. As the tensions brought up by this moon are affecting three of the angular houses in your chart, you may feel the pull of these forces quite strongly. They are demanding an active and focused resolution of conflicts in areas of your life that seem intrinsically very different and so are more difficult to move through. Luckily, as your ruler, Jupiter, transits Scorpio, you are more equipped to do the heavy emotional labour that you normally shy away from.

You are being asked to examine the quality of your relationships and how they are connected to your ability to maintain both authenticity of self and harmony with the other through a solid sense of emotional stability and security at you deepest inner core. Notice how when you don’t feel secure, you are liable to act in ways that may honour your need for freedom but don’t address your partner’s need for closeness. You may also find yourself depending too much on your partner for a sense of home or stability, since you find it more difficult to truly understand what it is that you need at this time in order to grow in a more self-sufficient way. If there is confusion around your familial relations at this time and it creates a sense of uprooted-ness in you, recognize your responsibility to balance out your own emotional extremes. You are good at manifesting things in the outside world and at energizing through your contacts with others and watching your own projects flourish, but it’s difficult for you sometimes to connect to what’s going on at a deep inner level, and your partner may be suffering because of that. Slow down every so often and take time to process what you have experienced, it will make you all the wiser in the end.

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Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon falls in your sixth house of health, work and daily ritual, Capricorn. It opposes the Sun stationed in your twelfth house of spiritual growth, fantasy and deeply un-integrated aspects of the psyche. This is an unconscious house in the zodiac wheel and relates to the sign energy of Pisces.  As Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is in an exact square to both the Sun and Moon at the time of the Full Moon, your experience of this lunar cycle is heavy on the Piscean themes of surrender, salvation and spiritual service. As you have a tendency to be hard on yourself, especially in situations where the unknown is concerned and all the details of how something needs to be done cannot be planned for, you will have to go a little bit easier on yourself at this time, as these forces are working with the uncharted territories of your psyche. Especially as Neptune is stationed in your third house of rational thought and communication, your mind may feel foggy and your ability to express how you are feeling may not come as gracefully as usual.

You are being asked to examine how well your daily rituals are serving your spiritual growth, alongside being challenged on your commitment to developing physical, emotional and mental well-being. Your body is particularly sensitive during this time, so if you find yourself feeling sick or experiencing difficulty breathing or trouble with your lungs, you will know that you are being asked to take some time away from the active, external world in order to take care of yourself and focus more on your spiritual side (which requires you to retreat from the world, at least a little bit each day). The focus here is in achieving purity in body, mind and the inner emotional landscape in order to develop a stronger relationship to the Divine. This is especially important for you as this area of life doesn’t always come easily, and faith may be something that is difficult for you to access. In actuality, faith is the one thing you require more than any other (being a somewhat pragmatically minded seagoat), and will allow you to take more risks and participate in the world with less fear and more ease of self-expression. Learn to trust that the experiences brought on by the outside world that may cause you confusion and suffering are actually trying to positively adjust your relationship to reality and refine your awareness to include more spiritual and holistic ways of thinking.

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Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fifth house of self-expression, creativity and romance, Aquarius. This is the natural house of your opposing force, Leo, which means that the Sun is transiting your eleventh house, the house that belongs to your sign energy. You are probably well familiar with the dynamic that is created through the opposition of these luminaries, however the addition of Neptune in your second house of finances and self-worth in square aspect to both the Sun and Moon brings another flavour to this lunar cycle.

You are being asked to consider how your creative talents can be used to support the whole, and how they can be applied more directly to the manifestation of your future long-term goals. In order for you to live and earn independently, as you so crave and desire, this process must reflect a strong sense of self-worth and the establishment of a firm value system from which you will not sway because of self-doubt around your ability to earn and manifest abundance for yourself. Take this time to get really clear around what your financial ideal is (not just a dollar amount but also your way of earning money) and consider if you’ve sacrificed the manifestation of your vision because of a cloudy sense of self-worth. It is important for you to get really clear on what your boundaries are around earning and the work you are willing to do to bring money in. Are you staying true to your vision and your deep desire for autonomy and personal freedom? One thing to consider is that your energy is one of timing and intuition. Being removed from your natural flow and timing interrupts your ability to manifest what you desire in the way that you want it to come into your life. Are you experience financial stress and strain that is asking you to compromise your true and authentic way of being? Recognize that being organized and focused in your forward motion towards creating financial stability for yourself on your own terms is essential, and that if you are communicating too many different messages to the universe (i.e. I am willing to work for this amount hourly at this job but what I really want is this amount), you are obstructing the clarity necessary for you to attract what you desire. Use the naturally optimistic and opportunity making energy of Sagittarius season to take a leap of faith into following your intuitive vision and trusting yourself through the process. Your service to the greater human family will be of much more value when you embrace all of who you are.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fourth house of home life, family and emotional security, Pisces. It sits in opposition to the Sun in your tenth house of career and life purpose, and both luminaries square Neptune stationed in your first house of the authentic self and self-directed action. As three of your angular houses are involved in the tensions put forth by this moon, you will need a lot of confident action and conscious effort to bring resolve and balance into these innately different (and yet intimately connected) areas of your life.

You are being asked to consider whether your chosen career path is reflecting your authentic self-expression, and is supporting your need to withdraw once in a while in order to recharge and come back to a full sense of inner radiance that grows from a deep feeling of safety and security in life. How well are you balancing your internal and external worlds? Are there aspects of yourself that you are sacrificing in order to fit in to a workplace, or does your current idea of success interfere with the person you would ideally see yourself becoming were it not for the pressures that you feel are imposed on your by the outer world? With your ruler, Neptune, being squared in your first house, it is likely that you will feel the pressures of these forces more than any other zodiac sign at this time.

If you feel doubt or confusion surfacing or you feel that the boundaries of yourself are dissolving, recognize that this motion is in attempting to refine your understanding of your place in the world as being essentially interconnected with everything and everyone else, and that because of this you are valued for the very purpose you were incarnated to pursue that will allow you to be of great service to your fellow human beings. Above all, don’t give in to any escapist longings to hide from the pressure or power of this realization. You have a tendency to underestimate yourself and struggle in standing up for what is important to you, often carried away on the currents of what appears externally stronger or more powerful than you. But recognize that your power in this world of a different timbre, one that is just as essential to humanity flourishing and moving into higher collective consciousness. Try to examine where you have lost your authenticity (and the effect that this is having on your internal emotional climate) and have more trust in the voice that speaks most clearly about what needs to be done in order to move forward.

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